Masbatenyo - English



adaádàloc prn there nearby. Refers primarily to anything near the hearerAda siya sa sulod.There-near she is inside.
adaládalv [c8] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc/benmag-ádalv study, learn. It is assumed that lessons are the unmentioned object of studyMag-adal ka sin maayo.Study well.1practice, adhere to, commit toMayaman si Pedro pero nagaadal siya san pag-ikonomiya.Pedro is rich but he is-practicing frugality.adálanv be taughtn lesson, study guide, something to studyAdalan ko siya maglangoy.He will-be-taught to-swim by-me.Nawara an akon adalan.My study-guide was-lost.adálonv be studiedAdalon ta sin maayo ini na barasahon.This literature will-be-studied well by-us-incl.ìádalv teach for someoneIadal man ako sani na bata pagsakay sa bisiklita.Teach this child for me how-to-ride a bicycle.syntukdo teach
adawadáwinterj wowAdaw! Katahom na kanaman.Wow! What a beautiful toy.synabadawwow!
adayadáyexclam ouchsynagay2ouchagoyouchVariantadoyouch
adiádiloc prn here nearby. Refers to anything near speakerAdi may surat para sa imo.Here-near-me is a letter for you.
adlawádlawn 1sunMainit an adlaw.The sun is hot.2dayWara magluwas an adlaw sani na adlaw.The sun did not appear on-this day.antgab-i nightsynaraw kàadlawánn birthdayKaadlawan buwas ni Granny.Tomorrow is Granny's birthday.synkumplianyosbirthdaymag-ádlawv [c7] MAG- ag; -AN goal; I- acc. earn per dayMagaadlaw ako sin 30 pesos sa Manila.I will-earn 30 pesos per-day in Manila.adlaw-ádlawadv daily, every dayNagakarigo siya adlaw-adlaw.He takes a bath daily.Varianturuadlaw daily
adoboadóboSpn meat recipe. Refers to a meat dish of pork or chicken cooked with vinegar.
adornoadórnoSpv [c3] MAG- ag; -AN goalmag-adórnov decorate something, adornAn mga batanon na babayi nag-adorno sa lugar na baraylihan.The young ladies decorated the dance place.
adoyadóyexclam ouchNasakitan an tawo kaya, "Adoy!" nagsiyak siya.The man was hurt; so, "Ouch!" he shouted.synagay2ouchagoyouchVariantadayouch
adtoádtoloc prn there distant. Refers to anything there at a distance far from both speaker and hearerSi Julie adto sa Manila.Julie is there in Manila.cfsadto at that (distant)
adultiryoadultíryoSpn adultery, immoral affair. Refers only to clandestine sexual affairsGin-akusar siya sin adultiryo.He was-accused of adultery.cfsambay concubinesynpanambay adulteryipàadultíryov IPA-, pat. Accuse of adulteryIpaadultiryo mo si Juana.You accuse Juana of-adultery.
adwanaadwánaSpn customs tax collector. Refers to the customs tax collector at the harbor port of entry. Masbate has an airport but there is no tax collector thereAn adwana wara magtugot na magbiyahe an mga lantsa.The customs-tax-collector will not pirmet the launches to travel.Nagbayad ako sa adwana kaya may lisensya na an akon lantsa.I paid the customs-collector so now my launch has a license.mag-adwánav [c2] MAG-, exp. Become a customs tax collector
aeroplanoaeroplánoSpn airplane, plane, aircraftWara na an aeroplanoThe airplane is no-longer-here.Variantediplano
ag-1vb prefixsubjective voice. This prefix marks a verb for subjective voice action, with actor or agent as Topic of the clause. It is also used by many speakers on verbs expressing natural phenomenon, e.g. rain rains, wind blows, dawn bursts, without an overt Topic. It co-occurs with the aspect prefixes m-, and n-, thus mag- and nag-. See Grammatical Sketch, sec. 5.31 for inflectional forms.(m)ag(alaad)vwill-flameMagalaad sa kapawa an kahon.The box will-flame in brilliant-light.(m)ag(ginhawa)vbreatheWara na siya magginhawa.She no-longer breathes.(m)ag(-ayo)vintentionally-askDili ako dapat maalo na mag-ayo sa iya san akon mga kinahanglan.I must not be-ashamed to-intentionally-ask him for my needed-things.(m)ag(apadayon)vwill-continueDidto na ako magapadayon san pag-adal.There I will-continue studying.
