Masbatenyo - English



i-vb prefixaccessory to an action. Marks another entity, not the subject, object nor location, as an accessory to an action as the Topic of a verbal clause. For example, bálik "return" becomes ibálik "return Topic-something"Kinahanglan mo ibalik an bata sa doktor.You must return the child to-the doctor.For more information on this affix, see the Grammatical Sketch, sec. 5.36.
ib-ibib-íbn animal bite. Refers to the bite of animals with teeth or fangsAn ib-ib san ido dilikado.A dog's bite is dangerous.synkibkib animal biteib-ibónv [c4] MAG- ag; -ON pat. bite something. Refers to an animal biteMamay, gin-ib-ib ako san ido.Mama, I was-bitten by-a dog.cfkagat bitehakmal
iba1íbàn Camias fruit, Camias fruit tree. Refers to a small tree bearing small round greenish tart or sour fruits which are used as a condiment for stewed meat or fish to make the broth a little tart. Also used for making candyButangan ko sin iba an akon nila-ga na karni.I will put some Camias fruit with my stewed meat.Madulsi ako sin iba.I will-make-candy out of some Camias fruit.Cicca acida
iba2ibáindef adj other, someHain an iba mo na kaklasi?Where-are your other classmates?kàibáadj different, strange, weirdKaiba man an iya gusto sabihon.His meaning is different.Kaiba san iya hitsura niyan kisa kasadto.Her appearance now is different from before.mag-ibáv [c5] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal/ben. change, alter, transform. Refers to a change which results in a condition completely different from beforeNano kay baga'n nag-iba an ugali ni Rosita?Why is it that the attitude of Rosita has as-though changed?synbag-o newibahónv 1something be changedIbahon mo an imo ugali.Change your attitude.2sort, separate, classifyIbahon mo an daragko na abi sa tirigdyutay.Sort-out the big yams from the small ones.iba-ibáadj various, varied, different, diverse, sundryIgwa didi sin iba-iba na bulong.There are some various medicines here.
iba-ibaadj various
ibabaibabâBkln area beneath, downstairsantibabaw on topcfubos1 synsirong area underneath
ibabawibabáwn on top, upper area, upstairs. Refers to the area above something elseAdto siya sa ibabaw san puntod.He is there on-top of-the ant-hill.antsirong area underneathantibabaarea beneathipàibabáwv [c7] place on topIpaibabaw sa mga libro an akon pitaka.Place my wallet on-top of-the books.magpàibabáwv 1MAGPA- act; PA-..-AN goal; IPA- acc. ascend, go up, riseNagpaibabaw an aso.The smoke ascended.2solve, overcome, be responsible. Refers to one who is able to solve or overcome a problemSiya an magapaibabaw san aton problima.He is the-one-who will-solve our problem.
ibagíbagv [c4] MAG- ag; -ON patmag-íbagv desire, lust, attract, wantsynwili desiregusto wantVariantibogdesire
ibakwitibakwítv [c3] MAG- act; -AN goalmag-ibakwítv evacuate, vacate, abandon, leave, remove the civilian population. Refers to moving from one location to another because of some problem or danger in the formerNag-ibakwit sinda kay hadlok sa tulisan.They evacuated because they are afraid of bandits.ibakwítann evacuation placeHarayo an inda ibakwitan.Their evacuation-place was far-away.pag-ibakwítn evacuationAn pag-ibakwit san mga tawo wara magdugay.The evacuation of-the people did not last-long.paràibakwítn evacueeGinpakaon namon an mga paraibakwit.We fed the evacuees.
ibaníbanCebn deductionPira an iban san imo sweldo bulan-bulan?How-much is your monthly salary deduction?mag-íbanv [c8] MAG- exp; -ON pat; -AN loc; I- acc. decreaseNagaiban an tubi sa dram.The water in-the drum is-decreasing.synhimubo2bawasdecreaseibánonv be deducted, be subtractedAn aton kontribusyon ibanon kuno sa sweldo.Our contribution it-is-said will-be-deducted from our salary.ìibánv be deducted fromIiban ko na lang sa sweldo mo an imo utang.Your debt will just be-deducted by-me from your wage.
ibanghilistaibanghilístaSpn evangelistIgwa sinda sin ibanghilista sa inda simbahan.They have an evangelist in their church.
ibanghilyoibanghílyoSpn gospel. Refers to the news about Jesus Christ in the Christian BibleBasahon mo an ibanghilyo na ginsurat ni Juan.You read the gospel which was-written by John.màibanghílyov [c3] MAG-, MA- act; -AN loc. evangelizeMaibanghilyo sinda sa Milagros.They will-evangelize at Milagros.
ibidibídn bull alligator. Some say this word refers to a very large lizard (three feet long) with a crest stretching down its backcfbuwaya
ibidinsyaibidínsyaEngn evidenceWara siya sin ibidinsya kontra sa imo.He has-no evidence against you.magkàibidínsyav [c2] MAG- act. gather evidence, get evidencePan-o nagkaibidinsya kontra sa imo ina na tawo?How did that man get-evidence against you?
ibilinibilínv [c7] leave something behindcfbilin leftover
ibinganibíngann pythoncfbabuyonblack snakeahas1 sawa1 kobracobra snake
ibogíbogv [c2] MA- exp; MA-..-AN pat. desire, lust, cravecfibag Variantibag desire
iburulágpl. ofbulag scatter with
id-idid-ídv [c2] MAG- actmag-id-idv rub against. As a water buffalo (carabao) rubs himself against a post
idadidádSpn age. Refers to the age in years of people or animalsNamatay siya sa idad na nobinta.He died at age ninety.mag-idádv [c2] MAG- exp. agedNagaidad na siya niyan sin traynta.He is-aged thirty now.idádanadj middle aged, older. Means older than a teenager, but not elderlyIdadan na siya kaya masasarigan.He is middle-aged now so he can-be-trusted.kàidádadj of same agekàidadónadj mature, of age, able to take responsibility, fully developed
idalomidalómn interior, beneathcfdalom
idangdangidangdángv [c9] MAG- ag; I- accmag-idangdángv heat. Means to place food or anything near the fire to warm
idingidíngn catItom an inda iding.Their cat is black.synmiya catVariantiring
idiplanoidiplánoSpn airplanecfaeroplanoairplane
idiyaidíyaEngn idea, concept, notion, thoughtAn tanan ko na idiya basar sa akon ginikanan.All my ideas are based on my parents.