Masbatenyo - English



impoímpoCebv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc/benVariantimponìímpov 1be put together, be assembled, be collected, be gatheredGin-impo ko lang an mga kanaman sin isad na surudlan.The toys were just put-together in one container by-me.2be includedIimpo niyo si Lita sa iyo grupo.Let Lita be-included in your group.syntipon savings
imponv [c8] Variantimpo
imposibleadj cannot doantposiblepossible
imprintaimpríntaSpn imprint, print. Refers to work done on a printing press
impuntoimpúntoSppart exactly on time
impurmasyonimpurmasyónSpn informationcfaram
impurtansyaimpurtánsyaSpn impurtanceDyutay lang ina na bagay pero igwa sin importansya.That thing is only a small-matter but it has importance.
impurtantiimpurtántiSpadj importantDili ako makaupod sa imo kay igwa ako sin impurtanti na trabaho.I cannot go with you because I have important work-to-do.magpàimpurtántiv exalt one's selfDili ka magpaimpurtanti sa akon.Do not exalt-yourself to me.
impusibliimpusíbliSpadj impossibleWara sin impusibli na bagay kun himuon mo lang.There-is-nothing impossible if you will just do it.mag-impusíbliv [c4] MAG- exp; -ON pat. become impossibleNagaimpusibli an akon pagakadto sa America.My going to America is-becoming-impossible.
impyirnoimpyírnoSpn hell, eternal damnationHabo ako magkadto sa impyirno.I do not want to-go to hell.màimpyírnov [c4] MA- pat; -ON pat. be sent to hellGusto ka na maimpyirno?Would you like to be-sent-to-hell?impyirnuhánonadj evil, hellish, devilish, wicked, malevolent, sinful, maliciousImpyirnuhanon ka na tawo.You are an evil man.
imuralimurálEngadj morally wrong, sinful, wicked, immoral, depraved, debauchedAn pagsarambayan imural.Concubinage is morally-wrong.
imuralidadimuralidádSpn immorality. The meaning includes adultery and fornicationPaano naton maudong an pagtaas san pursyinto san imuralidad?How shall we stop the rising percentage of immorality?
in-vb prefixaction completed. For more information see the Grammatical Sketch, Section 5.23Inhunga siya kun nano kay masyado siya sarawayon.He was-asked why he was so-very mischievous.syn-in-action completedni-action completedgin-action completed
in-alisngawv Variantalisngaw make dissipate
in-anakin-anákn God childcfanak offspring
in-anakanin-anakánn unwed motherMay babayi na in-anakan pero wara'n asawa.There-is-a woman who gave-birth but who has-no husband.cfanak offspring
in-asaw-anin-asáw-ann marriedcfasawa spouseVariantasawa married
in-atamanin-atámanadj domesticatedcfataman adopted one
inainâdeictic prn that, it. This pronoun substitutes for a Nominative noun phrase which refers to an object nearer to the hearer than speaker. For more information see the Grammatical Sketch, Section 2.31.1Sa oras na ngani na ina maghinay, ina namamatay.Indeed at-the time it begins to-slow, it is-dying.dem adj that nearbyIna na balay wara na sin nagaistar.No one lives in that house anymore.
ina-ína-vb prefixcontinuing verbal action. This is an alternate form of the prefix gina- marking continuing verbal actionAn akon lang inaayo na updan man ako niyo.My only request is that you-all will-join me.Nano san inalanding san aeroplano sa Masbate?What happens when the plane lands-something in Masbate?For example, dara "carry" becomes ginadara "carrying something". The affix ina- prefixed to ayo "request" becomes inaayo "is requesting".cfgina-progressive action
inagurasyoninagurasyónSpn inaugurationmag-inagurasyónv [c4] MAG- ag; -ON pat. inaugurate something
inagwasinágwasn woman's half slip. This refers to an under garment worn by womenMiriam, an imo inagwas nagalabas.Miriam, your half slip is-showing.inagwásonn v [c14] -ON pat. be made into a half slipInagwason ko ini na tila.This material will-be-made-into-a-half slip by-me.
inayináyTagn "Mother!" A term of address for motherInay, adi na ako.Mother, I am-here now.ináyonauntSi Loida inayon ni Rudy.Loida is Rudy's aunt.syntiya aunt
inayonn aunt
inbalidoinbalídoSpadj invalidAn iya buto inbalido.His vote is invalid.