Masbatenyo - English



irogírogadj similar, same, resembleIrog sani an gusto ko na balay.The house I want is similar to-this.synalagid-agidsimilarpareho sameirúgann pattern, thing to be imitated, prototype, blueprint, modelPahurama man san imo irugan.Please lend me your pattern.irugónv [c5] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal. do sameIrugon mo ini pareho san sa primero.You do-the-same-to this-one as-was-done on-the first.irugánv imitate, copy, patternIrugan mo an iya sabat.Copy his answer.paràírogn imitator, copierAn mga Pilipino mga parairog san kultura san mga tagasulnupan.The Filipinos are-imitators of-the westerner's culture.màinirug-irógadj imitator, impersonator, copycat
irokírokn armpitPugai sin limon an imo irok agod maudong an baho.Squeeze lemon on your armpit so-that the foul-odor will-be-stopped.
irongiróngn noseDaragko an buho san iya irong.The nostrils of his nose are-big.
is-isis-ísv [c2] MAG- actmag-is-ísv summon, sic ém, urge a dog to attack
IsaacIsáacn Isaac. The name of a person
isadisádadj 1oneIsad ka gatos an paraitlog sa akon manukan.The egg-layers in my poultry-house number-one hundred.Nagbakal siya sin isad ka galon na pinta.He bought one gallon of paint.2other, nextAdto siya sa isad na kwarto.He is there in-the other room.3aNagpalabas sin isad na Christmas drama an mga batan-on.The young-people presented a Christmas drama.Variantusad onen oneAn isad sa inda buang.One of them is foolish.Variantusad oneisadónv [c4] MAKA- ag; -ON pat. be combined, be consolidatedIsadon ko lang ini sin surudlan.I will just combine this in a container.isad-isadónv one by oneIsad-isadon mo sinda pagbunal.Whip them one-by-one.
IsaiasIsáiasn Isaiah. The name of a person
iscabichen Variantiskabitsefried fish
isdaisdân fish. This is a generic term for any fishLab-as pa an isda sa merkado.The fish in-the market is still fresh.Variantísdàparapangisdân fishermanWara sin kuha an parapangisda.The fisherman did not catch anything.pagpangisdân PANG-, PAGPANG-. fishingWara siya mag-upod pagpangisda.He did not join in fishing.pangisdâann fishing boatNalunod an inda pangisdaan.Their fishing-boat capsized.pangisdàánn place to fish, fishing hole, fish pondAn Palawan maayo na pangisdaan.Palawan is a good fishing-place.magpangisdâv [c2] MAG- act. fishNagapangisda an kabataan.The children are-fishing.màisdâadj MA-, -ANON. plenty of fishMaisda sa Palawan.The Palawan-area has-lots-of-fish.
ísdàn Variantisda fish
isipísipv [c5] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goalmag-ísipv think, consider, use the headNag-isip siya na magbakasyon sa Baguio.He was-thinking-of going-on-vacation to Baguio.kàisípann 1mindMay dipikto an iya kaisipan.His mind has-a deficiency.2idea, thoughtMaayo an iya kaisipan.His idea is good.màisípadj self centered, egotisticSi Pedro maisip na tawo.Pedro is a self-centered person.sàísipv memorize, remembermagsàísipv memorize, think of, have an opinionNagasaisip siya sin tula.He is-memorizing a poem.syndumdom saulo tuom memoryaremember, memorizetanom sa isipremember
iskabitseiskabítseSpn fried fish. Refers to a particular recipe of fried fish with spicesVariantiscabiche
iskaloniskalónSpn floor of a building, building level, level of hotel. Refers to the number of floors in a building. Does not refer to the floor of a roomNagbalintok an bata san mahulog hali sa ikaupat na iskalon.The child turned-somersault as he fell from the fourth floor.
iskaparatiiskaparátiSpn shelf, show windowsynistantishelf
iskidyuliskídyulEngn schedule, timetableAn dati na iskidyul ala singko san hapon.The former schedule was five in-the afternoon.
iskoriskórEngn score. Refers to a score in any game between opponentsNano an iskor?What is the score?mag-iskórv [c3] MAG- act; -AN goal. make a scoreMag-iskor kamo!You-pl score!iskoránv be scoredIskoran mo!You(sg) score!
iskubaiskúbaSpn cleaning brush, floor brush, clothes brush, shoe brush. This word refers to a brush used to brush off dirtAda an iskuba sa ibabaw san aparador nakabutang.The brush was-placed there on top of the closet.iskubáhanv [c3] MAG- ag; -AN goal. brushIskubahi an imo pantalon kay maalpog.Brush-off your pants because they are dusty.
iskutinyoiskutínyoSpn counting, tallyingAn banda san MNCHS makabulig sa katapusan na iskutinyo.The MNCHS band will-help in-the final counting.synbilang count
iskwilaiskwílaSpn student, pupilAdi tanan an akon iskwila.My students are all here.synistudyantestudentVarianteskwelastudentiskwilahánn schoolAdto siya sa iskwilahan.He is there in school.Varianteskwelahanschoolmag-iskwílav [c2] MAG- act; PA-..-ON pat. study, cram, learnNagaiskwila kami sa iskwilahan.We are-studying in school.
iskwilahann school
islaíslaSpn islandAn Nag-araw matahum-tahom na isla.Nag-araw is a very-beautiful island.
islanislánv [c5] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goalmag-islánv exchange, replace, barterIslan ko an imo isda sin bugas.I will-exchange polished-rice for your fish.cfbalyo synsangli ilis exchange
ismagolismágolEngn flip-flop sandal, sandals, thong slippers. Refers to a slipper of rubber or plastic with only a webbed belt across the toes and a single thong between the big toe and the index toe connected to the beltBarato an mga ismagol didi sa Masbate.Flip-flops are cheap here in Masbate.syntsinilasthong slipper
ismiraldaismiráldaSpn emeraldIsmiralda usad na mahalon na bato.Emerald is a valuable stone.
isnatsirisnátsirEngn snatcher, thief. This word is derived from the term "purse-snatcher"An alahas nakaimbitar san atinsyon san mga isnatsir o makawat.Jewels can-invite the attention of snatchers or thieves.