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tunaytúnayn genuine kindAmo ina an tunay na lalaki.That is a genuine-kind of man.matúnayadj genuine, real, authentic, bona fida
tunga1tungân 1middle, center, midst, mid waySa tunga san nagabarayli umabot si Mila.Mila suddenly-came into-the midst of-the dancers.Sa banda tunga san Nueva Ecija kag Nueva Vizcaya igwa gali sin zigzag.About the middle-between Nueva Ecija and Nueva Vizcaya there-was indeed a zigzag.2halfKumuha siya sin tunga sa gantang na bugas.She took 1/2 ganta rice.magtungâv [c2] MAG- act; IPA- acc. split in half, divide into two equal partsipatungâv put in the middleIpatunga an ulo sa imo mga tuhod.Place the head in-the-middle-between your knees.makatung-ánanadj middleMakatung-anan na san pyista na nagkadto siya sa syudad.It-was-the-middle of-the fiesta when he went to-the city.tigapatungân intermediary, one in the middle. This use refers to the religious concept of praying to saints who are considered intermediaries between people and GodHuna ko mas damo na tigapatunga mas madali an pagsabat.I thought that the-more intermediaries the quicker the answer.
tunga2tungáv [c2] MAG- actmagtungáv appear. As when a snail comes out of its shell or when seedlings sproutsynutwal appear
tungawtungáwn chigger, red mite
tungbawtúngbawv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I-accmagtúngbawv place on topsyntungtong patong2 place on topdat-og
tungkadtúngkadv [c3] MAG- act; -AN goalmagtúngkadv reach to, reach bottom
tungkaptúngkapv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal/ben; I- accmagtúngkapv patch somethingsyntangkop patch
tungkodtúngkodn walking cane
tunglobtúnglobv [c7] MAG- ag; -AN goal/ben; I- accmagtúnglobv immerse, plunge, submerge, dip, dunk, duckitúnglobv be submerged, be immersed, be plunged, be dipped, be dunkedItunglob ko sa tubi an duha na kamot.The two hands will-be-submerged in-the water by-me.syntunlob tuslob dipsawsaw suso3 lublob immersebuntog1
tungod1tungódconj because ofTungod san akon in-isip-isip nakamata ako.Because of my thoughts I woke-up.prep about, concerningNadumduman ko an estorya tungod sa buang.I remembered the story about a crazy-person.tungod kayconj because, since, as, for the reason thatSir, wara ako makasurat sa imo tungod kay sako o 'busy' gayod ako.Sir, I was not able-to-write to you because I really am busy.synkay because
tungod2tungódn under part, leeward, undersideNag-agi kami sa tungod san mga isla san Masbate kag Ticao.We-excl passed-by to-the leeward of the islands of Masbate and Ticao.makatungódv [c2] pass to leewardNasalipdan kami san nakatungod sa habagat na parte san isla san Ticao.We-excl passed by passing-to-leeward of-the southern parte of Ticao.
tungoltungóln pancreas
tungtongtúngtongv [c7] MAG- ag; MAKA- exp; -AN goal; I- pat/accmagtúngtongv perch, squat on, rest on, settle on, alight, sit on. As on a long, low, benchitúngtongv something be placed on somethingGinatungtong ina agod makita san mga tawo.That is-being-placed-on-something so-that people can-see-it.syntungbaw place on topdat-og patong1variety of bamboomakatúngtongv able to be placed on/in somethingNakatungtong an tuo niya na tiil sa dagat.His right foot was-able-to-be-placed in-the sea.tungtúngann stand, shelf, bookshelf, ledge, sill, mantelpiece. Means a place to put something onIna an tungtungan san iya tiil.That is the place-to-put his feet.
tungwaytúngwayv [c7] MAG- act; -AN goal; I- accmagtúngwayv lead by the hand, lead with a rope
tuninongtunínongBkladj quiet, peaceful, calmkatuninúngann tranquility, composure, sophisticationPinyirdi la siya san tawo na wara'n katuninungan.He was just defeated by-a person who has-no sophistication.
