Masbatenyo - English



agbayágbayCebv [c7] MAG- act; -AN goal; I- accmag-ágbayv greet someone warmlyagbayánv be greeted warmly. Refers to greeting someone by placing an arm around his shoulder in an embraceAgbayan mo si Rosita.Greet Rosita warmly.
agbonágbonCebn ashAn kuron puno sin agbon.The clay-pot is full of ashes.synabo ashagbúnanv [c10] -ON pat; -AN goal. dust with ash. Refers to dusting something with ash to either make it dirty or to perhaps disguise itAgbunan mo sin dyutay.You dust-it a-bit with-ash.
agdaágdaCebv [c8] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc/benmag-ágdav invite someoneSi Leo nag-agda sa akon pagkanam sin baskitbol.Leo invited me to-play basketball.synimbitar be invitedagdahónv be invitedAgdahon mo siya sa imo kaadlawan.Invite him to your birthday-party.ìágdav invite for someoneIagda daw ako sana na bata pakadi.Please invite that child to-come-here for me.pag-ágdan invitationDili hudok sa buot an imo pag-agda.Your invitation is not sincere.synimbitasyoninvitation
agiágiCebv [c8] MAG- act; -ON goal; -AN loc; I- pat/ben.mag-ágiv 1pass by, go by way ofNag-agi kami sa Mabini Street.We-excl went-by-way-of Mabini Street.2go throughNag-agi siya sa bintana.He went-through the window.makàagív able to findNakaagi na siya sin balay na istaran.She has already found a house to live-in.agíhonv 1fetch something, involve, go and getGinaagi na la niya sa pasadi-sadi na pagpasaway.He is-involved in various mischievous things.2stop by. Refers to stopping by a place on the way to somewhere elseAgihon ta anay si Lucy antis kita madiritso sa simbahan.Let us first stop-by Lucy's-place before we go-straight to-the church.agíhanv 1pass by onGinlatag ninda an alikboy sa kamino na ginaagihan niya.They laid the jacket on-the street on-which he was-passing-by.2experienced, something happened to someoneIgwa ako sin dili ko gayod malilimutan na gin-agihan na hasta yana.I experienced-something which I have really not forgotten up-to now.ìágiv pass something onIagi man niyo ini na hambag sa kanda Panoy.You please pass this handbag on-to Panoy-and-friends.màagíhanv experience, encounterDamo na an kalisdanan na akon naagihan.I have already experienced many hardships.agihónadj passable, can be passedumarágin passer-byagihánn 1pathway, trail, path, roadway, sourceMadinghot an inda agihan.Their pathway is grassy.pàágin way, method, manner, procedureDamo sin paagi para masolbar an aton problima.There-are-many ways to-solve our problem.pinàágiconj by means of, throughMakaabot ako sana na lugar pinaagi san akon amigo.I can-arrive at-that place by-means-of my friend.kàagi-ágin experiencesNagaistorya siya san buhay-buhay kag kaagi-agi niya.He was-relating his life and experiences.syneksperyensya
agid-agidagid-ágidv [c2] MAKA- actmakàagid-ágidv emulateSi Juan nakaagid-agid gayod sa ugali/kustombri san iya ama.Juan really emulates the character of his father.alagid-ágidadj similar, alike, akin, comparable, slightly the samesynirog similarpareho same
agihann path
agik-ikagík-ikn squeak, squeal. As of a rat or mousemag-agík-ikv [c2] 1MAG- act. squeak, creak, squeal. Refers to the sound made by a bat, rat or mouse, or to moving parts of machinery or furnitureMay pwertahan na nagaagik-ik.There-is-a door which is-squeaking.An kabog nagaagik-ik man.The bat also squeaks.synagutiot creak2giggleNagaagik-ik siya sin katawa.She is-giggling with laughter.
agik-ikanagik-íkann ringwormIna na tawo may agik-ikan.That person has ringworm.
agilaágilaSpn eagle
aginaldo2agináldoSpn Christmas gift, New Year's giftNangayo siya sin aginaldo sa maninoy niya.He asked his godfather for a Christmas-gift.
Aginaldo1agináldoSpn Aginaldo. A man's name
agiwágiwCebn soot, carbon from smokeDamo sin agiw an inda ispiho.Their mirror is full-of soot.agíwonv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. carbonize, burn to ashAgiwon mo an tabako, tapos ibutang sa samad.Burn the tobacco-leaf to-ash then put-it on-the wound.
agiw-iwagíw-iwv [c8] MAG- exp; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accmag-agíw-iwv darken, blacken, shadow. Refers to darkening around the eyes caused by lack of sleep or injuryNag-agiw-iw an iya mata kay wara siya sin turog sa sulod sin tulo ka adlaw.Her eyes were-darkened because she had-not slept for three days.
agodagódconj so that, in orderMaghigos ka agod magyaman.You be-industrious in-order to-become-rich.
agoyagóyinterj ouchsynadayouchadoyouchVariantagay2ouch
agrabiadoagrabìádoSpadj aggrieved, offended, bothered, distressed, annoyedAgrabiado siya sa pagkaanab san iya duta.He is aggrieved by-the infringing on his land.
agrangayagrángayBklv [c4] MAG- act; -ON patmag-agrángayv 1groan, mournNagaagrangay pa an may sakit.The sick-person is still groaning.cfluto2 mundo1 2pleadMagaagrangay ako sin bulig san mga tawo.I will-plead-for some help from-the people.
agtangágtangn foreheadMasahion an agtang sa may unahan san talinga.Massage the forehead in-the-place in-front of-the ear.
agugukoyagugúkoyn small crab. This is a general term to refer to small inedible crabs like hermit crabscfkasagblue crabumangcrabkagang crabalimango large crab
aguhaagúhaSpn heavy duty sewing needle. Refers to a heavy duty sewing needle used for sewing leather or sackscfdagom needle
agup-opagup-ópCebn mold, mildewmagkàagup-ópv [c2] MAGKA- exp. mold. This refers to the fungus mold which grows on food, clothing and plantsAn tinapay nagkaagup-op.The bread is-molding.
AgustoAgústoSpn August. Refers to the eighth month of the year in the Gregorian calendar
agutiotagútìotv [c2] MAG exp.mag-agútìotv creak, screech. Refers to the sound produced by two hard surfaces rubbing against each otherNagaagutiot an iyo pwertahan.Your door creaks.synagik-ik
agwantaagwántaSpv [c6] MAG- act; -ON pat; I- accmag-agwántav endure, bear, tolerateagwantahónv be endured, be toleratedAgwantahon mo lang an bug-at san imo dara.You just endure the weight of your problem.
agwardienten denatured alcohol