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turtatúrtaSpn egg omlette
turumanonturumanónn something to be fulfilled. Refers to something like a promise, prediction, or ritualcftuman
turumbahonturumbáhonn something to be felledcftumba
turupongturúpongadj equal. Refers to multiple things being equal such as same in height, size, length, etc.cftupong1
turutotturútotn trumpetsyntrumpetatrumpet
tusinotusínoSpn salt pork, bacon, ham
tuskigtúskigadj stiff, crispsyntiskog stifftísostiff
tuslobtúslobCebv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accmagtúslobv dip, dunk, immersecfbuntog1 tunglob syntunlob sawsaw susoldip, dunksuso3 lublob immerse
tusloktúslokv [c2] MAG- actmagtúslokv touch with an instrument. For example, with the finger or with a stick
tusotúsoadj clever, sly, cunning, crafty, shrewd, wily
tusoktúsokn injection, medical shot, immunization, inoculationAn tusok na BCG magaato kontra sa tisis.The BCG injection will-combat against Tuberculosis.pagtúsokn medical injectionMay nagahatag sin pagtusok san BCG.There-is-someone giving a medical-injection of BCG.magtúsokv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. pierce, penetrate, perforate, inoculate, immunize, punctureSi Mario an nagtusok kahapon san saging.Mario was-the-one-who pierced the banana-tree yesterday.cfbugsok tulsok itúsokv be thrust into, pierce with somethingHatagan mo ako sin kahoy na itusok ko lang sa saging.Give me the stick which I will-thrust into-the banana-tree-trunkmatúsokv be pierced, be bored, be stuck, be injected, be given a shot (medical)Peligroso an mga samad na natusok.Pierced wounds are dangerous.tusúkonv be pierced, be stuckTusukon mo san tinidor kun luto na an saging.Have the banana be-stuck with-a fork to-see-if it is cooked.matusúkanv be inoculated, be injected, be immunizedAn tanan na kabataan kinahanglan matusukan.All children need to-be-inoculated.tinusúkann pierced place, pierced spotAdi an tinusukan ni Mario san saging kahapon.Here is the place-where Mario pierced the banana-tree yesterday.
tutaltutálEngn anyway, anyhow, amount, sumTutal, kun tapos na sinda sa inda pag-iskwila, amo lang makapadayon sinda sa pagbibigay.Anyway, when they have-finished their schooling that is just when they can-continue in giving.
tutoktútokv [c2] MAG- actmagtútokv stare, focus on. As to point a weapon at another threateningly (as in a hold-up)
tutoytútoyTagn puppy
tutunlantutúnlann throat, gulletMay tawo na may pagkaon na makabara sa tutunlan.There-is-a person who has food blocking his throat.
tuuntontûuntonn plumblinemakatûuntonv [c2] MAKA- act. able to discover
tuwad1túwadv [c2] MAG- ag; PA-..-ON pat; IPA- accmagtúwadv invertpatuwádonv be invertedPatuwadon siya agod lumuwas an sip-on sa irong.Let him be-inverted so-that the phlegm in-the nose comes-out.ipatúwadv cause to be invertedIpatuwad siya sugad sani'n ginpakita didi.Cause him to-be-inverted as this (diagram) shown here.cfsuli
tuwad2tuwádn snail. Refers to a short, whitish or creamy colored snail found in the sea
tuwalyan Varianttwalyatowel
tuwangtúwangv [c2] MAG- actmagtúwangv tilt back, push backwardsmatúwangadj tilted. Refers especially to a chair tilted backwards on two hind legs
tuwaytuwáyn clamcfsihi sihi shellfishsuso1mollusksyntulya clamtuwáyanclam bed. Refers to a seabed where clams live
tuway-tuwaytuway-túwayn kneecapcftuhodknee
tuyatúyàv [c8] MAG-, MAKA- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accmagtúyàv shame, mock, ridiculesynalo shamepatúyàadv insultingly, scornfully, disdainfully, sarcastically, derisively, contemptuouslyAn iba naman patuya na nagsabi, 'Mga hubog lang sinda.'Another in-turn said insultingly, 'They're just drunk.'makatúyàv insult, offend, mock, ridiculeNasusurat dida an nakatuya sa asawa niya na ngaran.The name which insulted his wife was-being-written there.tuyàónv be insulted, be scorned, be deridedGintuya niya an Dios.God was-insulted by-him.magtúya-túyàv mock, ridicule
tuya-tuyatúya-túyàv [c3] MAG- ag ; -AN goalmagtúya-túyàv mock someone, ridicule someoneMay maluwas na mga magatuya-tuya sa iyo.There-will-be ones appear who will-mock you-all.paratúya-túyàn mocker, ridiculer, scoffer, critic, derider, scornerParatuya-tuya sinda.They are-mockers.cftuya
tuyo1tuyôadj mistreated, maltreated, ill treated, abused, roughed upmatuyôv [c2] MA- exp. be mistreated, be abused, be maltreated