Masbatenyo - English



ubanúbanBkln gray hairubánonadj characterized by lots of gray hair. May also refer to white hairsynabo ash
ubas1úbasSpn grapesMamukdi kita sin ubas sa ubasan.Let us-incl pick grapes in-the vineyard.parapangúbasn grape pickerMag-upod ka sa parapangubas.You accompany the grape-picker.ubasánn vineyardAdto sinda sa ubasan.They are there in-the vineyard.magpangúbasv [c2] MAGPANG- act. pick grapesNagpangubas kita kahapon.We-incl picked-grapes yesterday.
ubas2úbasv [c2] MAG- expmag-úbasv fadesynpapas fade
úbasv [c2] fade
ubiúbin yam. This is one of the sweet potato root crops used primarily for sweet desserts. Its lavender color gives an attractive tint to dessertscfapari1root vegetablesynabi1 yamDioscorea alata
ubo1úbòv [c2] MAG- act.mag-úbòv crouch down
ubo2ubón coughAn ubo niya nagabalik-balik.His cough returns-again-and-again.mag-ubóv [c7] MAG- act; -AN goal; -I acc. cough up phlegmNagaubo siya na may dugo.He is-coughing-up-phlegm speckled with blood.ubuhánv cough atDili mo ako ubuhan sa bayhon.Do not cough-at my face.ìubóv coughKun ikaw magaubo iubo mo sin kusog.If you are going-to-cough, cough strongly.cfsúgpàcough up bloodpag-ubón coughingDugay na an iya pag-ubo.His coughing has-lasted-a-long-time now.
ubod1úbodn edible core/pith of palm tree, palm tree heart, rattan heart. Refers to the young core or pith at the upper part of coconut palm trees, rattan vines and banana trunksMatahom na atsarahon an ubod san lubi.The young-core of-the coconut-tree makes-good chutney.mag-úbodv [c8] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN sou; -I acc. gather edible coreNag-ubod kami sin uway para utanon.We-excl gathered-young-cores of-rattan for vegetable.ubúdanv gather edible core fromubudánn place where edible core is abundant. Refers to a place, for example, like a place in the forest where rattan is abundant
ubod2ubódn marine eel
ubogúbogv [c6] MAG- act; -ON pat; -I acc.mag-úbogv wade fully dressedNag-urubog sinda sa suba.They waded-fully-dressed into-the river.pag-úbogn wadingAn iya pag-ubog sa tubi kuntra gusto.Her wading in-the water was against her will.Variantubúgon
ubos1ubósn 1place below, downstairs, under, lower area. Refers to either place, quality or rankMaglusad ka sa ubos.You descend to-the lower-area.cfsirong area underneathibabaarea beneath2downtown. Refers to downtown in MasbateNagbakal siya sin bado sa ubos.She bought a dress downtown.mag-ubósv [c3] MAG- exp; -AN pat. place in a lower areaNagaubos an ginahuyutan ni William na kahoy.The wood that William is-holding is-being-placed in-the lower-area.ubus-ubusánv place belowUbus-ubusan mo an alambri dida sa imo banda.Let the wire there near you be-placed-below by-you.magpàubósv 1descend, go downstairs, go downtownNagapaubos na si Miryam.Miryam is now going-downtown.2humble oneselfMagpaubos ka lang.You just humble-yourself.
ubos2ubósadj depleted, exhausted, consumed, used upUbos na an inda balon.Their provisions are-exhausted.mag-ubósv [c5] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN ben; IPA- acc. consume, devourNag-ubos si Pepito san ginluto ko na ginat-an.Pepito consumed the coconut-candy which I cooked.ubusónv be devouredUbuson ko ini na tanan na bibingka.All of this rice-pancake will-be-devoured by-me.ubusánv consume for someoneUbusan ko si Ofelia sani na bibingka.I will-consume this rice-pancake for Ofelia.ipàubósv be consumedIpaubos ko tanan ini na bibingka kan Pepito.I will-have this rice-pancake be-consumed by Pepito.màubósv be depleted, be used up, be exhausted, be consumedNaubos na an taba san duta.The soil fertlity is-depleted already.pagkàubósn depletionAn pagkaubos san inda balon an dahilan san alab ninda na pag-uli.The depletion of their provision is the cause of their coming-home early.
