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talagsadtalágsadadj rare, seldom, scarceTalagsad na la gayod kami makakadto pagbisita.Now we-excl really seldom can-go-there to-visit.synbihira rarepatalágsadadv infrequentMaitom an iya ihi kag patalagsad.His urine is black and infrequent.antpirmialwayssynsu-so frequent
talakitoktalákitokn an edible fish. Name given to a large carangoid fishVarianttarakitakspecies of edible fish
talákitokn Varianttarakitakspecies of edible fish
talangtálangv [c6] MA- act; -ON pat; I- accmatálangv wander, stray, lose the way, go astrayNatalang kami sa kadlaganWe-excl lost-the-way in-the forest.talángadj already lost
talawtálawadj MA-, -ANmatálawadj cowardly, gutless, spineless, pusillanimousMatalaw si Pio.Pio is cowardly.kataláwann cowardice, fearfulness, spinelessnessHalion mo an imo katalawan.Get-rid-of your cowardice.Varianttalawánmagtálawv [c4] MAG- ag; -ON pat. oppress, fear, coerce, dominate, repress, tyrannize, subjugatecfdaug-daog synhadlok fear
talawánn Varianttalaw cowardice
talbotálbov [c2] MAG-, MA- actmagtálbov splash up. As from a rock thrown into mud, ashes, or waternatalbov splashedPagkuha niya san sura natalbo sa iya bado.When he took some-of-the entrée it splashed on-to his shirt.syntalsik
talbogtálbogv [c8] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accmagtálbogv 1bounce, rebound, bound, spring backDili nagatalbog an bola.The ball is not bouncing.synuntol bounce2returned for lack of funds. Refers to checks that are returned because there are insufficient funds in the account to cover themTalbog ina na tsiki.That check was-returned-for-lack-of-funds.
talbostálbosn manioc leaves. Manioc is called camote in the Philippines and both leaves and root are used as a vegetableWara na sin talbos.There-are-no-more manioc-leaves.talbúsann manioc gardenmagpantálbosv [c8] MAG-, MAGPANG- act; -ON pat; -AN loc; I- acc/ben. gather manioc leavesNagapantalbos kami uruadlaw.We-excl gather-camote-leaves daily.Varianttalbusán
talbusánv [c8] Varianttalbos gather manioc leaves
talitálìadj intelligentmatálìsmart, bright, intelligentMatali untani si Pedro kaya lang bilot.Pedro would be bright except for being tongue-tied.antmanol stupid onesyndunong intelligent
talibodtalíbodv [c8] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN ben; I- accsyntalíbongturn aroundmagtalíbodv turn around, go aroundMagtalibod ka sin kapito.You turn-around seven-times.talibúdanv 1be surroundedGintalibudan siya san mga soldados.He was-surrounded by-the soldiers.2travel aroundTalibudon mo an lugar na sakop mo.You travel-around the place which is your jurisdiction.patalíbodn surroundingsadv aroundKitaon mo an aton patalibod.You look-at our surroundings.Maski gab-i sigi la an lakat patalibod san lungsod.Even at night he just walked around the city.cflibod
talibong1talíbongv [c3] MAG- act; -AN goalmagtalíbongturn aroundsyntalibod turn around
talibong2talibóngn long bolo, swordNagdarara pa kamo'n mga talibong kag mga balbag.In-addition you-all have brought swords and clubs.cfguna short bladed machetebunglay square ended bologinuntingwork bolo
talíbongv [c8] turn around
talibudanv [c8] go around
talibugsoktalibúgsokn fence pole. Refers to thin poles used to make fencingBaynti singko an gatos san talibugsok na sagasa.Long sagasa sticks-for-fencing are-twenty five pesos a hundred.
talikodtalikódv [c8] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accmagtalikódv turn away from, neglect, leaveDili ka magtalikod sa akon.Do not turn-away-from me.talikudánv abandon something, leave behindDili mo talikudan an imo pamilya.Do not abandon your family.talikúdanadj back to backtinalikdánv jilted, ditched, dropped, walked out onTinalikdan siya san iya katrato.She was-jilted by her boyfriend.
talimontalímonadj MA-matalímonadj spherical, round, globularMatalimon an hulin.The glass-marble is spherical.patalimúnonv [c14] PA-..-ON pat. be made sphericalPatalimunon ina na bato.Make that rock spherical.
talingatalíngan ear. Refers to ear of an animate beingBarahibuhon an iya mga talinga.His ears are-hairy.talingáhanadj 1big-eared, has a big ear, cauliflower-eared2quick to hear, has a sensitive ear
talinguhatalingúhàv [c8] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. StrivesyntaliungódstriveVarianttinguha magtalingúhàv strive hard, exert, persevereMagtalinguha ka pag-adal san imo mga liksyon.You strive-hard to-study your lessons.synungud-ungodstrive hardtinalinguhâann fruit of labor, result of laborAmo ini an akon tinalinguhaan.This is the fruit of my labor.pagtalingúhàn 1perseveranceMay pagtalinguha ini na bata.This child has perseverance.2strivingAn pinakaimportante na himuon amo an pagtalinguha na siya makadiskanso.The most important thing to do is the striving to-ennable him to-rest.Varianttinguha
talintotalíntoadj talented. Descriptive of peoplen skill, talent, aptitude, competencecfdunong knowledge
taliungodtaliungódv [c2] MAG- actmagtaliungódv strivesyntalinguha
taliungódv [c8] strive
taliwantalíwanv [c2] MAG- actmagtalíwanv pass away, die. This is a euphemism for deathNagtaliwan na an akon ama.My father has already passed-away/died.synpatay die