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tagasunodn Variantsunod follower
tagaytágayv [c2] MAG- actmagtágayv serve alcoholic drink. Refers to serving jiggers of an alcoholic drink
tagbalaytagbaláyn homeowner, owner of the house, house occupant, master of the houseTururog an tagbalay.The homeowner is-sleeping.tagbaláyonhouse construction frameMatatapos na an amon tagbalayon.Our-excl house-frame will-be-finished-soon.
tagbotagbôBklv [c2] MAG- actmagtagbôv rendezvous, meetsyntagpo meetkatagbùánn meeting, gathering, assembly
tagdotágdon drop. Refers particularly to drops of a liquidDagdagan sin 2 ka tagdo san lana san lubi an dinunot na dahon.Add two drops of coconut oil to the shredded leaf.
tagdumaratagdumarán managercfdara thing broughtsynmanidyirmanagerkatiwalamanagermayordomomanager
taghoytaghóyn whistleNabati mo ba an taghoy?Did you hear the whistle?magtaghóyv [c8] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN ben; I- acc. whistleSin-o an nagtaghoy?Who whistled?pagtaghóyn whistlingNakadisturbo sa akon an iya pagtaghoy.His whistling disturbed me.
tagi1tágin command, old heresy
tagi2tágiSpv [c2] MAG- actmagtágiv do good deed. Especially on New Year's day so that everything will be good or fine for the whole year
tagintingtagíntingn ringing sound
tagiptiptagiptípn mildew
tagipusuontagipusûonn inner being, feelingsMasakit sa akon tagipusuon an iya ginhimo.What he did hurt my feelings.antlabas exteriorcfpuso1water pump
tagititagitín drizzlesyntaritidrizzle
tagkarittagkáritn kingfisher. Refers to the birdNakadakop sinda sin tagkarit.They were-able-to-catch a kingfisher.Alcedinidae
tagkarottagkarótn cuckoo birdWara pa ako makakita sin tagkarot.I have-not yet been-able-to-see a cuckoo.
taglawastagláwasadj of oneself. With special reference to being responsible for oneselfcflawas body
tagnatagnáBkln prophecymagtagnáv [c2] MAG- ag. prophesy, foretell, forecast, predict, guesssynhula predictiontugma tigma guess
tagnoktagnókn gnat. A very small biting two-winged insect which easily passes through the mosquito net
tagotágòadj secludedTago ini na lugar.This is a-secluded place.magtágòv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. hide, conceal, evadeNagtago siya sin mangga sa iya baol.He hid a mango in his storage-trunk.tagùónv keep safe, take care ofTaguon mo tabi an akon singsing.Please keep my ring safe.tagùánn hideout, hiding placeAmo ini an inda taguan.This is their hideout.taragùánn hideoutspagtágòn hidingAn iya pagtago nagpaurit san mga polis.His hiding angered the policemen.synluok
tagoktagókn sap, juice, secretionNagkamantsa an akon bado san tagok san saging.My dress is-stained by banana sap.
tagpiratagpiráinterr prn how much is each?cfpira how much?
tagpistagpísadj slender, lean, slim.
tagpotagpóv [c2] MAG- actmagtagpóv meetsyntagbo
taguantagùánn hiding placecftago secluded
taguankantagùánkann uterussynmatrisuterus