Masbatenyo - English



almoranasalmoránasSpn hemorrhoidAn almoranas masakit kag kun minsan nagadugo.Hemorrhoids are painful and sometimes bleed.
almuhadonalmuhadónSpn pillowDamo siya sin mga almuhadon.She has-many pillows.cfalmahadonsmall cushionsynulunanpillowVariantalmahadonsmall cushionìalmuhadónv [c14] I- acc. pillow, use a pillowIalmuhadon mo an bata agod makaturog sin maayo.Use-a-pillow-for the child so-that it-will-sleep well.
almunidaalmunídaSpn bargain sale
aloálon shame, embarrassment, shynessInuritan ka na nagatawa ka lang gihapon. Hain an imo alo?You have already been-reprimanded yet you are still laughing. Where is your shame?kàálon timidity, embarrassmentNawara naman la an akon kaalo.My timidity on-the-other-hand is just gone.makàarálov [c4] MAKA- exp; MA- pat; -ON pat. able to shame, can shameMakaaralo an imo hinimo.What you did can-shame you.nàalúhanv NA-..-AN pat. embarrassed, averse, reluctantNaaluhan siya kahapon.He was-embarrassed yesterday.nàálov be embarrassed, be shamedNaalo siya magtakin sa tawo dahil sa iya hangot.She was-embarrassed to-sit-beside the person because of his odor.Variantnààáloalúhonv be shamed, be disgracedKun aluhon ta ikaw, tangkas ka sa trabaho.If I disgrace you, you will-be-fired.aluhónadj bashful, timid, prone to be shyAluhon ini na bata ko.This child of mine is prone-to-be-bashful.
alogalógCebv [c8] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN ben; I- accmag-alógv fetch watersynsarok fetch watersadlok fetch wateralugánv fetch water forAlugan mo ako sa bumba.You fetch-water-for me from-the pump.paràálogn water carrierTawagon mo an paraalog.Call the water-carrier.
alomalómn mole. Refers to moles on the skin of humansDamo an alom sa iya lawas.There-are-many moles on his body.alumánv [c14] -AN goal. have a mole attached. Refers to the practice of some women to have an artificial mole attached to their face to make it attractiveGin-aluman siya sa punta san iya irong.She had-a-mole-attached to-the tip of her nose.màalómadj have many molesMaalom siya.She has-many-moles.
alopalópn stain. Refers especially to stain caused by color running from other clothesHalion mo an alop sa bado ko.You remove the stain from my dress.màalupánv [c7] MAG- act; -AN pat; I- inst. Be stainedHimatan mo na dili maalupan an akon puti na bado.Be-careful that my white dress will not be-stained.synmantsa stain
alpiliralpilírSpn straight pinButangan mo sin alpilir an patirn san imo bado.Put straight-pins in-the pattern of your dress.alpiliránv [c7] MAG- ag; -AN goal; I- acc. pin something, tack with a pinKun an imo pulo wara sin butunes alpiliran mo.If your polo-shirt has-no buttons pin it.synaspilepin
alpogalpógn dustDamo sin alpog an lamisa.The table has-a-lot of dust.màálpogadj dustyMaalpog an salog.The floor is dusty.alpugánv [c7] MAG- ag; -AN goal; I- acc. put dust on somethingSir, inalpugan ni Rosa an imo lamisa.Sir, Rosa put-dust-on your table.synabog1 dust
alpumbraalpúmbraSpn rug, carpet, carpetingMaayo an paglakat-lakat sa balay na adi alpumbra.It is nice walking-about in-a house which has carpeting.mag-alpúmbrav [c7] MAG- act; -AN goal; I- acc. carpet something, lay carpetSinda an nagaalpumbra sa akon balay.They are-the-ones carpeting in-my house.
alsaálsaSpv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accmag-álsav lift up something, raise up. Refers to lifting a load but may also be used to refer to raising bread, cakes, etc.Nag-alsa siya sin kabug-at-bug-at na karga.He lifted a very-heavy load.alsáhonv be liftedAalsahon ko an mga yamit sa tubi.I will-lift the clothes from-the water.mag-alsa san iya sadiri na bangkov boastNag-alsa siya san iya sadiri na bangko.He boasted.synbuhat
alugbatialugbátin vine leaf. Refers to a herbaceous vine equivalent to "Malabar night shade" used as a substitute for spinachAn alugbati mahangot na utanon.The alugbati vine is a fragrant vegetable.Basilla rubra
aluhipanaluhípanBkln centipedeHubag an bayhon ni Maria kay kinagat san aluhipan.Maria's face is swollen because it-was-bitten by-a centipede.Variantulahipancentipede
aluhonaluhónadj bashful, shycfalo shame
alumatinganalumatingánv [c14] MA- expmàalumatingánv have a perception, have a senseMay naalumatingan ako na ginatawag an ngaran ko.I had-a-perception that somebody was-calling my name.
alupuopalupûopn fogNatahuban an bukid san alupuop.The mountain is-covered by fog.màalupûopadj be fogged in, be covered with fog, be hidden by fogMaalupuop an bukid.The mountain is fogged-in.màalupùúpanv [c14] MA-..-AN exp. be fogged overNaalupuupan an bukid kanina.The mountain was-fogged-over earlier-today.
amaamán fatherAn Dios mapinalanggaon na ama.God is a loving father.synpapa2fatherpa1 yetpapangFather!papayFather!payFather!itay Father!padrefathermag-amáfather and son
amakanamákanCebn woven bamboo mat. Refers to a mat made of bamboo stripped thinly then woven together. It is used for walling or for a drying mat for newly harvested riceAn amakan matahom na materyales para idingding.The woven-bamboo-mat is excellent material to-wall-with.
amamaypayamamáypayn fresh water shellfishNanulod an mga amamaypay sa inda buho pakakita sa aton.The fresh-water-shellfish go-into their hole when-seeing us-incl.
amargusoamargúson bitter melon. An elongated fruit with wart-like, dark green, skin which is eaten as a vegetable. The plant resembles squash plantsDamo'n amarguso sa tyanggihan didi sa Masbate.There-are-a lot of bitter-melons in-the small-occasional-market here in Masbate.synampalayabitter melonMomordica charantiaamargusuhánv [c14] -AN goal. add bitter melonAmargusuhan ko ini na akon sura.I will-add-bitter-melon-to this entree of-mine.
amatistaamatístaSpn amethystAmatista usad na mahalon na bato.Amethyst is a valuable stone.
ambagámbagn alms, contribution, subsidysynlimos almsmag-ámbagv [c7] MAG- act; -AN goal; I- acc. donate, contributenagàarambagánv contribute for pluralNagaarambagan sinda para sa operasyon ni Mrs. Benito.They are-contributing-for the operation of Mrs. Benito.iámbagv be contributedIambag na lang an imo kwarta para sana na isda na pagabarahinon.Contribute your money for that fish which will-be-shared.
ambisyonambisyónSpn ambitionsynlayog1 2ambition
ambitámbitv [c5] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goalmag-ámbitv borrow, buy a portion, partakecfutang debtsynhuram borrow
ambotambótCebpart don't knowAmbot kun hain si Fidel.I-don't-know where Fidel is.magpàámbotv [c14] denyNagpaambot siya sa husgado san hungaon san huwes.He denied-it in court when questioned by-the judge.