Masbatenyo - English



indaindápers prn 1their. The 3rd person, plural, indirect ref, pronoun used to show possessionGinparti na ninda an inda duta.They have already divided their land.2them. The 3rd person plural referent pronoun used to function as the object of the verb. It is marked by sa Ihatag ini sa inda.Give this to them.3they. The 3rd person plural referent pronoun used to function as agent in pre-verb positionMay bis inda ginadara palungsod kag ibaligya sa mirkado.Sometimes they take-it to-town and sell-it at-the market.
indayindáyterm of address Miss. A term of address to-younger women/girlssynihaMiss
independentiindependéntiSpadj independent
indiindîTagadv no, notIndi ako makadto.I am not going.cfwara syndili not
indipirinteindipirínteSpadj indifferent, unconcerned
indoyindóyterm of address junior, Boy! A term of address to younger boyscfnunoyBoy!ihoBoy!
indyutayanindyutáyanadv almostcfdyutay smallsynharos2almost
ingaingân water buffalo grunt
ingayíngayn lullabay
ingganyoinggányon enticement, persuasioncflumay1 love potionlandi Variantnganyo
inggatínggatn sparkmàínggatadj shiny, glittering, sparklingMainggat an iya napili na sapatos.Her chosen shoes are shiny.syniligat-igatshiny
ingkantoingkántoSpn elf, supernatural beingIna na kahoy may mga ingkanto.That tree has elves.ingkantádan fairy, supernatural beingNakakita siya sin ingkantada.He saw a fairy.ingkantádoadj haunter, eerie, ghostly, weirdIngkantado ina na balay.That house is haunted.
ingkibingkíbv [c4] MAG- ag; -ON patanthakmal take huge bitesmag-ingkibv nibble, eat by small bitesanthakmal
ingkodingkódv [c3] MAG- act; -AN goal; IPA- acc; PA-..-ON patmag-ingkódv sit downDili ka dida mag-ingkod.Do not sit-down there.ingkúdann seat, chair, place for sittingDarha didi an ingkudan.Bring the chair here.synsilyachairtaboriti chairparàíngkodn seat occupant, sitterSin-o an paraingkod didi?Who is the usual-occupant of-this seat?
ingkudann chair, seat
ingogíngogCebadj piercing sound, persistent sound, noisysynalingog-ngogpersistent soundtingolpersistent soundkàíngogannoying, noisy, clamorousIpuyo daw ako sana na radyo kay kaingog na san pamati ko.Please quiet that radio for me because it is annoying to my hearing.'
inhinyiroinhinyíroSpn engineerSiguro, binulsa san inhinyiro an kwarta.Perhaps the engineer pocketed the money.
iniinídeictic prn this. This pronoun substitutes for a Nominative noun phrase whose reference is to something near at hand. It also substitutes for the Nominative 3rd singular personal pronoun, siya, in some contexts. For more information, see the Grammatical Sketch, section 2.31.1Akon ini.This is mine.dem adj thisIni na bata maayo sa klasi.This boy excels in class.
inihawiníhawadj broiledcfihaw
inininínpart ah. A hesitation particle with no precise lexical gloss
Iniron VariantEneroJanuary
initínitn heatNapatay an karabaw sa init san adlaw.The water-buffalo died in-the heat of-the sun.màínitadj MA-, MA-..-ON. hotMainit pa an tubi sa tirmos.The water in-the thermos-bottle is still hot.anthagkot coldnessanttugnaw coldmàinít-inítadj warm, slightly hotMainit-init pa an tubi sa tirmos.The water in-the thermos is still warm.màínit-ínitadj very hotMainit-init pa ini na kape.This coffee is still very-hot.inítonv [c5] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal/ben. reheat, boil waterIniton mo an kapi.Reheat the coffee.mag-ínitv warmingNagainit na naman sa kwarto ko kay kalmada an hangin.It is-warming again in my room because the wind is calm.màinitónadj heated, always feels hot. Refers to a person who regularly feels warmMainiton si Noli kaya dili nagaT-shirt.Noli always-feels-hot so he does-not wear-a-T-shirt.màinitón an úloadj MA-, MA-..-ON. irritableMainiton an ulo niyan ni Paterno.Paterno is irritable today.pàiníton an úlov [c3] MAG- ag; -AN goal; PA-..-ON pat. irritateDili mo painiton an ulo ni Juan.Do not irritate Juan.
inkargadon manager
inkargoinkárgoCebn order, arrangementinkargádomanager, administrator, caretaker. This refers to one who keeps order in a project or administrates it
inominómv [c5] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goalmag-inomv drink somethingWara siya mag-inom sin gatas.He did not drink milk.inumónn alcoholic drinkAmo idto an pagtiripon na wara sin inumon.That was a gathering without alcoholic-drinks.Variantirimnónirimnánadj potable waterIrimnan ina na tubi.That is potable-water.