lawilawíCebn fish hookVariantdawifish hookmanlawív [c4] MAGPAN-, MAN- act; -ON pat. fish with hook and lineNanlawi si Itay kagab-i.Father fished-with-a-hook-and-line last-night.pamalawín fishing rod, fishing polePira an gastos san imo pamalawi?How-much is the cost of your fishing-rod?magpamalawív [c8] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. fish with a fishing rodNagapamalawi sinda sa pantalan.They are-fishing-with-a-fishing-rod on-the wharf.parapamalawín rod fisherman, pole fishermanBantayan mo an parapamalawi kay mabakal kita sin isda.You watch for the rod-fisherman because we will-buy some fish.synbalakwit fishhook

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