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negosyantinegosyántiSpn businessmancfnegosyo business
negosyonegósyoSpn businessNalulugi an inda negosyo.Their business is-losing-money.pagnegósyon engaging in businessAn akon pagnegosyo kontra san akon asawa.My engaging-in-business is opposed by my husband.magnegósyov [c8] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. engage in business, conduct businessHabo siya magnegosyo.He does-not-like to-engage-in-business.negosyántin businessmanSiya an negosyanti na wara sin kwarta.He is a businessman without money.
ni1gram part 1of. This is the marker which introduces the personal genitive noun phraseAn bata ni Maria intilihinti.The child of Maria is intelligent.2by. The affix ni also introduces the out-of-focus agent of a verbal actionGinsabi ni Angelito na dili man gayod siya sarawayon.It-was-said by Angelito that he is not really mischievious.
ni2Spconj nor. This conjunction must co-occur with the negative dili 'not'Dili siya maaram maglangoy ni magpalutaw.She does not know-how to-swim nor to-float.
ni-vb prefixaction completed. The affix ni- is an alternate form of the gin- affix showing that the action of the verb is completedNaramihan ko na an iba didto na niluto.I observed that some-things there were-cooked already.syn-in-action completedin-action completedgin-action completed
nigarnigárSpv [c3] MAG- ag; -AN patmagnigárv deny, refute, contradictDili ka magnigar san imo sinabi.Do not deny what you said.nigaránv be deniedGinanigaran ni Oscar na wara siya magkuha san lapis.It-is-being-denied by Oscar saying that he never took the pencil.pagnigárn denial, disavowal, repudiation, refutationAn iya pagnigar na kaupod siya san mga tulisan wara batia san huwes.His denial that he was-with the robbers was-not accepted by-the judge.
nigonígon winnowing trayGamiton mo an nigo sa pag-alig-ig san humay.Use the winnowing-tray for winnowing the husked-rice.synalig-igánwinnowing tray
nila-ganilá-gàadj boiledcfla-ga
nilagtoknilagtókadj soakedcflagtok
nimonímoCebpers prn 1your (singular). Genitive, second person singular pronoun which substitutes for the ni class personal noun phrase functioning as a possessor. This pronoun is substitutable with the mo pronoun which is the more frequentAyaw ako pagsabiha na kuntinto ka sa dyutay nimo na sweldo.Don't tell me that you are contented with your small salary.2by you (singular). The pronoun nimo also substitutes for the ni class personal noun phrase functioning as an out-of-focus agentsynmo
nindaníndapers prn 1their. This is the third person plural genitive pronoun which substitutes for a ni class personal noun phrase functioning as a possessorAn balay ninda bag-o.Their house is new.2by them. In the following example, ninda functions as an out-of-focus agentAn karabaw ginbalbagan ninda.The water-buffalo was-clubed by-them.
nipanípàn palm leaf. Refers to leaves of palm tree sewn together for roofing and wallingAn nipa maayo idingding.Nipa is good material-for-walling.synpawod nipa palm thatchNypa fruticanskanipâann nipa palm tree groveAdto sinda sa kanipaan.They are-there in-the nipa-grove.paranipân nipa leaf sewerNakaistorya ko gayod an paranipa.I really have talked-to the nipa-leaf-sewer. magnípàv [c7] MAG- act; -AN goal; I- acc. sew nipa leaves together. Refers to sewing them for use as roofing and/or wallingNaganipa sinda kun Sabado kag Domingo.They are-sewing-nipa-leaves during Saturdays and Sundays.
nipisnipísadj MA- patmanipísadj thin, flimsy, sheer. Describes only inanimate objectsManipis ini na tela.This cloth is thin.antdakmol2 thicknessmagnipísv [c2] MAG- exp; PA-..-AN pat. become thinNaganipis na an katsa.The unbleached-muslin is-becoming-thin.panipisánv be thinnedPanipisan mo an tabla na lamisahon.Have the lumber for-a-table be-thinned.
nitonítòn basket vine. Refers to a decorative vine called cabo negro used to tie down the ends of the rattan in basket weaving so it will not come undoneNito an ginamit ko sa paggupot san akon baskit.I used cabo-negro-vine for securing-the-rim of my basket.Lygodium spp
nitsonítsoSpn niche, above ground burial vault
niwangníwangadj thin. Refers only to the thinness of an animate beingmaníwangadj thinManiwang ini na baboy.This pig is thin.pagníwangn thinningAn iya pagniwang nagtuna san tuig.Her thinning-down started a year ago.magníwangv [c3] MAG- exp; -AN sou. become thinNano kay naganiwang ka?Why are you becoming-thin?paniwángonv make thinPaniwangon mo si Lita kay masyado siya mataba.Make Lita thin because she is very fat..niwánganv thinAn ginaniwangan ni Oscar an iya kakunsumisyon.Oscar's intense-grief is thinning him.anttaba 1fat
niyaniyápers prn 1his, her, its. This is the third person singular genitive pronoun which substitutes for the ni class personal noun phraseAn libro niya nawara.His book was-lost.2it, her, him. In the following examples niya functions as an out-of-focus agentGinasamukan niya an mga propeta nga nagapangadyi.The prophets who were-praying were-being-disturbed by-him.Dili siya mauurit, kay ginsugo ako niya.She won't get angry because I was sent by-her on an errand.
niyanniyánadv now, thenNiyan, nano an gusto mo mangyari?Now, what would you like to-happen?
niyoníyopers prn 1your (plural). This is the second person plural genitive pronoun which substitutes for a ni class personal noun phrase functioning as a possessorKumusta na lang kamo dida na duha pati na an mga kabataan niyo.Just greetings to you two there including also to your children.2you plural. In the following example niyo functions as an out-of-focus agentBayadi ako niyo.You pay me.
nobilanobílaSpn novel, story, narrative, taleAn 'The island' matahom na nobila.'The island' is a good novel.paranobílan novelist, writer, authorSi Masefield maayo na paranobila.Masefield is a good novelist.synnobilistanovelistmagnobílav [c7] MAG- act; -AN goal; I- acc. write a novelNaganobila kuno si Ebenezer.It-is-said that Ebenezer is-writing-a-novel.
nobilistanobilístaSpn novelistsynparanobilanovelistVariantparanobilanovelist
nobyanóbyaSpn fiancée, female sweetheartAn akon nobya wara sin iba na nobyo.My sweetheart has-no other fiancee.cfnobyo fiancé
NobyembreNobyémbreSpn November. Refers to the 11th month of the year in the Gregorian calendarVariantNobyimbri
Nobyimbrin VariantNobyembreNovember
nobyonóbyoSpn fiancé, male sweetheartSi Lorato nobyo ni Nora.Lorato is Nora's fiancee.magnóbyov [c5] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal. engage to marry, promise to marryMagnobyo na si Laura kag Donato.Donato and Laura are-engaged already.cfnobyafiancée