Masbatenyo - English



isog1isógv [c8] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN loc; I- ben. move over, move aside. As, for example, when making room for another person to sit downIsog kay may maingkod didi.Move-over-a-little because someone will-sit here.synus-og move aside
isog2ísogn fiercenessSugad la siya na kapinu-pino pwerte man an isog.Even-though he is just very small his fierceness is also really strong.kàísogn 1courage, boldnessKun wara siya magbuwa, di igwa untani siya sin kaisog mag-atubang sa akon.If he did not tell-lies, then he should have the courage to-face me.2braveryWara na gayod siya katiner sin kaisog.He really did-not-have any maintenance of bravery.màísogadj 1bold, fierce, courageous, viciousSi Mila maisog kag pasikat.Mila is bold and boastful.2braveHugpa didi kun maisog kamo.Land here if you-pl are brave.3cruelSi Pedro maisog sa iya asawa.Pedro is cruel to his wife.4sourMaisog na ini na suka.This vinegar is already sour.5strong. Usually refers to the alcohol content of a beverageAn maisog na irimnon, bino kag beer, makahubog.Strong drink, wine and beer, can-make one drunk.mag-inísogv [c2] MAG- act. be harsh, be cruel, be brave, be courageousDili ka mag-inisog sa imo mga sakop.Do not be-cruel to your subordinates.
ispadaispádaSpn swordKaurupod niya an mga tawo na may dara na mga ispada.He was with men who were carrying swords.ispadáhonv [c5] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal. strike with a sword. Means to hit someone with a swordDili mo ispadahon an ido.Do not hit the dog with-a-sword.
ispaltoispáltoSpn tar, asphalt, tarmac, blacktopispaltuhánv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. be asphalted, be blacktopped, be tarredAn sulod san drum ispalto kay ispaltohan an kamino.The contents of-the drum is asphalt because the road is-to-be-asphalted.
ispihoispíhoSpn 1mirror, looking glassGinbuong ni Jose an amon ispiho.Jose broke our mirror.2exampleIkaw an ispiho san imo mga anak.You are the example for your children.magpangispíhov [c3] MAGPANG- act; -AN goal. mirror, look into a mirrorNagapangispiho pirme si Juana.Juana always is-looking-into-the-mirror.ispihùánv make a mirrorIspihuan ko an imo mata.Your eyes will-be-made-a-mirror by-me.
ispiritoispíritoSpn spiritAn ispirito san mga matadong na tawo makakadto sa langit.The spirit of righteous people can-go to heaven.synkaluluwa spiritkalagsoul
ispirmaispírmaSpn white candle
ispisyalispisyálSpadj specialNanghatag siya sin ispisyal na abilidad.He gave a special ability.ispisyalónv [c5] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal. hire, charterIspisyalon naton an dyip ni Cheche.Let us charter Cheche's jeep.paràispisyáln chartererWara pa didi an paraispisyal sin sarakyan.The vehicle charterer is not here yet.
ispiyaispíyaSpn spyAn ispiya san mga kontra nadakop kagahapon.The spy of-the opponents was-captured yesterday.ispiyáhonv [c5] MAG act; -ON pat; -AN goal. spy, watch carefully, watch secretlyNano an imo ginaispiya sa amon?What are you spying on us for?
isplikarisplikárSpv [c8] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accisplikaránv explain toGin-isplikaran ako niya san kamatuudan.He explained the truth to me.synpahayagexplainpaliwanag explainpaintyindiexplainVariantesplikarexplainpag-isplikárn explanationMaliwanag an iya pag-isplikar.His explanation is clear.paràisplikárn interpreter, one who explainsSiya an paraisplikar sa akon.He is the-one explaining to me.
