Masbatenyo - English



putot1putótadj MA-An inda pamilya mga putot.The members-of their family are-all-short.cfhamubo maputót1short, diminutive, petite, undersized. Applicable to animate beings only
putot2pútotadj very young, immature, premature, unripe, green. Refers especially to fruits such as guava and mangoMapait an putot na mangga.An immature mango is tart.synlinghod
putsann Variantputos wrapper
putsónv Variantputos be bundled
putyongputyóngv [c4] MAG- ag; -ON patmagputyóngv tie gathered ends together. For example, to gather corners of a blanket and tie them together. Also means to curl long hair in a bun at back of headputyúngonv be tied togethercfput-ong
putyukanputyúkann honeybeeMay sugod an putyukan.The honeybee has a-sting.
puwakipuwákiadj odd numbered, lacking, wanting, deficient, short quantity, scant. Refers to one without a partner when dividing something
puyo1púyòCebv [c6] MAG-, UM-, MANG- act; -ON pat; I- ben.antsaba1 noisemagpúyòv be quiet, be silent, be still, settle downNano kay habo ka magpuyo?Why do you not-want to-be-quiet?puyùónv be quieted, be silencedPuyua daw ina na iyo mga baka sin kariribok.You should quiet those cattle of-yours from being-noisy.ipúyòv quiet something for someoneIpuyo daw ako, Alex, sana na radyo kay kaingog na san pamati ko.Ales, please quiet that radio for me because it-is-so-noisy to my ears.mamúyòv quiet several thingsTadi namuyo, kun wara na idto sawaya sigi lang gihapon an ribok.So you quieted-them, but-if they were not rebuked the noise would just have continued-on.kapúyòn quietness, quiet, silence, tranquilityGusto ko an kapuyo sani na lugar.I like the quietness of-this place.synsilensyo quietukoy3quiet
puyo2puyôv [c2] MAG- actmagpuyôv stay, reside, lodge, dwell. Refers to staying in a placecfpumuluyocitizen
puyotpúyotn cradle, small hammock. Refers to a hammock made with a blanketMaayo an turog san bata sa puyot.The child sleeps well in-the cradle.synduyan cradle
puypoypúypoyn numbness
pwedepwédeSpv able, can do. This is an uninflectable auxiliary verbPwede ka na mag-uli.You can go-home now.
pwerapwéraSpconj 1except, apart from, with the exception ofKada usad sa inda nagsibot sa pagpreparar san inda regalo pwera lang kan Angelito.Everyone of them hurried to-prepare their gift except only Angelito.2besides, in addition, as wellAdi an singkwinta pwera san hinatag ko sa imo na dos syintos pisos.Here is the fifty in-addition-to the two hundred pesos that I gave you.
pwersapwérsaSpn force, strong powermagpwérsav [c8] MAG -ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. compel, force, require, induce, coerce
pwertapwértaSpn doorAyaw pag-abang sa pwerta.Do not block at-the door.pwertahándoorway, entryway, entranceHali dida sa pwertahan.Get-away-from there by-the doorway.
pwertepwérteSpadj 1very secure, tight, safe and soundPwerte an pagkasira san inda balay.The closing of their house was very-secure.2very strenuous, tiring, arduous, exhausting, laborious, taxing, backbreaking, demandingPwerte an inda trabaho kahapon.Their work yesterday was very-strenuous.3very much, extreme, acute, excessivePwerte na an turo san akon balhas.The dripping of my sweat was extreme.4very strong, vigorous, energetic, forcefulPwerte kuno an tangis ko.My crying was-strong it-was-said.syngrabeserious, excessive
pwirsan strength
pwistopwístoSpn position, place, reserved spacePwisto ina dida san mga bisita.That there is-reserved-space for-the guests.magpwístov [c5] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal. serve foodNagapwisto ako san bisita.I am-serving-food to-the visitor.ipwístov be ready, be preparedIpwisto mo an mga kargaminto buwas na aga.Have the cargoes ready tomorrow morning.
pyirdepyírdeSpn losermapyírdev [c6] MAG-, MA- ag; -ON pat; I- acc. be lost, be defeated, be completely destroyedNapyirde siya sin dos mil sa bulang.adj lostHe lost two thousand in the cockfight.
pyistapyístaSpn fiesta, carnival, celebration, festivalAn pyista san Masbate kada Hunyo trisi.The fiesta in Masbate is every June thirteen.Variantpístapyistáhann festival placeNagkadto kami sa pyistahan.We went to-the festival-place.kapyistáhann fiesta dayNiyan an kapyistahan san amon lunsod.Today is the fiesta-day in our town.mamyístav attend a fiestaKamo na lang mismo an mamyista.Just you-pl yourselves will-be-the-ones to-attend-the-fiesta.magpyístav [c7] MAG- act; -AN goal; I- acc; PA-..-ON pat. attend fiesta, hold a fiestaNagpyista kami sa Baleno.We celebrated the fiesta in Baleno.magpamyístav attend fiestaGinapangita siya san mga nagapamyista.The-ones-who were-attending-the-fiesta were-looking-for him.