Masbatenyo - English



wadaswádasadj wasteful, careless, extravagant, profligate, immoderatecfwaldasonsquander
wagaswágasv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accmagwágasv scatter something, broadcast, sprinkle, strewcfwadaswasteful
wagdaswágdasadj separatedsynbulag separate
wagwagwágwagv [c2] MAG- actmagwágwagv flutter, flap
wakangwákangv [c4] MAG- act; -ON patmagwákangv waddle, walk with swaying stride, shamble
wakaywákayv [c2] MAG- agmagwákayv string out, pay out. As, for example, a rope dragged along
wakwakwákwakn witch, vampire, sorceress, enchantress ; hagsynaswangwitch
walawaláadj left (side). Refers to the left of something in contrast to the rightMababatyagan siya sa wala na parte san tiyan.She will-feel-sick in-the left part of-the abdomen.waláhonleft handed
waldaswáldasCebv [c2] MAG- actmagwáldasv gesticulate, gesture, wave, motionwaldásonv [c14] -ON pat. be squandered, be wasted foolishly, be expended, be misused, be lavishedcfwadaswasteful
waldasonadj squander
waling-walingwaling-wálingn orchidRefers to a native Philippine orchid which varies in color from lavender to a very dark purple and reported to grow only in the Philippines.
walowalóadj eightWalo kami tanan na magmaranghod.We-excl all are-eight siblings.ikawalóadj eighthSiya an ikawalo ko na bata.She is my eighth child.waluhánadj suitable for eightv [c14] suitable for eight; -AN goal. count by eight
walwalwálwaladj protruding, hanging out. As, for example, the tongue of a dogsynuslot 1protruden loose clothes
wangwangwángwangadj exposed, wide openwangwángonv [c14] -ON pat. spread open. Refers to forcing a narrow opening wider
warawarâexist v 1there is nothing. This is a negative existential verb which is usually uninflectedWara siya'n nahimuan.There-was-nothing he could-do.2notWara ako didi sa sulod sin isad ka semana.I will-not be-here for one week.3do not haveWara ako sin kaupod na taga-Masbate.I do-not-have a companion who is from-Masbate.Wara sin maisipan na regalo si Angelito.Angelito cannot think of a gift.antigwa there existsmawarâv [c3] MA- pat; -AN loc. lose, be gone. This is a stative verb and is inflectable for ma- and na- (contemplated and completed) aspectsNawara kuno an iya karabaw.His carabao is-gone it-is-reported.San mawara an dulom nakita si Juan patay na.When the darkness was-gone Juan was-seen to-be-dead already.Nawara an singsing na ginhatag san banog.The ring which was-given by-the hawk was-lost.warâ-warâadj penury, severe poverty, absolutely nothing, miserablekawarád-onn povertywarâ sin kalulúwàadj cruelSi Estrella wara sin kaluluwa.Estrella is cruel.cfkaluluwa spiritwarâ sin púsòn compassioncfpuso1water pump
wardenwárdenEngn warden. Refers to a manager in charge of a jailBinawi na san warden an mga risibado na mga priso.Receipted prisoners have-been-recalled by-the warden.
wasaywásayn axe
waswas1wáswasv [c4] MAG- ag; -ON patmagwáswasv shake to clean. Shake something to clean it, as in water or wind
waswas2wáswasadj fully launderedWaswas na an iya pantalon san uran.His pants are fully-laundered by-the rain.
watiwátin earthwormsynbulati worm
waywaywáywayv [c9] MAG- act; I- accmagwáywayv drive something away, shoo awayiwáywayv use something to drive awayn use something to drive something awaycfabog2 synyawyaw drive away
welgawélgaSpn strike, walkout. Refers to a labor strike where laborers refuse to work without a contractmagwélgav [c2] MAG- act. refuse to work, walk off the job, work sit down, work slow down
wiliwíliv [c10] MA-..-AN pat; -ON goalmawílihanv be desired, wantUsad siya na bata na nawiwilihan san Dios.He is a child who is-desired by God.pagkawílin desireBinayaan niya ako sa pagkawili sani na buhay.He left me for the desire of-this life.cfgusto choicesynibag desireipa ila3 2desire
wirikwiríkv [c2] MAG- agmagwiríkv shake off, sprinkle with hand. As water from hand, or bug from arm, by snappingsynsaboy saribo magwirik-wiríkv sprinkle enthusiasticallysynwisik sprinkle
wisikwisíkv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN loc; I- accmagwisíkv sprinklewisikánv sprinkle by handGinawisikan san labandera an bado.The clothes are-being-sprinkled-by-hand by-the laundry-woman.wisíkann object to be sprinkledsynwirik