Masbatenyo - English



idlapídlapn lightning, twinkle, flash, flicker. Also refers to a flash of light as from a flashlight or a reflection from glasssynkidlaplightningkilat lightninglintilightningmag-ídlapv [c2] MAG- act. twinkle, flicker, sparkleAn bituon makahapon nagaidlap sa kalundan.The afternoon star is-twinkling in-the west.
idoidôn dogMaisog an amon ido.Our dog is fierce.synayam dogaso1dog
idtoídtodeictic prn that distant. This pronoun substitutes for a Nominative noun phrase which refers to something at a distance in space or time from both speaker and hearer. For more information, see the Grammatical Sketch, section 2.31.1Ginsulod ko la gayod idto sa akon isipan.So I really bore that in my mind.dem adj thatPakadia didi idto na tawo na pula an kamiseta.Have that man whose undershirt is red come here.
idukaridukárSpv [c4] MAG- ag; -ON patmag-idukárv educatepagpàidukárn education, educatingObligasyon mo an pagpaidukar san imo mga anak.The education of your children is your responsibility.
iduloidúloSpn idolcfimahinimage
idyukatedídyukatedadj educated'O saka, nano an gusto mo magin ilitiret o idyukated?' sabi niya.'O, now, what do you want to become illiterate or educated?' he said.
igbawigbáwv [c2] MAG- agmag-igbáwv lift up, place abovepàigbáwadv upwardsNahulog an amon katabang sa bubon kaya ginbatak namon siya paigbaw.Our helper fell into the well, so we pulled her out/upwards.
ighamighámn clearing of throat soundmangighámv [c2] MANG- act. make a clearing of the throat sound
iglesyaiglésyaSpn 1church, templeHali sinda sa manlainlain na mga iglesya sa prubinsya.They are-from different churches in-the province.2church members collectively. Refers to the people as a group who are members of a particular churchSinda kuno an iglesya san Dios.They are it-is-reported the church of God.Variantiglisya
iglisyan Variantiglesya 2church members
igmanghodigmanghódn relative, kinIgmanghod pa namon an mga Moralez.In-addition the Moralezes are relatives of-ours-excl.cfmanghod younger sibling
ignoranteignoránteSpadj ignorant, unlearned, uneducated, inexperienced
igo1ígòCebadj enough, sufficient, ample, adequateIgo na ini na tubi sa isad ka semana.This water is-enough now for one week.makàígòv [c2] MAKA- exp. able to be enough, can be enoughDili makaigo sa aton ini na pagkaon.This food cannot be-enough for us-incl.màigôadj fit, sufficientDili maigo sa akon ini na bado.This dress does not fit me.pagpàigu-ígòn adequacyMedyo iwat siya sin pagpaigu-igo san kwarta.She has some-difficulty in stretching her money to-meet-her-needs.
igo2ígòv [c5] MA- exp, -ON pat, -AN goal.màígòv be hit, be struck. Refers to being hit by a thrown object. The subject of the verb is the receiver of the actionNaigo si Nila san bola.Nila was-hit by-the ball.
igwaigwáv [c2] there exists, there is, haveIgwa sin bunos an mga magtutukdo.The teachers have a bonus.antwara 3do not havesynmaythere ismagkàigwáv MAGKA- exp. acquire, getGusto ko na magkaigwa ka sin ginatos-gatos na tiil.I want you to-acquire hundreds of feet.igwahánonadj rich, affluent, wealthy. Refers to the state of people who have lots of this world's possessionsIgwahanon anay ina sinda pero pobre na yana.They were formerly rich but now they are poor.antpobrepoor personVariantigwáhon
igwáhonadj Variantigwa rich
ihaíhaSpterm of address Miss. This is a term of address to younger women/girlssynindayMiss
ihadaihádaSpn female godchildMaganda an akon ihada.My female-godchild is beautiful.synihadomale godchild
ihadoihádoSpn male godchildsynihadafemale godchild
ihawíhawv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accmag-íhawv barbecue, broilìíhawv be broiled, be barbecuedIihaw mo ina na isda.Broil that fish.iníhawadj broiledSa kada tumpok ginbutangan sin inihaw na karne.In every pile they put some broiled meat.synsugba broil
ihi1íhìn urineIula an ihi didto sa kubita.Pour the urine there in-the toilet-bowl.mag-íhìv [c3] MAG- act; -AN goal. urinateNagaihi si Cage.Cage is-urinating.
ihi2íhin axle, propeller shaftNautod an ihi san inda sarakyan kaya sinda nadugay.The axle of their vehicle was-cut so they were-delayed.
ihimploihímploSpn example, illustrationNano na ihimplo an imo ikahatag para ako makaintyinde?What example can you give so-that I can-understand?mag-ihímplov [c5] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal. exemplify, give an exampleNano kay nagaihimplo ka san dili ko naiintyindihan?Why-are you giving-examples which I do not understand?synhalimbawa example
ihoíhoSpterm of address Boy! This is a term of address to younger men/boyssynnunoyBoy!indoyjunior
iitoìíton a species of fish