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tabyogtábyogv [c2] MAG- actmagtábyogv oscillate, sway, fluctuate, vacillate, swing back and forth
tabyontábyonv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN ben; I- acccftabyog itábyonv swing somethingItabyon mo an duyanSwing the cradle.pagtábyonn swingingNakita ko an pagtabyon san duyan.I saw the swinging of-the cradle.
TadeoTadéoSpn Thaddaeus. A man's name
tadi1tadîconj 1thenKun wara siya magbuwa, di igwa untani siya sin kaisog mag-atubang sa akon.If he did-not tell-lies, then he should have the courage to-face me.2therefore, so, so thenWara madayon an barayli tadi umuli kami.The dance did-not take-place so we-excl went home.Variantta-dithenVariantdithen
tadi2tádìn steel spur. Refers to the spur attached to roosters' legs for fightingMatariwis an tadi san akon manok.The steel-spur of my rooster/chicken is pointed.tadîonv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN ben; I- acc. engage in a cockfightTadion ta an aton manok.Let us-incl engage our roosters in-a-cockfight.
tadloktádlokn pole. Refers to poles used for making a fenceNagapangurti sinda sin tadlok.They are-cutting some poles for fences.
tadongtádongadj straightmatádongadj 1straightMatadong ini na kahoy.This tree is straight.anttiwi cause to be bentanttiko2 bent2righteous, uprightMatadong siya na tawo.He is a righteous person.tadúngonv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN ben; I- acc. be straightenedTadungon mo an imo linya.Straighten your line.
tadtadtadtádv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN ben; I- acc. Chopsyntigbas giad slicegurot 1slicelahod tadtadónv be chopped, be sliced, be slashed, be cutTadtadon mo an karni.Let the meat be-chopped by-you.tadtádonn something to be choppedtadtádann chopping boardMatibay an iya tadtadan.Her chopping-board is durable.pagtadtádn choppingDaragko an imo pagtadtad san karni.Your chopped-pieces of-the meat are-large.
tadyawtádyawn clay jarsyntapayanclay jugtibodlarge clay jarbangá
tag-affixcharacterized by. Characterized by the meaning of the stem to which it is affixedtag(dyis)adjten each. Refers to the distribution of a quantity as characterized by ten each sharetagdyis sintimos'ten centavos each'tag-(iya)Nounowner, derived from iya 'his'tag-(urán)Nounrainy season, derived from uran 'rain'Pwerte gayod an lapok san kamino kun tag-uran.The street is really very muddy if it is rainy-season.tagdyutay-dyútayAdverblittle by little, derived from dyutay-dyutay 'very small'Masinghot niya an tubig na may asin tagdyutay-dyutay.He inhaled the salt water-mist little-by-little.
tag-anihann Variantani harvest time
tag-iyatag-iyán ownerTag-iya san lubi si Uling.Uling is the owner of-the coconut.
tag-urantag-uránn rainy seasonPwerte gayod an lapok san kamino kun tag-uran.The street is really very muddy if it is rainy-season.cfuran rain
taga1tagâv [c12] -AN goal; I- acctagàánv give toTagaan mo sinda sin isda.Give them a fish.Tagai man ako san imo saging.Give me some of your bananas.synhatag give
taga2tagán gaff, barbed spear, pole hook. Refers to a long hook on a pole for landing large fishPabakala siya sin taga.Have him buy a gaff.matagàánv [c14] MA-..-AN pat; PA-..-AN ben. be hookedHali dida. Basi matagaan ka.Get-away-from there. You might be-hooked.
taga-tága-affixorigin from. The affix taga- may be affixed to a phrase as well as a wordTanan sinda tagaNegros.They all are-from-Negros.
tagabaryotagabáryon villager, village residentcfbaryo village
tagadtagádn digging bar. Refers to a long-handled steel bar with a 4 inch (or 10 mm) blade often used for digging post holes or for digging earth to build up dikes in a fish pondGinagamit niya an tagad.He is-using the digging-bar.cfpirnocrowbarbara1 crowbarbarita2small bar of somethingmagtagádv [c5] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN loc. dig with a digging barMagtagad ka'n damo.You dig alot.
tagal1tagálv [c7] MAG- ag; -AN goal; I- acc; PA-..-ON pattagalánv hold on to, grasp on toTagali an punta sa pisi.Hold-on-to the end of-the rope.pagtagáln holdingHaluwag an iya pagtagal san pisi.His holding of-the rope is loose.
tagal2tágalv [c2] MAG- act; PA-..-ON pat; MA-..-AN locmagtágalv 1stay longWara siya magtagal sa prisohan.He did-not stay-long in prison.2last long, continued a long timeNagtagal sin singko oras an paglusad san mga pasahero.The disembarking of-the passengers lasted for five hours.
tagal3tágalv [c2] MAKA- exp; MAI- acc; MA-..-AN benmakatágalv endure, bear, tolerate, sufferWara na siya makatagal san sakit san iya ulo.She was-no-longer able-to-endure the pain of her head.
tagalbongtagalbóngv [c9] MAG- act; I- ben; PA-..-ON pat; IPA- accmagtagalbóngv make a booming soundNagtagalbong an bato sa bubon.The stone made-a-booming-sound in-the well.pagtagalbóngn booming soundAn pagtagalbong san dinamita an nagpukaw sa akon.The booming-sound of-the dynamite is the-thing-which awakened me.
tagalpotagálpòBklv [c6] MAG- ag; -ON pat; I- acc; MA- expmatagálpòv be dumbfoundedNatagalpo sinda san iya sabat.They were-dumbfounded by his answer.tagalpùónv be charmed, be hypnotizedTagalpuon mo an ido agod dili mag-usig.Let the dog be-hypnotized by-you so-that it-will-not bark.pagtagálpòn hypnotismMahilig siya sa pagtagalpo.He is fond of-the hypnotism.paratagálpòn hypnotistHadlok ako sa paratagalpo.I am-afraid of-a hypnotist.
tagamtagámv [c2] MAG- actmagtagámv beware, watch out, be alert
tagasulnupantagasulnúpann westerner. Refers to a person from the Western Hemispherecfsulnop west