-ginv [c2]MA-máginvbe, become, is, was. The root -gin occurs only as a bound rootGusto ko magin doktora.I would-like to-become a doctor.Nagatuod siya na nano man an magin resulta san iya kaso, ini tanan kabubut-on san Dios.He believes that whatever will-be the result of his case, it all is the will of God.magíginvbecomeNagigin pating-patingon niyan si Pedro.Pedro is-becoming temperamental now.pagigínNounbeingadjbecomingSa pagigin matagalon sabayan sin pagdisiplina pa.To being persevering join-with-it discipline as-well.Sa akon pagiging Kristiyano damo na pagprobar an gin-agihan ko.Since I became a Christian I have-experienced many trials.cfmahimomake, do

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