Masbatenyo - English



pa1lex part yet, stillWara pa siya.He is-not-here yet.1in addition, as well, also, tooPuera pa na mapresko kun gab-i, silensyo pa gayod.Besides also being-cool at night, it is really quiet, too.
pa2Engterm of address Father! This is short for papasynama fatherpapa2fatherpapangFather!papayFather!payFather!itay Father!
pa3pa-deriv affix cause someone to do something. When pa- is added to a verb the actor becomes the indirect actor, or causer, who has someone else perform the action. To provide for the actor in this case another noun phrase is added to the clause. Compare the two sentences (A) and (B) below(A) Ginsabihan ko si Clara san nakita ko sa probinsiya.Clara was-told by-me what I saw in-the province.(B) Pasabihan ta sa kan Jose si Clara san nakita ko sa probinsiya.I will have Jose tell Clara what I saw in the province.For more information see the Grammatical Sketch, sec. verb)causative action. When the affix pa- occurs on an intransitive verb in combination with a voice affix, e.g., mag-inom 'drink' becomes magpainom 'cause to drink', it derives a transitive verb by requiring the addition of another noun phrase complement to the clause as the object of the actionNagpainom kami san karabao didto sa burabod.We-excl had the carabao drink there at-the root)cause to be. Affixing pa- to an uninflected verb root results in an adjective'Mapas-an ba an duta?' an patawa na hunga ni Banoy.'Can the earth be-carried-away?' was the humorous/cause-to-laugh question of do. The pa- affix attached to an adjective derives an action noun of 'cause to become what the adj means'. When the adjective dako 'big' is prefixed with the pa- affix, thus padako, it has the meaning of 'causing to become bigger/causing to increase'Sigi an padako san tunog.The increasing/causing-to-increase of-the noise to go towards. The pa- here is a derivational affix, which when prefixed alone to nouns or pronouns, derives a noun showing direction or motion towards that entity. This pa may be an abbreviation of the directional adverb pakadto 'go there' which is regularly used to indicate direction toward a location, e.g., pakadto sa Manila 'go to Manila'Naglarga si Juan paManila.Juan left to-go-to-Manila.
paapâan thigh, upper leg. Refers to part of the anatomy of animate beingsKaputi san iya paa!How-white his thigh is!
paagipàágin way, method, procedure, mannerUsad ini na paagi nga maglulot kita sa kada isad kag isad.This is one way for us-incl to-be-close with each other.cfagi
paanadonv [c2] tame
paanhonpàánhoninterr prn how can?Makadto ba ako sa kumbira? Paanhon ko kay wara didi sin bilin?Shall I go to-the banquet? How-can I when there is no-one here to-leave-at-home?cfano what is the purpose?
paanodpàánodv [c2] MAG- actmagpàánodv carried by water current, borne by the current. For example, as a stick is carried along by a rivercfanod current
paantiparahonpàantiparáhonv have someone wear glassescfantipara eye glasses
paarampàáramn notice, announcementWara ko mabasa an paaram.I have-not read the notice.pàarámonv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN ben; I- acc. notify, inform, ask pirmessionPaaramon mo si Tita na adi ako.Notify Tita that I am here.cfaram
paáramv inform, give notice
paaspâasCebadj hoarse, husky, rasping. Refers to a condition of the human voiceDili ako makanta kay paas an bosis ko.I cannot sing because my voice is hoarse.Variantpàáskapâasn hoarseness, croakiness, huskinessTiribli an kapaas ni Myrna.Myrna's hoarseness is severe.magpâasv [c2] MAG- act; MA- pat. become hoarse, become husky, become throatyNagapaas an akon bosis.My voice is-becoming-hoarse.
pàásadj Variantpaas hoarse
pabalonpabálonn food designated as provision for a tripcfbalon lunch
pabaludonpabaludónv make wavycfbalod1 sea wave
pabayaanv abandon
pabilopabíloSpn wick. As for a kerosene lamp
PabloPábloSpn Paul. A man's name
pabopábon turkeyPakapatay mo sana na pabo mag-init ka sin tubig.After you have-killed that turkey you heat some water.
paborpabórSpn favor. Refers to someone doing something for someone else without obligation to that personWara ka makahatag sa akon sin pabor.You have-not been-able-to-give me a favor.synlabi even more sopaborítoadj favoritePaborito ko siya na iskwila.He is my favorite student.magpabórv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. favor, treat kindly, show partialityDili ako nagapabor sa iya.I am-not favoring her.
paboritopaborítoSpn favoritecfpabor favorsynpalabifavorite
pabrikapabríkaSpn factory. Refers to a place where manufactured products are made
paburuangv careless
pabutodpabútodn ballooncfbutod bulging
padaanpadàánCebn warningWara siya magbati san akon padaan.He did not listen to my warning.padàánanv [c7] MAG- ag; -AN pat; I- acc. warn, caution, advise, counsel, tip offGinpadaanan ko na sinda na dili mag-inom sana na tubi.I have-warned them already not to-drink that water.