tunlobtúnlobv [c7] MAG- ag; -AN goal; I- accmagtúnlobv dip, immerse, dunk, submergesyntunglob immersetuslob sawsaw suso3 lublob immersebuntog1
tunotúnoEngn tune
tunodtúnodv [c2] MAG- actmagtúnodv sink, submerge, go down, go under the surface. Refers to lowering an anchor or fishing net into the water or to the setting sun or moonMagbalik kamo didi bag-o magtunod an adlaw.You-all return here before the sun sinks.cflumos lunod synlubog2 sinkbuntog1 unlod 1sinkpagtúnodn setting, sinkingMamamasdan ta ini sa pagtunod san adlaw.We-incl can-see this at-the setting of-the sun.
tunogtunógn soundNakabati an mga tawo sin tunog.The people were-able-to-hear a sound.magtunógv [c2] MAG- act; IPA- acc. make sound, sound offBaga man lang ako'n bagtingan na nagatunog.I am just as-though a bell sounding.ipatunógv sound off by means of somethingGinpatunog san tawo an iya trumpita.The person sounded his trumpet.
tunoktunókn thorn, spines of a bushTunok kag dawa lang an nagatubo didto.Only thorns and millet are what grow there.synariwisthornskatunukánn briar patch, briar bushesMay mga binhi na nakatupa sa katunukan.There-were seeds which fell in-the briar-patch.tunukónadj thorny, prickly, barbed, spineyGinhimo ninda an korona hali sa sanga na tunukon.They made the crown from a thorny branch.
tuntotúntoadj stupid, foolish, silly
tuotùóadj right. As opposed to leftIni na pagkarigo ginahimo sa tuo na butkon.This bathing is-being-done to-the right arm.patùóadv on the rightGumamit ka sin ulunan agod makatakilid siya patuo.Use a pillow so-that he can-lie on-the-right side.magtùóv [c2] MAG- act. go righttùúhonadj right handed
tuod1tùódn tree stumpDamo sin daragko na tuod sa kaingin ni Jose.There-are-many big tree-stumps in-the forest-farm of Jose.
tuod2tûodadj MA-matûodadj true, accurate, factual, correct, properDidto ko namatyagi an matuod na pagmamahal sa kapwa.There I experienced the true loving for-a neighbor.magtûodv [c8] MAG-, UM- act; -ON pat; -AN acc; I- acc. believe, obey, have faithBasta magtuod ka lang sa Dios, mahihimo an tanan.As-long-as you just believe in God, all-things can-be-done.tùúdonv be obeyedTuudon ta si Itay kay agod palanggaon kita.Let's obey Itay so that we will-be-beloved.tùúdiv be believedTuudi niyo an ginsurat ni Sese.You-pl believe what Sese wrote.magmatûodv become trueNagmatuod an iya surmaton.Her word became-true.makapamatûodn verification, proof, authentication, corroboration, confirmation, substantiationIni an makapamatuod san kaayuhan san tanom para mabulong an sakit.This is the verification of-the value of plants for treating the sick.pagtûodn belief, faith, convictionDako gayod an pagtuod namon sa iya.Our faith in him is really immense.pagpamatûodn evidence, proof, reason, verification, substantiationIni tulo lang sa mga pagpamatuod.These-are just three evidences.kamatùúdann truth, fact, realityPero an kamatuudan, dili siya abugado.But the truth is, he is not a lawyer.pagkamatûodn truthfulness, truth, honesty, frankness, candorSa pagkamatuod inbaligya na ninda an inda duta sa aton.In truthfulness they have now sold their land to us-incl.
tuoktûokv [c4] MAG- ag; -ON patVarianttiok magtûokv strangle, choke, throttle, garrote, asphyxiatesyntîokstranglepitlok strangletùúkonv be strangledGintuok na an hayop.The animal was already strangled.