Masbatenyo - English



intunsisintúnsisSpconj then, thereforeIntunsis, kun sa aton pa, si Kristo may poder sa pag-ayo san aton sakit na lawasnon.Therefore, so-to-speak, Christ has power for healing our bodily illness.synkaya1
intyindeintyíndeSpv [c5] MAG-, MAKA- act; -ON pat; -AN goal; IPA- accmakàintyíndev able to understand, pay attentionDili siya makaintyinde san imo surmaton.He cannot understand your language.intyindihónv 1ignore. This form of the verb requires an accompanying negative particleDili mo intyindihon an iya mga komintar.Ignore his comments.2entertain, welcomeLumabas ka kag intyindihon an imo bisita.Go-out and entertain your visitor.ipàintyíndev explain, cause to understandIpaintyinde mo sa inda na importanti an inda prisinsya adlaw-adlaw.Cause them to-understand that their daily presence is important.synpahayagexplainpaliwanag explainisplikar pagkàintyínden understandingNano an pagkaintyindi mo sani na birsikolo?What is your understanding of-this verse?
ipaípav [c5] MAG-, MA- ag; -ON pat; -AN loc.mag-ípav want, desireNaipa si Kulas sa aton, kaya nagahimo man siya.Kulas wants what we-have, so he is-making-one also.synila3 2desiregusto wantwili desireibag desire
ipadaraipadaráv [c8] sendcfdara thing brought
ipahayagipaháyagv [c7] explaincfhayag illumination
ipamahawipamáhawn breakfast foodcfpamahaw breakfast
ipangalasdosiipangalasdósin food for lunchcfdosi twelve
ipiktiboipiktíboSpadj effectiveAn "Pulmodein" ipiktibo na bulong san ubo."Pulmodein" is an effective medicine for cough.cfipiktoeffect
ipiktoipíktoEngn effectAn iya pagkalipong ipikto san bulong.His dizziness is an effect of-the medicine.
ipisípisv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accìípisv pour, cascade, pour large quantity, dumpIipis an suka didi sa baso.Pour the vinegar here into-the glass.pag-ípisn pouringNag-urula an iya pag-ipis san tubi.His pouring of-the water spilled-out.cfhuwad synbu-bo pour
ipitipítn clasp, beret, hairclipDyison lang ini na ipit.This hairclip is only worth ten centavos.màipítv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. pinch, clamp, crushed, squashedv MA- pat. outwit, overwhelmNaipit an akon tiil san troso.My feet were-crushed by-the logs.Naipit siya sa pagrason.He was-outwitted in reasoning.ìipítv be inserted, be enfoldedGin-ipit ko an papel sa libro.I inserted the paper into-the book.synkulikag insertipitónv be coerced, be compelled, be forcedGinaipit niya ako pagbayad san akon utang.He is-compelling me to-pay my debt.
ipotipótn bird dung, chicken dung, guano (feces of bats)Ginsudlan ninda sin ipot san kulalapnit an inda dara na sako.They put some guano of-the bat into their sack which they brought.mag-ipótv [c3] MAG- act; -AN loc. defecate. Refers to birds or other fowlNag-ipot an manok sa salog.The chicken defecated on-the floor.ipután sa úlov humilate, dishonor, shame. Means the speaker is humiliated by the spouse's infidelityNano kay gin-iputan mo ako sa ulo?Why did you dishonor me?
iraboirábon witchery, witchcraftcfbruhawitch
iragairagân ratMabakal ako sin hilo sa iraga.I will-buy some poison for-a rat.urùiragâtoy ratIgwa ako sin uruiraga na guma.I have a rubber toy-rat.
irahidn Varianthirahid rubbing against
iraidiràídn shredded, grated, ground. Refers to a food delicacy made from grated/ground yam or other root crops
irayairayán upstream, hinterland, inlands, back countrySa iraya sinda nagdako kaya hadlok sa lungsod.They grew-up in-the hinterland so they are afraid in-the city.
iriderairidéraSpn heiresscfirideroheiririnsya inheritance
irideroiridéroSpn heirIsad siya san mga irideros ni Espinas.He is one of-the heirs of Espinas.cfirideraheiressirinsya inheritanceVariantiridoris
iridorisn Variantirideroheir
iriligwatirilígwatn car jack. Also used for any type of mechanical jack or lift
irimnonirímnonn alcoholic drink, water to drink. Usually refers to an alcoholic beverageIni an ginhalinan san tubig na irimnon.This is the source of-the water to-drink.An maisog na irimnon, bino kag beer, makahubog.Strong drink, wine and beer, can-make-one-drunk.cfinom
irimnónn Variantinom alcoholic drink
iringn Variantidingcat
irinsyairínsyaSpn inheritanceNagabarahin sinda san inda irinsya.They are-dividing their inheritance.cfirideroheiririderaheiressmagpangirínsyav [c2] MANG-, MAGPANG- act. inheritNagapangirinsya siya sa duta san iya lolo.He is-inheriting the land of-his grandfather.