Masbatenyo - English



gaangàánadj MA- patmagàánlight in weight, not strenuous, not laborious, easyTagaan siya sin magaan lang na trabaho.Give her just light work.antbug-at heavy
gaasgâasn keroseneMay gaas pa kita?Do we-incl still have kerosene?
gab-igáb-in night, eveningDili ako maturog niyan na gab-i.I will not sleep this evening.antadlaw 2daykagab-íhonn eveningKatahom sini na kagab-ihon!O-the-beauty of-this evening!magab-ihánv [c4] MAG- exp; MA-..-AN pat; -ON pat. be benighted, be overtaken by nightAyaw kamo pagdugay agod dili kamo magab-ihan.Do not stay-long so-that you-pl will not be-overtaken-by-night.gab-i-gáb-iadv every nightpanigáb-in supper, evening mealNano an kaunon ta sa panigab-i?What shall we-incl eat for supper?synpanihaponsupperpapanigab-ihónv have someone eat supperPapanigab-ihon mo si Jose.Have Jose eat-supper.panigab-ihánn supper food, something to eat for supperWara kita sin panigab-ihan.We-incl have-nothing to-eat-for-supper.magpanigáb-iv MAG- act. eat supperNagpanigab-i na kami.We-excl have already eaten-supper.Variantmanigab-i eat supper
gaba1gabâCebadj destroyed, damagedAn gaba na balay gin-ayo na.The damaged house is-fixed already.synsira1 damagedmagabâv [c6] MAG- ag; MA-, -ON pat; I- acc. be destroyedNagaba an balay san bagyo.The house was-destroyed by-the typhoon.gabâonv 1be destroyed. Refers to damaging something either literally or figuratively.cfdisgrasya accidentsynruba destroy2be deflowered, be ravished, be ravaged, be spoiled. In sexual encounters, deflowering refers to the initial sexual intercourse a female experiences in which her hymen is brokenGin-gaba ni Pedro si Lita.Lita was-deflowered by Pedro.cfmakuhadeflower
gaba2gábàCebn wrath, punishment. Refers to punishment for disrespect toward an elder or a moral transgression
gabigábin taro. A tuberous plant whose leaves, stalks and tubers are used as vegetable.An amon sura utan na gabi.Our viand is a cooked-taro-vegetable.The leaves of the gabi plant resemble those of the water hyacinth only that they are very much broader and bigger.Colocasia esculenta.gabi-gábiCaladium flower, gabi like ornamental. Refers to caladium plants which have large green leaves splotched with pink and red but no flowersCaladium spp
gabnasgábnasv [c14] -AN patgabnásanv behead, cut off the headGabnasan ta kamo san akon ginunting.You-pl will-be-beheaded by-me by my bolo.
gabogáboCebadj decrepit, dilapidated, not durableGabo na an amon balay.Our house is dilapidated already.cfgabok dabok firewoodtapok1
gabokgabókHlgadj 1decayed, rottedcfgabodecrepitdabok firewood2fragile
gabotgábotCebv [c8] MAG- ag; MA-, -ON pat; -AN sou; I- acc/ben.magábotv pull out, extract, uprootWara ko magabot an pako.I did not pull-out the nail.cfhugot2 butong1 bugnot synbunot1 coconut huskbuynot
gadexclam really. This is a contracted form of gayod, "really"Dili gad man ako makadi.I really will not come here.cfgalisuprisinglysynngay-an reallyVariantgayodreally
gadi-gadigadi-gadín seductressmagadi-gadív [c2] MA- pat. flirt, try to seduce, tease, philanderpagkagadi-gadin flirtatious attitude, brazen attitude, saucy attitude, brassy attitudeMay pagkagadi-gadi siya.She has-a-flirtatious-attitude.
