Masbatenyo - English


ma<Not Sure>
ma-1vb prefixability. Attached to verbs ma- indicates that the actor has the ability to perform the action and indicates that the action results in a state or conditionFor more information, see the Grammatical Sketch, sec.áram)vability to knowDili siya maaram maglupad.He did-not know-howúha)vability to get.Makuha untani niya an usad na dyutay na kahon.He would-like to-be-able-to-get a smallíta)vcan be seenMakikita mo an tyinda.The merchandise can-be-seen by-you.
ma-2adj affixstate of being. On adjectival roots ma- indicates state of being of the noun being describedFor more information see the Grammatical Sketch, sec.óm)adjAn sa sulod san kahon usad na matahom na kulibangbang.It is beautifulA beautiful butterfly was-what was-inside of-theáwo)vbecome a person. Here ma- forms a Stative verb from a noun specifying what the Topic will become.Matatawo na sa Betlehem an Manunubos na si Jesus.The Redeemer who is Jesus will-be-born-a-person inók)vbecome rotten. In the following example the ma- affix occurs with an adjectival root to form a stative verb.Madudubok an iya isda.His fish will-become-rotten.
ma-3vb affixsubjective action. This ma- affix alternates with the mag-1 affix to mark the agent as Topic of the clausema-(dabók)vignite something, kindle something, make a fireMadabok ako sin kalayo.I will-ignite a fire.cfmag-1 subjective action
maagamàagáadj dawn, early pre-dawnNakapangkaturog kami maaga na.We-all finally-went-to-sleep by early-pre-dawn.cfaga morning
maagihanv [c5] experience, pass through
maalupanmàalupánv stain somethingcfalop stain
maantamàántaadj scorched, acridsynmasakbotscorched
maarmanmàármanv know somethingcfaram
maatomàatóadj fearless, fiercecfato
maayov make it good
mabagyomabagyóadj stormy, tempestuous, raging wind and rain. Refers to the stormy weather during typhoonscfbagyo storm
mabahu-bahomabáhu-bahôadj very odorous, foul smellingcfbaho stenchsynbang-og foul smell
mabalodadj wavey, stormy
mabayaanmabayàánv leave behindcfbaya left over
mabulomabúlon species of fruit. The mabulo has an apple-like color and flesh but a fuzzy skin like a peach. The name is used for both the fruit and the tree. The wood is used for furnitureDiospyros discolor
mabunyagv sprinkle
MacedoniamasedóniaSpn Macedonia. At one time a province of Greece but now an independent country
madabokmadabókv ignite somethingcfdabok firewood
madalimadalîadv quickly, shortlyadj quick, fast, briefcfdali quickly
madali-daliadj Variantdali very quickly
madampogadj cloudy
madampúgonadj cloudy
madáyàadj Variantdaya cheater
madlosmadlósadj MA-mamadlósstormy, windy, tempestuousWara sinda kalarga kay mamadlos.They did-not leave because it-was-stormy.synmabalodwavey, stormymabagyostormy