Masbatenyo - English



ba-babá-bàn mouth. Refers to the mouth of animate beingsNagabura an iya ba-ba.His mouthàónv [c4] MAG- act; -ON pat. hit the mouth
babaw1bábawadj shallowantdalom deepsynhamabaw 1shallow
babaw2bábawv [c2] MAKA- ; MA- act; MA-..-AN goal.makabábawv able to surpassKasadto matibay ka pero niyan may nakababaw na sa imo.Previously you were preeminent but now someone has-been-able-to-surpass you.mababawánv be surpassedGusto niya mababawan si Juan sa inda klasi.He wants that Juan be-surpassed in their class.
babaybábayEngexclam bye-bye, goodbye, farewellmagbábayv [c3] MAG- act; -AN goal. say bye-bye, say goodbye, say farewell
babaye<Not Sure>cfbabayi have promiscuous sexual relations with women
babayibabáyin female, girl, lady, woman. Refers to the female sex of any animate beingParatatsar ina na babayi.That woman is a fault-finder.antlalaki malekababayihánn group of womenUpat ka libo na kababayihan an nagkaraon kasadto.A group of four thousand women ate at-that-former-time.mambabáyiv [c2] MANG- act. have promiscuous sexual relations with women, womanize, fornicate. The literal meaning refers to promiscuous sexual relations with women, but this is also a euphemism for adulteryWara ni usad sa inda an nambabayi.Not even one of them was a womanizer.
baberobabéroSpn bib. Originally refers to a bib used on babies and small children when they are fed to protect clothing from dropped or spilt food, but now also used by adults for some types of mealsMaati na an babero san bata.The bib of-the child is already dirty.
baboybáboyn pig, hog, swine, porkAn baboy naglapos sa kudal.The pig went-through the fence.babúyanpiggery, pig farm, hog farm, pigpen, pigstySiya an amon birindon san amon babuyan.He is our caretaker of our piggery.magbabáboypig dealer
babuyonbabúyonn black snake, king snakeAn babuyon na sawa dili pwede maataman sin dali-dali.The black-snake cannot be-tamed quickly.cfibinganpythonahas1 sawa1 kobracobra snake
badbadbadbádv [c5] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN loc/ben.magbadbádv loosen, untie, untangleNagabadbad siya san pisi na nagumok san mga bata.He is-untangling the rope which was-tangled by-the children.cfhaluag looseluang loosesynhalugaloosebuskad2 untiebuhiuntie, releasehubad 1be loosenedpagbadbádn loosening, untanglingMalisod an pagbadbad san pisi na nagumok.The untangling of a rope which has-become-tangled is difficult.badbadánv be untied, be freedGinabadbadan an tawo sa iya gapos.The person is-being-freed of his bonds.
badigardbadigárdEngn bodyguard, armed personal guard. Refers to a person who is hired to guard someone elseKinuha ako san mayor na magin badigard niya.The mayor took me to-be his body guard.
badilbadílBkln gunO, may tawo na may badil.O, there-is-a person who has-a gun.parabádiln shooter, gunnerKakabliton na san parabadil an kablitan.The shooter was-about-to-pull the trigger.baradílann gunfightdibadíladj armed with a gunMga dibadil pa kuno ina na mga makawat.In-addition those thieves were-armed-with-guns it-was-reported.magbadílv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN loc; I- acc/ben. shoot at somethingNagabadil sinda Steve sin kabog kun gab-i.Steve and-friends were-shooting a bat last night.ibadílv shoot for someoneIbadil man ako sana na sapat na ada sa kayo.Please shoot that bird there in-the kapok-tree for me.
badlibadlîv [c5] MAG- act; MA-, -ON pat; -AN goal.magbadlîv dislike, hate, loathebadlìónv be displeased, be dissatisfied, be angeredGinbabadli na an bata didto sa inda duta.The boy was-dissatisfied being-there on their land.badlìánv be strongly disliked, be hatedGinabadlian niya an tawo na makulit.The person who insistently-nags is-strongly-disliked by-him.pagakabadlìánv be hated, be strongly dislikedKamo pagakabadlian san tanan.You-pl will-be-hated by everyone.mababadlîv will be hated, will be thoroughly displeasedNababadli siya san tawo na nagakinada sa inda balay.He is-thoroughly-displeased by-a person who continually-goes to their house (with requests for this and that.)pagkabadlîn rancor, aversion, ill-will"Dili ko na siya puede buhian," an sabat ni Violeta na may pagkabadli."I can't set him free," answered Violeta with rancor.makabaradlîadj abhorrent, repulsive
badlobadlón phlegm, mucusMagluda ka san badlo sa lata.You spit the phlegm into-the can.cfkughad hapo1tiredsynplemaphlegmsip-on head cold
badobádòn dress, shirt. Refers to both men's and women's wearNaglubad an iya bado.Her dress faded.synbistidress, clothesmagbádov [c7] MAG-, MAKA- act; -AN loc; I- acc. dressKinahanglan na may magbado didi sa aton sin pandisinti.It is necessary that there-be-one of us here who will-dress nicely.ibádov be used to dress someoneNano an ibabado sa iyo sadiri?With-what will you dress yourselves?makabádov able to dressNakabado siya sin puti.He was-able-to-dress with white-clothes.
baduyabadúyan banana fritter. Refers to a dessert made from cooking bananas which are sliced lengthwise and the pieces dipped in batter, then deep fried in oilmagbadúyav [c4] MAG- ag; -ON pat. make banana fritterAn iloy ko nagabaduya sin saging.My mother was-making-banana-fritters of bananas.
bag-angbág-angn molar. Refers to the large teeth for chewing in the back of the mouthNagtangis si Jose san ginbugnot an iya bag-ang.Jose cried when his molar was-pulled.
bag-idbág-idCebv [c3] MAG- act; -AN loc.magbág-idv rub againstcfhagod haplos hapros banyos bagnos synlugod2 rub off
bag-obág-oCeb; Tagadj newBag-o sa akon an inda mga pamayhon.Their faces are new to me.magbág-ov [c8] MAG- exp; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- ben. change, renewNagbag-o na an baryo san Lucia.The village of Lucia has now changed.bag-úhonv be renewedGinbag-o ko an akon suskrisyon.I renewed my subscription.pagbág-on changingSa pagbag-o niya sin gawi, medyo an iya asawa nagbag-o man.At her change of conduct, her husband also changed a-bit.
baga1bágan ember, live coal, smouldering coalGinbutang ninda an mga hayop sa baga kag gin-ihaw.They put the animals on-the embers and broiled-them.
baga2bagáconj as though, as ifBaga ka an nakainsulto sa akon.You are-as-though the-one insulting me.cfabir2whetherbagá'nadv as though, like the, similar to. This is a compound word consisting of baga "as though" na "subordinate relation"Haros baga'n malulula na ako.I was almost as-though getting-dizzy.
baga3bagân lungsSa baga an iya ginbatyag.His illness is in-the lungs.
baga'nadj as though
bagakaybagákayn stick bamboo. A species of a small stick-like bamboo used for making a torchDamo an ginbakal ni Romy na bagakay.There-were-many stick-bamboos bought by Romy.
bagalbagáln seashell. Refers to a kind of seashell which is burned to make lime to be chewed with betel nutGinasunog ko ini na mga bagal.These bagal-seashells are-being-burned by-me.