Vernacular - English


JairoHáiroSpn Jairus. The name of a person
JericoHéricoSpn Jericho. The name of a town in ancient Palestine
JerusalemHerúsalemSpn Jerusalem. The name of a city in ancient Palestine
Jesu-CristoHesu-CrístoSpn Jesus Christ. The name of a person
JesusHesúsSpn Jesus. The name of a person
JobHobSpn Job. The name of a person
JobaHóban Jehovah. Refers to the title of Jehovah's WitnessesWara namon makumbinsir an mga saksi ni Joba na si Kristo Dios.We were not able-to-convince the Jehovah's Witnesses that Christ is God.
JordanHordánSpn Jordan. The name of a country and a river in the Middle East
JoseHoséSpn Joseph, Jose. The name of a person
JuanHwánSpn John. The name of a person
JudasHúdasSpn Judas. The name of a personhúdasbetrayer
Judas IscarioteHúdas IskarióteSpn Judas Iscariot. The name of the person who betrayed Jesus Christ
JudeaHudéaSpn Judea. The name of a province in IsraelmagpaJudéav go to JudeaWara siya magpaJudea.He did-not go-to-Judea.
JudioHúdyoSpn Jew. Originally this referred to a member of the tribe of Judah in Israel, but now refers to all the descendants of Israel or JacobSiya tinagaan san mga Judio sin suka.He was-given vinegar by-the Jews.