kapitalkapitálEngn funds, investment fundsGusto ako magnigosyo kaya lang wara ako sin kapital.I want to conduct-a-business except that I do not have any capital.synpuhunan investment fundskapitalónn capital for investmentKapitalon ko ini na kinyintos pisos para sa dyutay na tindahan.These five hundred pesos-are my capital-for-investment for a little store.magkapitálv [c5] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN acc. have money for investingMagakapital siya sin syin mil pisos sa iya duha ka dyip.He will-have-capital of one-hundred thousand pesos for his two jeeps.ikarapitálv use something as capitalAn akon kwarta dili ko ikapahuram sa imo kay ikarapital ko sa akon negosyo.I cannot lend my money to you because I will-use-it-as-capital for my business.kapitalístan person having money to invest. Refers to one who puts up money for a business ventureAmerikano an inda kapitalista.Their capitalist is an American.

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