isponghaispónghaSpn 1spongeNagapanguha sinda sin ispongha sa idalom san dagat.They are-getting a sponge in-the depth of-the sea.2powder puffMaati na an akon ispongha.My powder-puff is dirty already.magpangispónghav [c3] gather spongesDamo an nagapangispongha niyan.Many are-gathering-sponges today.isponghàánv MAG- ag; -AN pat. sponge off, use a sponge, wipe with a spongeIsponghaan mo an akon likod.You sponge-off my back.
isponsorispónsorEngn sponsor, backer, benefactor, patronSiya an prinsipal na isponsor.He is the principal sponsor.
ispriispríEngv [c4] MAG- ag; -ON patisprihánv be sprayedGin-isprihan ko sin Thiodan an akon humay.My rice-plants were-sprayed-with Thiodan by-me.
IsraelÍsraeln Israel. Refers to the nation of IsraeltagàÍsraeladj Israeli, citizen of IsraelMay amigo ako sa surat na tagaIsrael.I have a pen pal who is Israeli.
istakistákEngn stock, supplies, merchandise. Refers to something stored, gathered, kept for future use, but primarily has reference to merchandise
istambayistámbayEngn bystander, joblessistambayánn loitering place, place for lounging. Refers to a place where people with nothing to do just stand around and talkIstambayan ina na lugar.That place is the loitering-place.mag-istámbayv [c3] MAG- act; -AN loc. loiter around, be idle. Refers to standing around with nothing to doMagaistambay kami sa kanto.We-excl will-loiter-around on-the corner.istambáyanv loiter withGinaistambayan ninda sa mga bugoy.They are-loitering-with the jobless-ones.synmaghinakotloiter
istampaistámpaSpn mark, religious image. Means an imprint or figure made by a metal stampermag-istámpav [c7] MAG- ag; -AN goal; I- acc. stamp a mark on something. Refers to making a mark with a stamper as, for example, putting the date on a receipt
istantiistántiSpn shelfWara'n sulod an akon istanti.My shelf has-nothing on it.syniskaparatishelf
istaristárv [c3] mag-istárv MAG- act; -AN loc; PA-..-ON pat. reside, stay, dwell, live some placeNagaistar kami sa kampo san mga PC.We-excl are-living at-the PC camp.istaránv dwell at, reside inistárann temporary residenceAmo ini an amon istaran.This is our temporary-residence.nagàistárn occupant, dwellerWara na sin nagaistar sina na balay.There-is-no occupant in-that house now.
istasyonistasyónSpn station. Usually refers to the place where passengers wait for transportationNagkadto na kami sa istasyon san Pantranco.We went to-the station of Pantranco.
istatwaistátwaSpn statue, figurine, figure,cfimahinimagesynbulto1image
istimaristimárSpv [c5] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goalmag-istimárv treat, host guests, entertainMaayo siya mag-istimar sin bisita.He treats visitors well.pag-istimárn treatment, entertainmentMaayo an iya pag-istimar sa amon.His treatment of us is good.Variantistimaronpagkamàistinimáronn hospitality, cordiality, warm reception, warm welcomeAn iya pagkamainistimaron an nakatawag san akon atinsyon.Her hospitality caught my attention.màinistimáronadj hospitable, cordial, neighborly, receptive, sociableMainistimaron ina na mag-asawa.That couple is hospitable.
istimaronn Variantistimar treatment
istoryaistóryaSpn story, account, conversationMatahom an iya istorya kaya lang turog na an iya kaistorya.His story is good except that his conversation-partner is asleep already.kàistóryan conversation partner, discussion partnerMaghanap ka sin kaistorya.You look-for a conversation-partner.paràistóryan story teller, narratorAko an paraistorya san amon dula-dulaan.I am-the narrator in our playlet.istoryahánv [c5] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal. tell a story, converse, discussIstoryahan ko ikaw san Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs.I will-tell you the story of Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs.
istranghiroistranghíroSpn stranger, foreigner, outsider, alienAyaw didi paghadi-hadi kay istranghiro ka lang.Do not be-bullying-others here because you-are only a stranger.