Masbatenyo - English



amigaamígaSpn female friendAmiga ko si Melani.Melani is my female-friend.cfamigo male friend
amigoamígoSpn male friendAmigo ko si Juan.Juan is my male-friend.kàamígon fellow friendSi Juan an kaamigo ko.Juan is my fellow-friend.pakig-amígon friendshipDili ko malimutan an amon pag-amigo.I cannot forget our-excl friendship.cfupod Variantpag-amigomakìamiguhónadj friendlyMakiamiguhon an akon ama.My father is friendly.amígo sa súratn pen pal. Literally means, "friend by-a letter"May amigo ako sa surat na tagaIsrael.I have a pen-pal who is a citizen-of-Israel.amigúhonv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. be befriendedAmiguhon mo an imo mga katarakin.Befriend your neighbors.
amihanamihánn northeastern wind. Refers to the dry season windMakita naton an mga kakugunan na baga an mga duyan kun ginahangin san amihan.We see the cogon fields as-though hammocks when being-blown by-the northeast-wind.anthabagat1 2southwest monsoon
aminudoaminúdoSpadj retailDili sinako an amon asukar, aminudo lang.Our sugar is not for-sale-by-the-sack, only retail.An aminudo na bagay mahal kisa bagay na dili aminudo.A retail thing is more expensive than things not for-retail.ìaminúdov [c14] I- acc. sell retailAn akon isda ginaaminudo ko lang kay agod magin damo an binta.I am only retailing my fish so-that my profit will be large.
amo1ámoSpn master, lordSiya an akon amo.He is my master.synagaronmaster
amo2ámoprn it. This is an anaphoric pronoun which refers back to a previous noun or noun phraseAmo ina.That's it.An aluhipan amo an magmasid kun adlaw.The centipede it will-be-the-one to-watch when it is day.
amo3amôCebn monkeyIsad na adlaw naglakat an amo.One day a monkey went-for-a-walk.
amonámonpers prn 1our. The first person plural, exclusive, referential, pronoun which includes speaker and friends but not the hearer. See the Grammatical Sketch, section 2.43.2, for more informationDyutay an amon balay.Our-excl house is small.2usIhatag ina sa amon.Give that to us-excl.
amotámotv [c7] MAG- act; -AN goal; I- accmag-ámotv contribute, subsidize, ask a portionNag-amot kami para sa pagtindog san balay na eskwelahan.We-excl contributed for the erection of-the school building.ìámotv contribute somethingPira man an imo iamot?How-much will your contribution be?aramutánn contribution, donation, gift, bequestIgwa kita sin aramutan kaya ayaw pagginasto sa wara'n pulos na bagay.We-incl have-a contribution-to-make so do not spend-money on worthless things.
ampalayaampaláyan bitter melon. The bitter melon can be made into medicine for stomach ache and for other things, but it is not given to a pregnant woman because it is believed that if she drinks that-juice she will-have-a-miscarriage.An ampalaya pwede makaon hilaw, pwede man naluto.The bitter-melon can-be-eaten either raw or cooked.synamarguso bitter melon
ampatampátBklv [c6] MAG- ; -ON ; I- accmag-ampátv stop bleeding, staunch bleeding, suppress bleeding, quell bleeding. Refers to the act of stopping bleeding, usually, by means of a pressure compressAn mga arbularyo maaram mag-ampat san tinigbas na tawo.The herb-doctors know-how to-stop-the-bleeding of-a person who has-been-cut.ampatónv suppress bleedingAmpaton niya an pagparadugo san imo braso.He will-suppress the intense-bleeding of your upper-arm.
ampo1ámpòCebn prayerWara sabata san Dios an iya ampo.God did-not answer his prayer.synpangadyi prayerorasyon prayerpangadyi prayerampùánn prayer placeìámpòv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. pray for somethingIampo mo an akon kaligtasan.Pray for my safety.Variantpag-ampopraying
ampo2ámpòv [c2] MAG- act; PA-..-ONmag-ámpòv surrendersynsuko surrendersurlender surrenderpàampùónv cause to surrender something. Refers to persuading someone to surrender to authoritiesPaampuon ko an mga tulisan sa mga pulis.I will-have the robbers surrender to-the police.
