Masbatenyo - English



agwardiyinteagwardiyínteSpn denatured alcohol
agyatagyátv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN io; I- accmag-agyátv provoke, incite, induce, aggravate, vexNag-agyat siya sin away.He provoked a fight.agyatónv be provoked, be inducedAgyaton ta si Roman sin inom.Let's provoke Roman to drink.agyatánv be provoked, be induced, be incitedAmo ini na lugar an gin-agyatan sa akon sin suntukan.It-was-at this place that I was-provoked to a fight.agyátann provocateur, instigator, agitatorAgyatan man gayod ina siya.That guy really is a provocateur.
ahaaháEnginterj aha, so that's it. An expression of excitement
aha!interj oh!
ahas1áhasTagn 1snakecfsawa1 ibinganpythonbabuyonblack snakekobracobra snake2crafty person, swindler, deceiverSi Eusebio gintawag sin ahas kay tikas.Eusebio was-called a snake because he is a swindler.
ahas2áhasCebv [c6] MAG- ag; -ON pat; I- accmag-áhasv removeahásonv be removedGin-ahas ni Pedro an bunuan niya.Pedro removed his fish-trap from the water.mangáhasv remove fish. Refers to removing a catch of fish from a fish-trapNangahas na si Manuel sa bunuan niya.Manuel is-removing-the-catch from his fish-trap.
ahas3áhasv [c2] MANG- actmangáhasv dareNano kay nangahas ka pagpangawat?Why did you dare to-steal?pangahásonadj brave, daring, courageous
ahatahátCebv [c6] MAG- act; -ON pat; I- accmag-ahátv compel, coerce, force oneselfAn bata nagaahat sa paglakat.The child is-forcing himself to-walk.ahatónv be forcedGinaahat mo an saging na dili pa ina hinog.You are-forcing the banana which is not yet ripe to-ripen.
aka-áka-vb affixability of actor to do. This affix co-occurs with either m-, "action not begun" or n-, "action begun".(m)aka(bulig)vable to helpMagatrabaho na ako para makabulig sa akon ginikanan.I will-work now in-order to-be-able-to-help my parents.(m)aka(diskanso)vable to restBasi makadiskanso man ako.Perhaps I also will-be-able-to-rest.(n)aka(kaon)vable to eatNakakaon siya sin pasayan kag isda.He was-able-to-eat some shrimp and fish.
akasiaakásyan acacia tree, raintree
ako1ákòv [c5] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goalmag-ákòv 1confess. This verb requires what is confessed to be expressed by a subordinate clause introduced by na. Nag-ako siya sa husgado na siya an nagpatay.He confessed in court that he-was the murderer.2admitAn akon lolo habo mag-ako na lagas na siya.My grandfather does-not-want to-admit that he is already old.synampo3 admit3accept responsibilitymàákov be admitted, be acceptedNaaako na san katawuhan an kulog.The pain is-being-accepted by-the people.mag-aku-ákov pretend to accept responsibilityNag-aku-ako ka pero dili mo man lang kaya.You pretended-to-accept-responsibility but you just are-unable-to-do it.
ako2akópers prn 1I. This is the first person singular subjective pronoun. See section 2.41.2 in the Grammatical Sketch for additional informationDili ako makadto.I will not go.2meKun dili ako makauli, apason ako niyo.If I am-not able-to-come-home, you come-get me.Alugan mo ako sa bumba.You fetch-water-for me from-the pump.
akonákonpers prn 1my. This is the first person singular referential pronoun which functions as a possessor pronoun when it immediately precedes the noun it modifies. When it immediately precedes a verb represents the agent. See the Grammatical Sketch, section 2.43.2 for additional informationSi Juan an akon ama.Juan is my father.2mineSa akon ini.This is mine.3meIhatag ina sa akon.Give that to me.
aksidenteadj accident
aksidinteaksidínteSpn accidentAn aksidinte nangyari kahapon na hapon.The accident happened yesterday afternoon.syndisgrasya accidentmàaksidíntev [c2] 1v [c2]MA- exp. have an accidentsynbangga crash2adjaccident pronenàaksidínten accident victimAn mga naaksidinte dinara sa probinsyal ospital.The accident-victims were-brought to-the provincial hospital.
aksidintiv [c2] accident
akusadoakusádon accused, defendantcfakusar
akusarakusárSpv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accmag-akusárv accuse, suesyndimanda accuseakusarónv be accused, be suedAkusaron ko ikaw sin istapa.I will-accuse you of embezzlement.akusádon accused, defendantAdi na an mga akusado.The accused are here now.akusasyónn accusationAn akusasyon ko kan Pedro pagpapatay.My accusation against Peter is murder.
akusasyonv [c9] accusation
alabastroalabástroSpadj alabasterMay babaye igwa'n botilya na alabastro na may olor.There-was a woman who-had an alabaster bottle of perfume.
alagid-agidadj similar
alahasaláhasn jewelsAn alahas nakaimbitar san atinsyon san mga isnatsir.Jewels can-invite the attention of snatchers (thieves).
alakálakn wineMain-inom siya sin alak.He is fond of wine.synbinowinealákonv [c14] -ON pat. be made into wine. Refers to making wine from something such as grapes or other fruitAlakon ko ini na ubas.These grapes-are what will-be-made-into-wine by-me.paràalákn wine maker, distiller of wineMangayo kita sin alak sa paraalak.We will-ask-for some wine from-the wine-maker.
alalayalálayn assistantSi Leo an akon alalay didi sa simbahan.Leo is my assistant here in the church.alaláyanv [c3] MAG- ag; -AN goal. assistGinaalalayan mo an may sakit sa paglakat.You assist the sick-one in walking.
alambrealámbreSpn wire. This is a general term for wire and refers to wire for telephone, electricity, barbed wire, etc.Pedro, iunat mo anay an alambre.Pedro, first stretch the wire.ipàalámbrev [c4] MAG- ag; -ON pat. be encircled with wire. Refers to encircling something with wire to make a fenceJuan, ipaalambre an imo uma.Juan, fence-in your farm.