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umintoumíntov [c2] MAG- expmag-umíntov increase, raise. As salary, price, cost
umlodumlódv [c7] MAG- ag; -AN loc; I- acc.mag-umlódv dippag-ìumlódv dipAyaw ako pag-iumlod sa tubi kay may kalintura ako.Do-not dip me into-the water because I have a fever.
umpagúmpagv [c3] MAG- ag; -AN locmag-úmpagv throw down with force, drop straight down accidentally, hit with force, hit, box hard in angercfruba destroyedVariantrumpag
umpogúmpogv [c2] MAG- actmag-úmpogv bump the headcfuntog
unSpadj one. Borrowed from Spanish and used with other Spanish borrowed words which are grammatically neuter in Spanish. uno is used with borrowed words which are grammatically masculine and una with borrowed words which are grammatically feminine.Variantuna1 1oneVariantunooneunhánn place farther onMagkadto ka sa unhan.You go to-the place-farther-on.urùunhánn place a little farther onAdto siya sa uruunhan.He is there at-the place-a-little-farther-on.Hanapon niyo an kanding sa uruunhan.Look-for the goat a-little-farther.magpàurùunhánv [c4] MAGPA- act; PA-..-ON pat. go a little farther onHabo na siya magpauruunhan.He does-not-want to-go-a-little-farther-anymore.magpàunhánv go farther onNagpaunhan na ako.I have-gone farther-on.
una1unáSpadj 1Occurs primarily in time phrases which use Spanish numerals and other Spanish borrowed words which are grammatically feminine in SpanishAla una na.It is already one o'clock.synun oneunooneVariantun one2first, earliestUna siya na nag-abot.He-was first to-arrive.mag-unáv [c8] MAG- act, -ON pat; -AN loc; I-acc. go ahead, do first, be firstNag-una na kami pag-uli.We-excl were-first to-go-home.ìunáv put firstIn-alsa san kontra kag iuna an ulo pagpatupa sa salog.The opponent was-lifted and made-to-crash head-first to-the mat/floor.umunáv precede, go beforeKinahanglan na may magbado sin pandesinte na umuna na pakadto sa baryo.It-was-necessary that there-be-one dressed-nicely who would-precede-the-others going to-the barrio.màunáv go first, go aheadMauna ako.I will-go-ahead.pàunahónv have someone go firstPaunahon mo sinda sa pagkaon.You have them go-first in eating.pàunahánadv farther onMagalakat siya paunahan.He will-walk farther-on.
una2únav [c3] MAGPA- ag; PA-..-AN goalmagpàúnav warnNagpauna na ako sa imo.Now I have-warned you.pàunáhanv be warnedGinpaunahan ko na sinda na masalakay an mga P.C..They have already been-warned by-me that the P.C. will-raid.pàúnan 1warningNano kay wara niyo batian an akon pauna sa iyo?Why-did you not listen-to my warning to you?2downpaymentAdi an akon pauna sa kama.Here is my downpayment for-the bed.
unabi1unábiv [c2] MAG- actmag-unábiv remindsynhunangbit remind
unabi2unabív [c7] MAG- ag; -AN pat; I- accmag-unabív mention, say in passingMagaunabi ako san ginhimo niya.I will-mention what she did.unabihánv be mentionedUnabihan niya an pangaran ni Jose.The name of Jose will-be-mentioned by-her.ìunabív mention something to someoneIunabi mo sa inda na wara na didi si Maria.That Maria is not here now will-be-mentioned to them by-you.synsambimention
unanounánon midget, dwarf
unatunátv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN loc; I- acc.unatónv be stretched. Refers to parts of the body or limbsUnaton mo an imo mga bitiis.Let your legs be-stretched by-you.unat-unátadj stretchableUnat-unat ini na midyas.This sock is stretchable.
unay1unáyv [c2] MAG- actmag-unáyv commit suicide, take one's lifeNag-unay na an amon katakin.Our neighbor already committed-suicide.
unay2únayv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc.unáyonv commit incest. Refers to having intercourse with any close relativeGin-unay niya an iya sobrina.He committed-incest-with his niece.
undangúndangv [c3] MAG- ag; -AN patmag-úndangv stopsynudong2 stoprugda ukoy1 stop
ungadúngadv [c2] MAG- actmag-úngadv root with the snout, dig with the nose. As a pig does
unggoyúnggoyn monkeysynamo3monkey
ungodungódn diligence, seriousnessHabo siya magtrabaho sin ungod.He does-not-want to-work with diligence.adj diligent, genuine, seriousUngod siya san iya pag-adal.He is diligent at his studies.mag-ungódv [c4] MAG- act; -ON pat. be diligent, be seriousMag-ungod ka sa imo pag-adal.Be diligent in your studies.ungud-úngodv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN loc; I- acc. strive hard, strainUngod-ungod siya san iya pag-adal.He is striving-hard at his studies.syntalinguha pag-ungud-úngodn exertion, striving hard, hard workWara masayang an iya pag-ungud-ungod.His striving was not in vain.cfpaningkamot effort
ungud-ungodv strive hard
universidaduniversidádSpn university
unlodunlódv mag-unlódv [c2] 1v [c2]MAG- ag. sink, go below the surfacecflumos lunod synlubog2 sinkbuntog1 tunod sink2vrecede, hide oneselfpag-unlódadv sinkingNagtuna siya pag-unlod.He began sinking.
unoúnoSpadj onesynun oneuna1 1oneVariantun one
unodunódCebn 1meat, flesh, muscle. Can be either meat of animals or nuts, etc.Mahal an kilo san unod san kasag.A kilo of crab meat is expensive.2tuber, corm, rhizomeDaragko an unod san amon kamute.The tubers of our sweet-potatoes are big.mag-unódv [c2] 1MAG- exp. become fatNagaunod na an bayhon niya.Her face is-becoming-fat now.2grow roots, take root, grow tubersNagaunod na an aton balinghoy.Our cassava is-growing-tubers already.màunódadj has plenty of tubersMaunod an inda kamuti.Their sweet-potatoes have plenty-of-tubers.màúnodadj healthy, fleshy, fatMaunod ini na bata.This child is healthy.
unogúnogCebn lair, den, burrow, animal's nestunugánlair placeMay unugan an mga garong.The garongs (fox-like animal) have a lair.
unomunómadj sixMagkuha ka sin unom ka libro.You get six books.mag-unómv [c7] MAG- exp; -AN pat; I- ben. become sixNag-unom an iya edad kahapon.His age became-six yesterday.ikàunómadj sixthIni an ikaunom na saging.This is the sixth banana.unúmanv adj count by six; suitable for six
unongúnongCebn honor, loyaltyKaya ngani, hatagan ta sin unong an hari.So indeed, let us-incl give honor to the king.cfhalangdonhonorablesynonor honorgalang respectkarangalanhonormag-únongv [c2] 1MAG- act. be loyal, sympathize2sway