Masbatenyo - English



ikaduhaikaduháadj secondSi Floromar an akon ikaduha na bata.Floromar is my second child.cfduha two
ikadusiikadúsiadj twelfthcfdusitwelve
ikakwarintaikakwaríntaadj fortiethcfkwarinta forty
ikakwatroadj Variantkwatro 2fourth
ikalatv disseminate
ikalimaikalimáadj fifthcflima five
ikanapuloikanapúlòadj tenthcfnapulo ten
ikapitoikapitóadj seventhcfpito1 whistle
ikaunsiikàúnsiadj eleventhcfonsi eleven
ikawikáwpers prn you sg. This form functions as a pre-predicate personal substitute for a subject AN class noun phrase. A different form occurs following predicatesIkaw an mahatag san sirmon niyan.You are the-one-who will-give the sermon today.
ikawaloikawalóadj eighthSiya an ikawalo ko na bata.She is my eighth child.cfwalo eight
ikidikídv [c2] MAG- actmag-ikídv tiptoe, go quietlyNakaikid an bata kaya hataas kitaon.The child walked-on-tiptoe so appeared tall.cftiid
ikisíkisn radius. Refers to the distance from center to edge of a circle, like spokes of a wheel extending from the hub
iklipseiklípseEngn eclipseAmo idto an iklipse na dili matupngan an kadulom.That-was the eclipse with incomparable darkness.
ikmatikmátv [c2] MAG- actmag-ikmátv do careful, be watchfulsynlikay iwas
ikogíkogCebn tailMas maayo pa sa akon an magin ikog san liyon kisa magin ulo san tiki.It is much better in my-opinion to-be the tail of-a lion than to-be the head of-a lizard.
ikonomiyav be frugal
iksaminiksáminEngn exam, examination, testMalisod an iksamin namon.Our exam is difficult.mag-iksáminv [c5] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal. conduct an exam, give an examNagaiksamin si Mrs Valdemoro sa mga primiro anyo.Mrs Valdemoro is-giving-an-exam to-the first year-students.
iksihidoiksíhidoSpadj censorious, demanding, strictcfistriktostrict
ikspirimintoikspirimíntoSpn experiment, test, trialVariantexperimentoexperiment
ikspiryinsyaikspiryínsyaEngn experienceNapulo na ka tuig an iya ikspiryinsya sa pagtukdo.He has-ten years teaching experience.Varianteksperyensya makàikspiryínsav [c5] MAG-, MAKA- act; -ON pat; -AN goal; MA-..-AN. Able to experienceNakaikspiryinsa ako sa pag-uma.I have-been-able-to-experience farming.synmaagihanexperience, pass through
ikunumiyaikunumíyaSpn economypag-ikunumíyan frugality, economy, economizing, conservationMayaman si Pedro pero nagaadal siya san pag-ikunumiya.Pedro is rich but he is-practicing frugality.mag-ikunumiyav [c5] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN ben. economize, be frugalKinahanglan mag-ikunumiya kita san aton pagkaon.We-incl should be-frugal with our food.
ila1ilâv [c3] MAG- act; -AN goal; MA- patmag-ilâv court, woo, flirt, romance, lureNagaila si Ericson kan Luisa.Ericson is-courting Luisa.pag-ilân courting, courtshipIpaurhi mo an pag-ila agod ipadayon an imo pag-adal.Postpone your courting in-order to-continue with your studies.Variantpag-inilàánmàilàónadj fond ofSi Juana mailaon sin pula na bado.Juana is fond-of red dresses.
ila2ilán elusiveness, sign of elusiveness. Refers to a tiny vein on the inside part of hen's wings which is supposed to indicate that it would be elusive in a chasemàiláadj wild, untamed, undomesticatedAn ginakaon sadto san aton mga apuyon idto'n mga maila na hayop na nagaistar sa kadlagan.At-that-time, our ancestors were-eating those wild animals living in-the forest.
ila3ílàv [c2] MA- exp; MA-..-AN goalmàílàv 1be pleased, be gratified, be delighted, be satisfied, be made happyNaila an mga ingkanto sa inda paggalang.The elves were-pleased with their politeness.2desire, yearn, want, crave, hankerNaiila siya magpaamerika.He desires to-go-to-America.synuyon handom desirealbor kàílàn yearning, desire, passionWara na an iya kaila sa pag-adal.His passion for studying is gone already.pàílàadj ostentatious, flamboyant, pretentious, affected, showy, grandiose. Refers to doing something hoping to cause desire in otherscfburutonboastfulsynpasikatboastful