ag-agág-agv [c4] MAG-, ag; -ON, patmag-ág-agv sift, filter, strainag-agónv be sifted, be strained, be filteredGinaag-ag niya an arina.She is-sifting theágonadj siftable. Refers to anything which can be sifted
agaágan morningAn amon simba kada Domingo na aga.Our-excl worship is every Sunday morning.kàagáhonn early morning, before dawnIgalarga kita buwas na mga alas dos an kaagahon.We intend-to-leave tomorrow about two o'clock in-the early-morning.màaga-agáadv very earlymag-ágaadj overnight, all nightKada bulan an mga batanon magsasarayaw hasta na mag-aga.Every month the young-people will-dance all night.màagáadj dawn. Can refer to period just before sunriseNakapangkaturog kami maaga na.We-all went-to-sleep at-dawn.mâagaadj almost morning, before dawnMaaga na!It is almost-morning already.
agad1agádCebv [c3] MAG-, act; -AN, loc.mag-agádv serve in return for a bride, do bride service. Refers to the practice of a man working for his bride-to-be's parents in payment for his brideNagaagad si Pedro sa iya uganganon.Pedro is-doing-bride-service for his parents-in-law-to-be.synmangbalayiserve bride's parents
agad2ágadv [c8] MAG- act; -AN loc; I- acc. Obey. -ON pat. Wait, considermag-ágadv obey, keep, abide byMag-agad ka sa layi.You obey the law.agádonv -ON, goal. be obeyed, be keptAgadon mo an disisyon ni Mr. Veluz.Obey the decision of Mr. Veluz.
agad3agádTagconj althoughDyutay-dyutay siya agad subra na na lima ka tuig.He is very-small although he is already more-than five years-old.
agapagápTagv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accmag-agápv rescue someone, save, extricatecfbulig1bunchagapánv rescue someone, save, do immediatelyAgapan mo an nalulumos na bata.Rescue the drowning child.pag-agápn rescuing, life savingAn "First Aid" amo an simple na pag-agap.First Aid is simple rescuing/life-saving.
agaronagáronn master, lord. Usually used in reference to animate beings.Siya an agaron sina na idoHe is the master of-that dog.synamo1master
agawágawCebv [c8] MAG ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc/benmag-ágawv snatch and flee, grab, seize, steal and run, usurp, forcibly takeNagaragaw sinda san bola na kupos.They snatched the deflated ball.cfanab synbugnot snatch somethingrabnit seizerabot grabrabnot wrestagáwonv be grabbed, be stolenDili mo agawon an amon duta.Do not grab our land.ìágawv steal for someoneIagaw man ako sin usad lang ka bilog na santol.Steal just one santol-fruit for me.paràagáwn snatcher, thiefParaagaw ka sin duta.You are a land grabber/snatcher.
agay1ágayCebn flowMahinay an agay san tubi.The flow of-the water is slow.cfanod currentmag-ágayv [c3] MAG- exp; -AN goal. flowNagaagay an tubi sa manlainlain na dapit.The water is-flowing to various places.cfbulos1 flowawas bulwag synbuhos flow abundantlyagáyanv flow toipàágayv cause to flowIpaagay daw ini na tubi pakada sa kanal.Please cause this water to-flow there to-the canal.agayánn canal, drainage ditch, flowing placeMasigpit an agayan san tubi.The drainage-ditch of-the water is narrow.
agay2agáyexclam ouchsynadoyouchadayouchVariantagoyouch
agay-ayagáy-ayCebn boring termite, termite droppings. Refers to boring termites and to the small piles of tiny black ball debris which they leave on or beside the wood in which they are boringDamo sin agay-ay ina na kahoy.That lumber has-plenty of boring-termites-in-it.agay-áyonadj termite riddenAgay-ayon ina na kahoy.That wood is termite-ridden.synbukbokweevil