Masbatenyo - English


buwayabuwáyan 1crocodileDamo sin buwaya sa Manila Zoo.There-are-plenty of crocodiles at-the Manila Zoo.Variantbwayacrocodile2corrupt personBuwaya ina na tawo.That man is corrupt.pagbuwayáhav [c14] ridicule, belittle, mockAyaw ako pagbuwayaha sa atubang san akon mga amigo.Don't belittle me in front of my friends.cfibidbull alligatorVariantbwayacrocodile
buweltabuwéltaSpv [c3] MAG- act; -AN goalVariantbuwilta returnmagbuwéltav returnVariantbwilta returnVariantbuwilta
buwilobuwíloSpv [c2] MAG- actmagbuwílov speed up, accelerate, increase speed rapidly, take off, quickly begin. Refers to quickly beginning an action, as beginning to run or as an airplane taking off
buwiltabuwíltaSpv [c2] MAG- actVariantbuwelta returnmagbuwíltav returnVariantbwilta Variantbwilta returnVariantbuwelta
buwis1buwísn taxHain an imo buwis?Where is your tax?synbuhis tax
buwis2buwísv [c4] MAG- ag; -ON patmagbuwísv sacrificeNagbuwis sinda san inda buhay.They sacrificed their lives.
buyabúyaCebn nuptial agreement. Refers to an agreement between parents to betroth their children
buyagyagbuyágyagHlgv [c2] MAG- actmagbuyágyagv reveal, disclosepagbuyágyagadv disclosing, revealingKun magasige ka pagbuyagyag san akon sikrito putulon ko an imo dila.If you will-continue revealing my secrets I will-cut-off your tongue.
buyinggitbuyinggítCebn stye. Refers to an infection of the eye; a small pus-filled swelling on the rim of the eye
buynotbúynotv [c2] MAG- agmagbúynotv extract, pull outcfbugnot synbunot1 coconut huskgabot pull out
buyobúyòBkln buyo leaf. This is a leaf of the piper betel pepper plant used to chew with betel nut and crushed lime in a mixture called mama An buyo bulong sa hubog.The buyo-leaf is a medicine for boils.cfmama1 'Mama!'Piper betel
buyogbuyógCeb; Hlgn bumblebee, black waspAyaw pag-isturbuha an buyog kay basi sugudon ka.Do not disturb the bumblebee because you might be-stung.cfputyukanhoneybee
buyungonbuyúngonn hernia
bwasSpn tomorrowVariantbuwastomorrow
bwayabwáyan crocodileVariantbuwaya ridiculeVariantbuwaya 1crocodile
bwenobwénoSpexclam O.K., good ideaBweno, kun ibaligya mo an imo baboy daraha didi buwas.O.K., if you will-sell your pig bring-it here tomorrow.
bwiltabwíltaSpv [c6] MAG- act; -ON pat; I- accVariantbuwilta returnmagbwíltav return, go backNagbwilta siya paManila kahapon.He returned to-Manila yesterday.synbalik 1returnVariantbuwelta returnVariantbuwilta returnbwiltadáhanv retort, respondGinbwiltadahan sinda pagsiyak ni Tia Marcela.They were-retorted-to by Aunt Marcela shouting.
bwinasbwínasSpadj luckyAn bwinas nakon na adlaw Huwibis.My lucky day is Thursday.antbwisitjinxedsynswerteluckypalad
bwisitbwísitChadj jinxed, unluckyantbwinasluckysyndimalasunlucky