ubúgonn Variantubog wading
udoudôn feces, manureMaayo na abono an udo.Feces is a good fertilizer.syntai fecesmag-udôv [c5] MAG- act; -ON goal; -AN loc; -IPA- acc. defecate, evacuate the bowels, move bowelsNagaudo si Juan sa kabalasan.Juan is-defecating in the bushes.udùónv be defecated onUduon pa an lampin na ginlabhan ni Ena.The diaper which Ena already washed will-be-defecated-on again.udùánv be defecatedUduan san mga tawo idto na kakahuyan.That forested-area will-be-defecated-in by-the people.
udong1udóngn kind of noodles
udong2údongv [c7] MAG- act; -AN goal; I- ben; PA-..-ON patmag-údongv stop, quitNag-udong siya pagsigarilyo.He quit smoking.synpara1 rugda udúngiv annoy, bother, pester, disturb, irkUdungi ako.Stop-annoying me.ìúdongv stop forIudong anay ako san radyo kay maribok.Before-anything-else stop the radio for me because it is noisy.pàudungónv have something stopPaudungon mo na si Alberto pagtrabaho.You have Alberto stop working now.pag-údongn stopping, quittingAn iya pag-udong pagsigarilyo an nakapaayo san iya lawas.His quitting smoking is what caused his body to be-in-good-health.
ugaugáadj dry, dried outPuruta an uga na mga dahon.Pick-up the dry leaves.mag-ugáv [c8] MAG- ag; PA-..-ON pat; PA-..-AN loc; IPA- acc. dry somethingNagauga sinda sin bulinaw.They are-drying anchovies.pàugahónv dry out somethingPaugahon mo sin maayo an iyo kahoy.You dry-out your wood well.
ugaliugálìn custom, habit, tradition, practice, attitudeIni na ugali nairidar ninda sa inda mga kalulululuhan.This custom was-inherited by-them from their ancestors.synkustumbri customkàugalìánn traditions, customsAn kaugalian san mga Muslim lain sa kaugalian san mga Kristyano.The traditions of-the Muslims are different-from the traditions of-the Christians.mag-ugálìv [c6] MAG- act; -ON pat; I- acc. emulate someone, act like someone, mimic someone. Refers to acting like someone elseDili ka mag-ugali sin sa buang.Do not act-like a fool.
ugalingugálingconj howeverGusto ni Lita mag-upod sa imo ugaling kay habo an iya ama.Lita wants to-accompany you however her father does-not-want-her-to.Variantugaringhowever
ugamugámn white coating of the tongue
ugangúgangn henIgwa sin tulo na piso an akon ugang.My hen has three chicks.
uganganugángann parent-in-lawAn akon ugangan na lalaki kugador.My father-in-law is a gambler.ugangánonn parent in law to beAda na an imo uganganon.Your parent-in-law-to-be is-coming now.makàugánganv [c2] MAKA-. have a parent-in-lawNakaugangan siya sin istrikto.She had a strict parent-in-law.
ugaringugáringconj however, but, then, yetIntrado si Juan sa sayaw ugaring kay masakit.Juan is a participant in-the dance however he is sick.Variantugalinghowever
ugat1ugátn vein, nerve, tendonNaghubag an iya mga ugat.His veins swelled.ugatónadj varicose. Refers to having swollen veinsUgaton an iya bitiis.Her legs are varicose.
ugat2ugátTagn 1rootAn mga ugat san kahoy na hamerawon daragko.The roots of-the molave tree are big.2main pointWara ko makuha an ugat san iya sirmon.I did-not understand the main-idea of his sermon.syngamot rootmag-ugátv [c6] 1MAG- act; PA-..-ON pat; PA-..-AN loc. take rootNagaugat na an gintanom ko na rosas.The roses that I planted are-taking-root already.2stay in the mindWara mag-ugat sa akon an iya sinabi.What he said did-not stay-in-my-mind.