Masbatenyo - English



lalâadv only, justGinaagi na la niya sa pasadi-sadi na pagpasaway.He is just getting-involved in various mischief.synlamangonlyVariantlangonly
la-galá-gàv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN ben; I- acc.maglá-gàv stew, boil. Usually refers to stewing or boiling fish or meatla-gâonv be stewed. With this verb the object or goal of the verb is the Topic of the clauseNagabutang ako sin batuhan sa ginala-ga na karni san baka.I am-putting sour-fruit into the beef stew.nilá-gàadj MA- pat; -ON pat. stewedButangan ko sin iba an akon nila-ga na karni.I will-put Camias fruit with my stewed meat.Variantliná-gà
laadlâadn flame. Refers to flames of fireNaparong an laad san ilawan.The flame of-the lamp was-extinguished.maglâadv [c3] MAG- exp; PA-..-ON pat; -AN loc. flame, blazeNagalaad na an kalayo.The fire is-blazing already.palàádonv ignite, kindle. Refers to kindling a firesynmadabokignite somethingdagkot ilop1 sindi
lab-aslab-ásCebadj fresh, fresh caught. Refers to newly caught fishLab-as pa ini na isda.This fish is still fresh.paralab-ásn fresh fish vendorWara pa mag-agi an paralab-as.The fresh-fish-vendor has-not passed-by yet.lab-asónv [c4] MAG- ag; -ON pat. be selling fresh fishLab-ason ta an isda ni Manuel.The fish of Manuel will-be-sold-fresh by-us.
lab-ogláb-ogCebv [c2] MAG- act; MA-..-AN loc.magláb-ogv wallow. Refers to the wallowing of the water buffalo in shallow water. They have no pores in their skin, so they frequently wallow in shallow water to cool offNagalab-og an karabaw sa lab-ugan.The water-buffalo is-wallowing in-the mud-hole-wallow.malab-ugánv wallow inAn karabaw dili nakaagi sin lugar na malab-ugan.The water-buffalo could not find a place to-wallow-in.lab-ugánn mud hole, swamp, wetlands, wallowing placeKuhaon mo an karabaw sa lab-ugan.Take the water-buffalo from-the mud-hole-wallow.
laba1labâadj HA-labân lengthNano an laba san pisi na imo kinahanglan?What is the length of-the rope that you need?antlip-ot shorthalabâadj long, lengthyNaalo siya kay halaba an iya apilyido.He was-embarrased because his surname was-long.antkahalip-otshortnessVarianthilabâkahalabân 1nlengthNano an kahalaba san imo palda?What is the length of your skirt?Magapreparar ka sin tela mga 20 sentimetros an kahalaba.You will-prepare a cloth about 20 centimeters in length.synkahalawiglengthVariantlabâ2adjhow very longKahalaba sani na talong!How-very-long this eggplant is!antkahalip-otshortnesspahalabân lengthwisePiluon ini sin pahalaba kag plantsahon.Fold this lengthwise and iron-it.maghalabâv [c8] MAG- exp; -ON pat; -AN goal; -I acc. lengthenNagahalaba an iya isad na butkon.His one arm is-lengthening.halabàónv be lengthenedHalabaon mo lang an sukol san pisi.Just lengthen the measurement of-the rope.labàánv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN loc; I- acc. lengthen something, make something long. This word can be used either literally or figurativelyLabaan mo an imo pasinsya.Lengthen your patience.
laba2labáSpv [c7] MAG- ag; -AN pat; I- acc.maglabáv launder, wash clothesSi Myrna adto sa suba nagalaba san amon yamit.Myrna is there at-the river washing our clothes.labahánv be launderedLabahan mo an amon maati na bado.Let our-excl dirty clothes be-laundered by-you.labáhann soiled clothes, dirty linens. Refers to clothes to be launderedDarhon mo didi an labahan.Bring the soiled-clothes here.labádan laundered clotheslinabhánn laundered clothesPilua kag himusa an linabhan.Fold and store the laundered-clothes.paralában launderer. A general term for one who does laundry, whether a male or femaleMasakit an amon paralaba.Our launderer is sick.labandéran laundry womanlabandéron laundry man
labân Variantlaba1 1length
lababolabáboSpn kitchen sink, bathroom sink, wash basin. Refers to a container for water to wash something inKumadto ka sa lababo kag maglabar san imo pamayhon.Go to-the sink and wash your face.
