Masbatenyo - English



imbisímbisconj instead ofKanding an nadara ni Pedro imbis na baboy.Pedro brought a goat instead-of a pig.
imbistigadorimbistigadórn investigatorcfimbistigar
imbistigadórn Variantimbistigar investigator
imbistigarimbistigárSpv [c5] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goalimbistigaránv question someone, inquire of, investigate, examineKadtua kag imbistigaran si Noe kun nano an pangyari kay nag-udo an mga baka pagkapatay.Go and question Noe why it-happened that the cows defecated when they died.paràimbistigárn investigatorKumusta an imo imbistigador?How is your investigator?Variantimbistigadórimbistigasyónn investigationNano an resulta san imbistigasyon?What is the result of-the investigation?
imbitadoimbitádoSpadj invitedcfimbitar
imbitarimbitárSp; Spv [c5] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN ben.imbitaránv be invited, be asked, be requested, be called, be bidImbitaran ko siya sa akon balay.She will-be-invited to the house by-me.synagda imbitádoadj invitedparàimbítarn inviter, caller, host. Refers to the one in charge of inviting or requesting people to come to an eventAn paraimbitar may sakit.The inviter is sick.cfparatawagcallerimbitasyónn invitation, summonsWara ko mabasa an iyo imbitasyon.I have-not read your invitation.synpanawaganinvitation
imbitasyonn invitation
imbudoimbúdon funnelGumamit ka sin imbudo agod dili magkaula an gas.Use a funnel so-that the kerosene will not spill-out.imbuduhánv [c10] -ON pat; -AN goal. be made into a funnelImbuduhan ko ini na sim.This galvanized-tin-roofing will-be-made-into-a-funnel by-me.imbuduhónn funnel material
imburnalimburnálSpn culvert. Refers to the openings for drainage or storm sewers by roadsides
imirdyinsiimírdyinsiEngn emergencyMagtelegrama ka lang kun may imirdyinsi.Just send-a-telegram if there-is an emergency.
imit-imitimit-ímitv [c4] MAG- ag; -ON patmag-imit-ímitv use sparingly, use little by little, use wisely, use frugally
imoímopers prn 1you sg. This 2nd person sing. referential pronoun is an indirect object of a verb. As the object of a verb it is introduced by the sa noun phrase markerHali dida antes igwa sin grabe na mangyari sa imo.Get-away from-there before something terrible happens to you.2you as agent of a verb. Functions as agent of a passive verb in the pre-verb positionKolor kag kabaskag imo makikit-an.Whose color and freshness you can see.3your. This is the possessive pronoun which precedes nouns. A different pronoun occurs in the post noun positionAnak ko, ako an imo iloy.My child, I am your mother.
imonimónadj MA-màimónadj jealous, envious, covetous, green eyedSinampadong ni Pedro an iya maimon na asawa.Pedro slapped his jealous wife.pangímonn jealousy, envy, covetousnessDapat isatama an pangimon.Jealousy should be-expressed-in-the-right-way.mag-imónv [c3] MAG- act; -AN goal. become jealous, become envious, become covetousNano kay nagaimon ka sa akon?Why are you becoming-jealous of me?pangimunánv be jealous of, be envious ofDili mo ako pangimunan.Do not be-jealous-of me.
imotímotadj MA-màímotadj selfish, miserly, greedyMaimot ina na gurang na babayi.That old woman is miserly.antgastos spendthriftsynpaslo selfishmag-imótv [c3] 1MAG- ag; -AN goal. hoard, be selfish with something, be greedy with somethingDili mag-imot san imo tubi.Do not hoard your water.Ayaw pag-imot sa imo kapwa.Do not be-selfish towards your fellow-person.2economize, conserve, reduce, lessenNagaimot kami san amon paggastos.We are-lessening our expenses.
impanadaimpanádaSpn fruit turnover. Refers to a pastry
impasímpasadj MA-màímpaspaid in full. Refers to a debt or bill
impatsoimpátsoSpn indigestion
impeksyonn Variantimpiksyon infection
imperdibliv [c7] saftey pin
impiksyonimpiksyónSpn infectionMay impiksyon siya sa mata.He has an infection in-the eye.Variantimpeksyonmàimpiksyónv [c2] MA- exp. be infected, contaminate, transmit a diseaseHugasi an imo samad basi maimpiksyon.Wash your wound lest it be-infected.
impirdibliimpirdíbliSpn safety pinPahurama man sin impirdibli.Please lend me a safety-pin.impirdiblíhanv [c3] MAG- ag; -AN goal. tack with a pinIimpirdiblihi man ini.Kindly tack this with-a-safety-pin.synpidal1 safety pin
implastoimpláston medicinal mixture. Refers to a medicinal mixture of herbs with resin which is considred a cure for neuralgia
impliyadaimpliyádaSpn female employeeWara pa naswelduhi ni Dr. Verde an isad niya na impliyada.Dr Verde has not yet paid-the-salary-to one of-his female-employees.cfimpliyadomale employeeimpliyo employment
impliyadoimpliyádoSpn male employeecfimpliyadafemale employeeimpliyo employment
impliyoímpliyoSpn employmentWara niyan sin kaswal na impliyo sa amon opisina.There-is-no temporary employment in our office today.mag-ímpliyov [c3] MAG- ag; -AN goal. employ, hireDili kami nagaimpliyo sin budos na babayi.We do not employ pregnant women.cfimpliyadomale employeeimpliyadafemale employeeparàímpliyon employerMakadi kuno an paraimpliyo sa konstraksiyon.It-is-said that the construction employer will-come.