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talotalóadj losttalunánn loser, defeatKun ikaw nagabulang ayaw anay pag-agi sin talunan.If you are-cockfighting don't go-down to defeat.synpyirde losermanalóv [c2] MANG- act. win, triumph, succeed, prevail, come out on topnanalón jinx
talongtalóngn eggplantSolanum melongena
talsiktalsíkv [c3] MAG- ag; -AN patmagtalsíkv splash, splatter, spatter. As a stone splashes the watersyntalbo
taludtodtaludtódn spine, backboneNagasakit an akon taludtod.My spine is aching.synguto-gutospinetaludtudónv [c13] -ON pat; I- acc. Be hit on the spinal columnIntaludtod ko an ido san batuta.The dog was-hit on-the-spinal-column by-me with a club.
talumpunaytalumpúnayn thorn apple treeMaglukot san duha na dyutay na dahon san talumpunay.Roll-up two small leaves of-the thorn-apple-tree.datura metel L
talunantalunánn losersynpyirde loser
talyantályann taro. Refers to a kind of large taro plant grown for its roots for food throughout the tropics. In other parts of the world it is valued as an ornamental plantColocasia esculenta
tam-istam-ísadj MA-matam-ísadj 1sweet, chemically sweet, sugary, syrupyMatam-is an mangga.The mango is sweet.2in love, attractive, adorable. This is a figurative use of the wordMatam-is sinda sa isad kag isad.They are in-love with each other.tam-isónv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN ben; I- acc. be sweetened, add sugarTam-ison mo an kape ko.Sweeten my coffee.
tamatámàadj 1correct, rightTama an iya sabat.His answer is correct.2appropriatelyBistihan mo siya sin tama sa okasyon.Dress her appropriately for-the occasion.3enough, adequateTama an aton pagkaon.We-incl have enough food.tamâanv [c12] -AN pat; I- acc. make enough, be sufficient, make adequateTamaan mo an priparasyon.Make the preparation adequate.tamâonv MAG- ag; -ON pat; I- acc/ben. hit squarely, hit accuratelyTamaon mo siya sa mata.Hit him squarely in-the eye.
tamadtámadadj MA-matámadadj lazy, idle, indolent, sluggishMatamad ini na tawo.This man is lazy.tamádann lazy oneNalunusan an tamadan.The lazy-one starved.magtinámadv [c4] MAG- act, ; -ON pat. be lazyDili ka magtinamad.Do not be-lazy.pagtinámadn lazinessUrit ako san iya pagtinamad.I hate his laziness.
tamad-tamadtamád-tamádn hang nail
tamaktámakn footstepSunod ka sa akon tamak.You follow my footsetps.magtámakv [c3] MAG- act; -AN pat. step, treadHabo siya magtamak sa lapok.She does-not-want to-step in-the mud.itámakv step on for someonepatamákonv cause someone to step onpagtámakn stepping, footprintAn iya pagtamak sa baga makangangawa.His stepping on-an ember is amazing.tamákann sole of footcfswilasshoe soletamak-tamakánv trodden repeatedlyGintamak-tamakan siya san kabayo.He was-repeatedly-trodden by-the horse.
tamakann sole
tamarawtámarawn wild water buffalo. Found on the islands of Mindanao and Mindoro in the Philippinescfkarabaw water buffalo
tamaytamáyv [c2] MAG- actmagtamáyv condemn oneself, criticize, find fault
tambagtámbagn advice, counsel, recommendation, guidance, suggestionPamatii an akon tambag.Listen-to my advice.Variantpagtámbagtambagánv [c7] MAG- ag; -AN goal; I- ben; PA-..-ON pat. advise, counsel, warn, give adviceTambagan mo siya.Advise him.
tambaktámbakCebadj piled, packed tightly, chock fullAdi an tambak na kahoy.Here is the piled lumber.tambakánn dumping place, junk yardAdi an tambakan san basura.Here is the dumping-place of-the trash.tambakónv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN loc; I- acc/ben. pile somethingTambakon mo didi an bato.Pile the stones here.syntumpok piletap-ongpile
tambaltámbaln medication, medicinecftampos herbal leaf poulticemagtámbalv [c3] MAG- ag ; -AN pat. medicate, treat, cure, healsynbulong medicine
tambayukyotambayúkyokn sandpiper bird. Bird whose tail constantly bobs while on the ground. Also called the Blackshove. Has a yellow breast and belly, white on thighs, 7-8' long from beak to tail tipAmbot kun may tambayukyok didi sa Masbate.I do-not-know if there-are sandpipers here in Masbate.
tambiriktambiríkv [c2] MAG- actmagtambiríkv twirl, whirl
tambistámbisn variety of tree. A tree with small pink watery fruitEugenia aquea
tambongtámbongn spectatorsynmiron spectatormagtámbongv [c2] MAG- act. attendAmon man inapasalamatan idto'n mga tawo na nagtambong san amon pagtiripon.Those people who attended our-excl meeting were-being-thanked by-us-excl.
tambortámborSpn percussion drum. Refers to the musical instrumentBaga man lang ako'n tambor na maribok.I am just as-though a noisy drum.
tambutsotambútsoSpn engine muffler
tamingtámingn shieldsynpansagangshield