minsuwalminsuwálSpn installment payment, buying on creditDamo an mabayad mo sa minsuwal.You will-pay a lot by buying-on-credit.synhulug-huloginstallment paymentpagminsuwáln buying by installmentsWara madayon an iya pagminsuwal sin riprihidora.Her buying a refrigerator by-installments was-not carried-out.magminsuwálv [c7] MAG- ag; -AN pat; I- acc. buy on installment planMagaminsuwal ako sin tahian na makina.I will-buy a sewing machine on-an-installment-plan.iminsuwálv use for installment buyingIminsuwal ko anay ini na imo kwarta.I will first use this money of yours to-buy-on-an-installment-plan.minsulánv be bought on installmentsNano na aplians an imo ginminsulan?What appliance did you buy-on-an-installment-plan?

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