Masbatenyo - English



ta1prn 1we, incl. This is an alternate form for naton which is the first person, genitive, plural, inclusive pronoun attributive to verbsTandaan ta an usad na bagay.We-incl note one thing.2our, incl. The alternate form of naton attributive to nouns. In this function it has possessive meaningAdi sinda kaupod ta.They-are our companions here.
ta2prn I. This is an alternate form for the first person genitive, singular, personal pronoun, ko, used in combination with subject focus pronouns to mean I, as non-focus agent, perform an action in relation to the person of the subject pronounDili ta sinda sabaton.I will not answer them.Babayaan ta gayod ikaw.Really, I will-leave you.cfnaton
ta-dita-díconj thencftadi1 Varianttadi1 2thereforeVariantdithen
taastàásadj MA-, HI-, HA-hitàásadj 1tall, highHitaas siya.He is tall.anthamubo 1shorthatàásadj 1tall, high2lengthy (fig.)Hataas ini na huraw.This is a lengthy dry-season.maghitàásv [c8] MAG- exp; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. grow tallNagahitaas na si Jojo.Jojo is-growing-tall now.tàásonv Increase, add to, augment, enlarge. This is a figurative, abstract, useTaason mo an imo pasinsya.Increase your patience.kahitàásn heightAno an imo kahitaas?What is your height?matinàásonadj exalted, proud, egotistical, haughty, conceited, vain
tab-angtáb-angadj MA-matáb-ang1bland, tasteless, insipid, flat flavoredAn sabaw na wara'n asin matab-ang.Soup without salt is tasteless.2fresh, pure. Refers to water which is not saltyMatab-ang ini na tubi.This water is fresh.
tabatabân fatHalion mo an taba sa karni.Remove the fat from the meat.matabâadj 1fat, luxurious, obese, chubby, corpulentMataba an imo baboy.Your pig is fat.antniwang thincftabatsoyhealthy2exaggerated, fafetched, overstated, distorted, preposterousMataba an iya istorya.His story is exaggerated.magtabâv [c2] 1MAG- exp. become fat. The Topic of this verb is the one who experiences the actionNagtaba na si Marilu.Marilu has become-fat already.2become healthy, become abundantly productive, become robustMagamit kita sin abuno basi magtaba an aton tanom.We-incl will use fertilizer so-that-hopefully our plants will-become-abundantly-productive.syntabatsoyhealthypanpatabân fertilizer, humusNagbakal siya sin panpataba sa tanom.He bought some fertilizer for-the plants.
tabadtábadv [c2] MAG- actmagtábadv elope with someone, steal away to marry, run away to marrysyntabagonelope
tabagtábagv [c9] MAG- ag; I- accitábagv carry by teeth. As a dog might drag off a chickenGintabag san ido an karni.The dog carried the meat away-with-its-teeth.tabágonv [c8] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal, I- acc. be eloped with, taken away to marry. Does not mean to kidnap someoneTabagon mo si Evelyn.You elope with Evelyn.syntabad
tabagonv elope
tabakotabákoSpn tobacco
tabangtábangCebn helpKinahanglan ko an imo tabang.I need your help.synbulig2 helpmakatábangv [c7] MAG- act, -AN goal; I- acc, MAKA- able toDili siya sa aton makatabang.He cannot help us.katábangn helper, aide, assistant, colleague, attendant, ally. This generally refers to someone who helps another as an employee. It may refer to a maid or servant in the house or to a helper on a jobNahulog an amon katabang sa bubon.Our helper fell into-the well.
tabastábasn style, cut, fashion. Refers to style or cut of clothingMatahom an tabas san imo bado.The style of your dress is beautiful.synusostyleparatábasn master cutter. Refers to a person who cuts cloth in a tailoring or dress shopSiya an paratabas sa amon patahian.She is the master-cutter in our seamstress-shop.tabásonv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. cut something apart. Refers to cutting cloth with scissorsTabason mo sin tadong.Cut it straight.tabasónn material to be cuttinábasn cloth remnant
tabatsoytabátsoyadj healthy, well nourished, fat, stoutsyntaba 1fat
tabitabíexclam 1please excuseTabi, maagi ako.Please-excuse-me, I will-pass-by.2pleaseBasahon tabi niyo ini.Please read this.
tabibilitabibílin tree lizard
tabiltabílBklv [c6] MAG- ag; -ON pat; I- acc.pag-itabílv speak out, vocalize. This is a vulgar word for speakKun maraot, dili mo na pag-itabil.If it is bad, do not vocalize it anymore.cfsumat reportsabi makitabílanv gossipMas gusto niya sa luwas makitabilan sa mga amiga.She much prefers to be-outside to-gossip with her friends.cfsabi gossipmatabíladj talkative, gossipyMatabil ka.You-are talkative.tabilánadj MA-, -AN. garrulous, verbose, talkative, wordy, loquaciouskatabilánn gossiperpagtabíln speaking, gossipMakusog an iya pagtabil.Her speaking is loud.cfsurmaton word
tabilann talkative person
tablatáblaSpn board, plank. Refers to a piece of lumberButunga an tabla.Pull the board.tablahónv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN loc; I- acc. be sawn into boards, be cut into lumberTablahon ko ini na truso.This log will-be-sawn-into-boards by-me.
tabletastablétasSpn pill, tablet, capsule, capletPatumaron sin 1/4 na tabletas 4 na beses kada adlaw.Have him drink-down 1/4 tablet four times every day.
tabotábòn dipperDarha didi an tabo.Bring the dipper here.tabûanv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN sou; I- acc. dip, ladle, scoop, spoonTabuan mo ako sin tubi.You dip some water for me.syntimba dipper
tabogtábogv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN ben; I- acc.tabúgonv be driven away, be chased away, be shooed awayTabuga an lamok sa bata na turog.Shoo-away the mosquito from-the sleeping child.pagtábogn driving away, chasing awayWara'n pulos an imo pagtabog san ido kay nagbalik man lang.Your driving-away the dog was-useless because it just returned again.synabog1 dust
taboktabókn opposite sideAdto siya sa tabok san suba.She is on-the opposite-side of-the river.magtabókv [c8] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. cross overNagtabok siya sa hadarom na suba.He crossed the deep river.
tabol-taboltabol-tabóln bystander, hanger around, onlooker, spectatorWara na sin mga tabol-tabol.There-are-no-longer any bystanders.
tabontábonn cover, cork. Usually refers to a cover for a containersyntahob lidtakop lid
taborititaborítiSpn chairRuba na an iya taboriti na uway.His rattan chair is-destroyed already.magtaborítiv [c2] MAG- act. sit on a chairMagtaboriti ka sa pambot.You sit-on-a-chair in-the pumpboat.syningkudanchair, seatsilyachair