lampaslámpasHlgadj excessive, extreme, too much, unwarranted, disproportionateLampas na ina sa sukol.That measurement already is excessive.maglámpasv [c7] MAG-, MAKA- ag; -AN pat; I- acc; PA-..-ON pat. pass by, transgressNano kay nagalampas ka sa mga patakaran san iskwilahan?Why do you transgress the regulations of-the school?lampásanv 1be passed, be overtakenLampasan ta ina na dyip.Let that jeep be-passed by-us-incl.2be transgressing, be sinning, be disobeying, be breaking the rules ; be contraveningmakalámpasv able to pass byWara pa kita makalampas sa IrosinWe have-not yet been-able-to-pass-by Irosin.cflipas synlabay1 pass bylagpas layos agi 1pass by

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