gagagágan frivolous female, giddy female, silly female, flighty female, stupidantdunong knowledge
gahomgahómCebn power, authorityMay gahom ako sa paggamit san akon kwarta sa nano man na gusto ko.I have the right/authority to use my money for whatever I want.gamhánanadj powerfulMay gamhanan na gurang na aswang sa kwiba.There-is a powerful old witch in-the cave.kagamhánann powerfulness, capabilityMay ginakaptan siya na makangangawa na kagamhanan.He possesses a wonderful capability.gamhánonn powerful one, mighty oneAn Diyos gamhanon.God is a powerful-one.makagahómv [c2] MAKA- act. be capable ofWara siya makagahom paglakat.He was not capable-of walking.makagagáhomadj very powerful, mighty, almightyn mighty oneMay maabot pa na mas makagagahom pa ki sa akon.There-is-one yet coming who is much mightier still than I.An mga makagagahom sa kalibutan pagauy-ugon.The mighty-ones in-the world will-be-shaken.
gakosgakósv [c4] MAG- ag; -ON patmaggakósv hug someone tightly, embrace, clench. Means to hold in a tight embrace from fear or passion
gakotgákotCebn tying materialNano an imo gakot?What is your tying-material?adj bound up, tied up, fettered, constrained. An idiomatic usage meaning bound up in a situationDili sinda makahali sa inda amo kay gakot sinda sa utang.They cannot leave their master because they are-bound-up in debt.gakútonv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc/ben. tie up, tether. Means to tie with a rope to somethingIn-gakot ko an karabaw sa puno san kahoy.I tethered the water-buffalo at-the base of-the tree.synhigot1 fighting cockgapos
galanggálangTagn respectHumatag sinda sin galang sadto'n bag-o mag-arabot.They gave respect to-the newly arrived-persons.synrispito respectigálangv [c8] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. be respectedIgalang naton an aton mga ginikanan.Our-incl parents will-be-respected by-us-incl.paggálangn politeness, respectfulnessKinahanglan an paggalang sa kapareho naton tawo.Politeness toward our-incl fellow men is necessary.maginalángonadj courteous, respectfulSi Amparing mabuot, masunod kag maginalangon sa tanan.Amparing was humble, obedient and courteous to all.
galantegalánteSpadj gallant, courtly, attentive
galigalîexclam suprisingly, really. This is a lexical particle expressing surprise at the turn of eventsAmo gali ina an sabat?Is that suprisingly the answer?syngadreallyngay-an reallygayodreallyganiindeed
Galilea1Galiléan Galilee. A province of Israel
Galilea2Galiléan Galilee chapel. Refers to a chapel or a porch at the entrance of some English churches
galongalónn gallon. Refers to a unit of liquid measure equivalent to 3.785 litersPira ka galon na gasolina an gusto mo bakalon?How-many gallons of gasoline do you want to-buy?galúnann gallon jugginalónadj by gallon measureGinalon an pagbaligya san lambanog didto sa amon.The selling of sugar-cane-wine there-distant in our-excl-place is by-the-gallon.
gamhanangamhánanadj powerfulcfgahom power
gamitgámitn use, functionNano an gamit san tahian na makina?What is the use of-a sewing machine?gamítonv [c8] 1MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN loc; I- inst. be used, be utilized, be employedGamiton ko an kutsilyo pagpanit sin ubi.I will-use the knife to-peel the yam.2sexually molest, rapeGinamit siya san dulag sa prisohan.She was-sexually-molested by-a prison escapee.garamitónn equipment, utensils, furniture, tools, implements, furnishings. This is a generic, non-specific, term for all kinds of things people use in their business, work, profession or homeGin-ubos san makawat an inda garamiton.All their equipment was-taken by-the thieves.Variantkagamitán
gamotgamótn rootAn gamot san bangkal nakapunit.The root of-the tree-called-bangkal can-cause-abortion.synugat2 1rootpagamutónv [c4] MAKA- exp; MAGPA- ag; PA-...-ON pat. cause to take rootPagamuton ko ini na sanga san rosas.I will-make this rose branch take-root.magpagamótv Marcot, grow root. This refers to the practice of stimulating new growth from a tree by skinning a portion of a small branch and packing it with moist soil. Roots will develop from this and the section of the branch with the new roots can be detached and plantedMagapagamot ako sin tsiko.I will-marcot a chico-tree.makagamótv able to root, able to take rootAn iya sakit nakagamot na kaya madugay ina bulungon.His illness has-been-able-to-take-root already so it-will-take-time to-cure it.