ampo3ámpòv [c2] MAG- actmag-ámpov admit wrong doing, ask forgivenessNag-ampo siya sa akon sa atubangan san huwis.He asked-forgiveness from me in front of-the judge.synako1 2admit
ampuanampùánn prayer placecfampo1 prayer
amularamulárSpv [c4] MAG- ag; -ON patmag-amulárv sexually molest, sexually abusemakàamulárv can disturbAn imo ginahimo nakaamular sa imo katakin.What you are-doing is-able-to-disturb your neighbor.amularónv be disturbed, be pesteredGinaamular ka niya kaya pagbantay.He is-disturbing you so be-on-guard.
amung-amongamúng-amóngadj troublesomecfalburuto troublemag-amung-amóngv [c9] MAG- ag; I- acc. incite, provoke, influence to do evilNag-amung-among ka lang sa amon tungod san imo ginbutang sa poder apiki sa amon balay.You just provoked us because of your putting-up a wall close to our house.paràamung-amóngn provocateur, instigator, troublemakerParaamung-among ina na tawo.That person is a provocateur.
amursikoamursíkon kind of flowering grass. A flowering grass whose flowers consist of spikelets which can pierce or transfix clothAn amursiko pareho sa maayo na amigo kay nagaupod pirme sa imo.The sticker-grass is like a-good friend because it is always accompanying you.Andropogon aciculatusmagkàamursíkov [c14] MAGKA- exp. become full of flowering grass stickers
an1art the. This introduces the subject noun phrase when it is a common noun phraseAn karabaw na nawara nakuha gihapon.The water-buffalo which was-lost was-recovered again.
anabanábv [c4] MAG- act; -ON patmag-anábv infringe, encroach, violatesynkabat pagkàanábn infringementAgrabiado siya sa pagkaanab san iya duta.He was-disadvantaged by-the infringement of his land.pag-anabónv be snatched, be grabbed, be stolenDili mo pag-anabon an duta san iba.Don't snatch the land of another.synagaw
anad1anádCebadj accustomedAnad ako mag-ihirsisyo kun aga.I am-accustomed to-exercise in-the morning.mag-anádv [c6] MAG- exp; -ON pat; I- acc. be accustomed, be used to, be in the habit of doing. Refers to having a habit of doing something on a regular basissynandan accustom
anad2ánadv [c2] MAG- exp; PA-..-ON patmag-ánadv become tame, become submissive, become obedientNagaanad na an imo ido.Your dog is-becoming-tame.pàanádonv be tamedAn tawo malisod paanadon, pero an hayop masayon mag-anad.A person is difficult to-be-tamed, but an animal is easy to-tame.Ginapaanad niya an iya ido.He is-taming his dog.
anakanákn offspring, child, descendant, progenyTulo an anak ninda.They-have three children.mag-anákv [c7] give birthNag-anak an akon iloy sin bata na babayi, na wara sin iba kundi ako.My mother gave-birth to-a baby girl who was none other then me.anakánv MAG- ag; -AN ben; I- pat; PA-..-ON pat, PA-..-AN ben. bear childrenAnakan mo ako sin lalaki.You bear a son for me.anákanadj prolific child bearer. One who has the reputation of easily conceivingAnakan siya.She is a prolific-child-bearer.panganákann maternity leavein-anakánn unwed motherin-anákn godchildmanganákv MANG- ag. sponsorNanganak kami sin bunyag kahapon.We sponsored a baptism yesterday.tikàanákonadj about to give birth
anakánadj pregnant but unmarried
anay1ánaypart 1do first, wait a minute. Refers to interrupting an action in order to do something else before continuing with the firstMagkaon ka anay antis magkarigo.You eat first before bathing.2yetDili mo anay siya pagbayadan.Do not pay her yet.