labadalabádan laundered clothescflaba2
labahalabáhaSpn razor, safety razor, straight edge razor. Refers to the instrument used for shaving off hair or whiskers, usually from humansPahuram man ako san imo labaha.Please lend me your razor.ilabáhav [c7] MAG- ag; -AN pat; I- acc. use a razor, shave offGinlabaha lang niya an akon buhok.She just shaved-off my hair.labahéron shaver. Refers primarily to a barber who shaves other people for a living
labahanlabáhann soiled clothes, dirty linens. Refers to clothes to be launderedcflaba1
labaklábakn itchy reddish rash, red spoty rash. Usually refers to the rash caused by measlesAn mga labak dili nagahataw hasta naglipas an pira ka adlaw.The red-spoty-rash does-not appear until a few days have-passed.
labakaralabakáraSpn face towelMagakuha siya sin labakara.She will-get a face-towel.syntwalyatowel
labanderalabandéraSpn laundry womancflabanderolaundry manlaba2 synparalabalaunderer
labanderialabanderíaSpn laundry shop
labanderolabandéroSpn laundry mancflabanderalaundry womanparalabalaundererlaba2
labanoslabanósn radish. Usually refers to the large white radish commonly grown in Masbate although the red radish is also known. It is a member of the mustard familyRaphanus sativus
labarlabárSpv [c7] MAG- act; -AN pat; I- accmaglabárv wash the face, sponge batheMaglabar ka antes magturog.You wash your face before sleeping.synhiram-os wash the facelabaránv wash offMagsabon ka kag labaran an bayhon kag liog.Soap-up and wash-off the face and neck.ilabárv wash with something ; use something to wash withAmo ina na tubi na ada sa planggana an imo ilabar.That water there in-the basin is what you wash-with.
labaslabásTagn outside, outer areaNagkadto siya sa labas.He went to-the outside-area.antsulod 1insidesynluwas outsideguwa outsidemaglabásv [c7] MAG- act; -AN sou; I- acc. exit, go outHabo siya maglabas sa inda balay.She does-not-want to-exit from their house.paglabásadv appearNagtutuna na paglabas an banaag san adlaw.The rays of-the sun now are-beginning to-appear.palabásn show, play, drama, performance. Refers to a show or drama presented for public viewingGindarasok san tawo an palabas ni Dolphy.Dolphy's show was-crowded with people.magpalabásv [c4] MAGPA- act; PA-..-ON pat. present a drama, put on a showNagpalabas sin isad na Christmas drama an mga batan-on.The young-people presented a Christmas drama.palabasónv be showing, be indicating, be demonstratingNano an gusto mo palabason kay naghimo ka sina?What do you want to-show by doing that?panlabásadj exterior, outer, externalMaganda an iya panlabas na hitsura pero maraot an ugali.His outer appearance is handsome but his character is bad.anttagipusuoninner being
labatibalabatíbaSpn 1enema. Refers to the procedure of using a syringe to squirt soapy water into the anus in order to stimulate the bowels to defecate2enema syringe. This word also refers to the instrument used to administer the enemamaglabatíbav [c2] MAG- ag. administer an enemaMedical termMedical term
labawlabáwCebadj 1superior, above all, higher (in rank/grades),Labaw siya sa akon sin ranggo.He is higher in rank than I.2taller, more thanmalabawánv [c3] 1MAKA- ag; MA--AN pat; I- acc. outrank something, be superior, extend, exceed, project beyondNalabawan si Maria ni Tomasa sa pagandahan.Maria was-exceeded by Tomasa in beauty.2take advantage
labay1labáyCebv [c8] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accmaglabáyv pass byNagalabay si Puring.Puring is-passing-by.cflipas synlampas pass byagi 1pass bylubay flexiblelabayánv be passed byNilabayan lang kita ni Josie, baga dili man lang kita kilala.We-incl were just passed-by by Josie, as-though she just did-not know us-incl.paglabáyn passing bySan paglabay namon damo sin tawo an inda balay.On our-excl passing-by there-were-many people at their house.
labay2lábayv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc.labáyonv be thrown atLabayon ko ina na kanding sin bato.A stone will-be-thrown-at that goat by-me.synbuno throwitsa throw
labilabíCebadv even more so, especiallyMamingaw ini na lugar labi na gayod kun mabati mo an mga hinuni san mga sapat.This place is isolated, especially really when you can-hear the twittering of-the birds.antapi rejectedpalabíadj favorite (person), favored, preferredWara ako sin palabi na bata.I have no favorite child.synpaboritofavoritemagpalabív [c6] MAG- act; -ON pat; I- acc1v [c6]show favoritism, be gracious toNagapalabi siya sa iya mga iskwila.He is-being-gracious to his students.2v [c6]be excessive, go to an extremeDili ka magpalabi pag-inom.Do not be-extreme in-drinking.synmagnamasexceed3vfavor someoneDili siya nagapalabi sin anak.He is not favoring any child.synpabor favorpagpalabín favoritism, preference, preferential treatment, partialityKuntra ako san pagpalabi sa mga kabataan.I am-opposed to-the favoritism of-the children.