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tuyo2túyòn purpose, motive, reasonDili niya tuyo nalantawan niya si Juan.Not of-her purpose she accidentally-saw Juan.katuyùánn plans, arrangementsAram naman niyo an amon katuyuan niyan na gab-i.You-all in-turn know our-excl plans for tonight.magtúyòv [c4] MAG- act; -ON pat. purpose, intendtuyûonv be planned, be intendedAn mga remalaso dili man untani ginatuyo.The accidents were-probably not being-planned.
tuyogv Varianttiyog spin
twalyatwályaSpn towel. This is a general term for a towelPutson ini sin mamara na twalya.Wrap-all this in a dry towel.synlabakaraface towelVarianttuwalya
twirkatwírkaSpn screw, bolt, nutHaluwagi an twirka.Loosen the screw.synturnilyoscrew
tyanin Varianttiyanitweezers
tyimpotyímpon weather, timeAn una na pagtusok sani ihatag sa nano man na tyimpo pakatawo san bata.The first injection of-this is-given at any time after-the-birth of-the child.magtyímpov [c7] MAG- act; -AN pat; I- acc. time, measure timeNagatyimpo si Ramon paglukso sa jeep.Ramon is-timing jumping-from the jeep.tyimpúhanv keep track of time, be aware of the timeImo tyimpuhan kun maghuram ka sin kwarta.Keep-track-of-the-time when you borrow money.ityímpov be timedItyimpo nimo an pagbutang san pisi.Let the placing of-the rope be-timed by-you.
tyindan Varianttinda merchandise