Masbatenyo - English



alampayalámpayn shawl, neckerchief, cloakìalámpayv [c7] use as a shawl; MAG- ag; -AN goal; I- acc. use as a shawlIalampay mo an imo twalya agod dili ka mainitan.Use your towel as a shawl so-that you won't get sun-stroke.
alang-alang1alang-álangCebadj ill-timedAlang-alang an iyo pag-abot kay wara na an ediplano.Your arrival is ill-timed because the plane has gone.
alang-alang2alang-álangpart on behalf of, for the sake ofMakada ako alang-alang sa aton pag-amigo.I will-go for-the-sake of our-incl friendship.
alang-alang3alang-alángv [c14] MAG- actmag-alang-alángv doubt, hesitate, uncertain, not enoughpag-alang-alangv hesitating. See the Grammatical Sketch, section 7.1, for more information on the use of the pag- forms with ayaw Ayaw pag-alang-alang pagkadi sa akon.Don't be-hesitating to come to me.synduha-duha doubtruhaduha doubtduda doubt
alap-apaláp-apn acne, skin fungusAn asawa niya may alap-ap sa liog.His spouse has acne on-the neck.synap-ap skin fungustinea flavaalap-áponfull of fungus
alasalásSppart o'clock. This is the hour time phrase introducerAlas nwebi na.It is nine o'clock already.
alaswirtealaswírteSpadj chancy, uncertain, doubtful, dubious, questionableIni na akon trabaho alaswirte lang.This job of-mine is just uncertain.mag-alaswírtev [c14] MAG- act. attempt, venture, try, take a chance
alatalátn basket. Refers to a large, tall, wide-mouthed basketAn akon alat himo san uway.My alat-basket is made of rattan.cfbukaglarge basketbaskitbasketkanastrobasketcreel basketfisherman's basket
alatanalátann edible fish species
alawihawalawíhawn sour fruit. Refers to a species of sour fruit which tastes like santol An bunga san alawihaw dulaw kun hinog kag matam-is.The fruit of-the alawihaw is yellow when ripe and sweet.
alborálborSpv [c14] -AN patalburánv request as a gift, desire for freeGinaalboran mo an akon kalo.You are-desiring my hat for-free.Ayaw pag-albori an akon kalo.Do-not request my hat as-a-gift.synkursunada ila3 2desire
albularyoalbuláryoSpn herb doctor, healer, shaman. Refers to a healer who medicates with medicinal herbs, roots and leaves. May also refer to a shaman (one who calls on the spirits to treat sickness)Kun minsan nagapakita siya sa albularyo.Once-in-awhile she consults the herb-doctor.synherbularyoherb doctorVariantarbularyoherb doctoripàalbuláryov [c14] be treated by a herb doctorIpaalbularyo ta si Jose.Let us-incl have Jose treated-by-a-herb-doctor.
alburutiv Variantalburuto be troubled
alburutoalburútoSp; Spn trouble, disturbmag-alburútov [c3] MAG- act; -AN goal. trouble, disturbNag-alburuto siya sa kalye kahapon.He made-trouble in-the street yesterday.cfaway fightribok noisesyngubot troublesamok alburutuhánv be troubled, be disturbedGinaalburutuhan niya an iya iloy kaya ginhatagan siya sin kwarta.His mother was-being-disturbed by-him so he was given money.Variantalburutialburtadórn troublemaker, quarrelsome person
AlejandroAlehándron Alexander. The name of a person
algudonalgudónSpn processed cottonPagbakal sin algudon.Buy some processed-cotton.syngapasraw cottonalgudunánv [c14] -AN pat. apply cotton, put on cottonGin-algudunan ko an samad agod dili mahugdunan san mga lanaw.I put-cotton-on the wound so-that it-would-not be-alighted-on by-the flies.
alibangbangalibángbangn butterfly. This is a generic term for butterflyAn alibangbang na naglupad pula.The butterfly which flew-off was red.cfkakanogmothsynkulibangbangbutterflyVariantkalibangbangbutterfly
alig-igalíg-igCebv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal/ben; I- accmag-alíg-iganv winnow. Refers to gently shaking grains in a tray to separate larger from smaller piecesalig-igánv winnow for someone. Refers to winnowing something for someone to get rid of the chaffJuan, alig-igan mo sinda Marta san binayo ninda na humay.n winnowing trayDaraha didi an alig-igan.Juan, winnow Marta and-her-companion's pounded rice for them.Bring the winnowing-tray here.synnigowinnowing trayadj alig-ígann winnowable; winnowing instrumentalig-igónn grain for winnowing. Refers to grain of any sort to be winnowedHain an alig-igon?Where is the stuff-to-be-winnowed?paràalig-ígn winnowerHumanap ka sin paraalig-ig kag pakadia.Look for a winnower and send-him-here.
alig-igánn winnowing tray
aligas1aligásn head licecfkiyumallicehinguto synkuto licekiyumadimmature head lice
aligas2aligásn small particles of rice skin. Refers to bits of rice skin left on the rice after pounding itAn inda pakabayo san humay dili maayo kaya damo'n aligas na nabilin.Their pounding of-the rice-in-husk is not well-done so there-is-a lot-of rice-skin left-on-the rice.synbinlod rice particles
aligialigín crab fat. Refers to globs of yellow fat inside the body accumulating on either side of the backboneKun may aligi an alimango mataba siya.If the crab has crab-fat, it is fat.aligihánadj has plenty of fatty globsKun aligihan an alimango mataba.If the crab is has plenty-of-fatty-globs, it is fatty.
alimangoalimángon large crabDaku-dako an alimango na nakuha ko.The crab I caught was very-big.cfkarigmatawild crabagugukoysmall crabkasagblue crabumangcrabkagang crabmàalimángoadj crabful place. Refers to a place with plenty of crabsmangalimángov [c7] MANG- act; -AN goal; I- acc. fish for crabsLito, hamos mangalimango kita.Lito, come-on let's-incl fish-for-crabs.
alimpapuroalimpapurón cowlick. Refers to a swirl of hair on the back top of the head. A few people have two or even three such swirls. Most have only oneMay tawo na duha an alimpapuro kag ginatuudan na pilyo.There-are persons who have two swirls on the back of their head and it is believed that they are mischievous.Variantalimpupurocowlick
alimpatakanalimpatakánn 1mindGamiton mo an imo alimpatakan.Use your mind!synisip 1mind2skull, craniumsynbungoskull