butang2butángCebv [c7] MAG-, MANG- ag; -AN loc; I- pat.magbutángv put, setMagbutang ka sin ilawan sa lamisa.Put a lamp on-the table.ibutángv place somethingIbutang ko an yamit sa planggana.I will-place the clothes in-the basin.butangánv place at/on/into somethingGinbutangan niya sin pako an puno san saging.He put nails into the trunk of-the banana tree.butángann storehouse, bodega, warehouse, pantryHain an iyo butangan san pagkaon?Where is your food pantry?ipamútangv suppose, imagine, speculate, theorizeIpamutang ta na usad sa iyo may suruguon na nagaarado.Let-us-suppose that one of you has-a servant who is-plowing.pahimútangv cause to placemagpahimútangv put in order, place things properly, put to rest, put at easeTalinguhaon na magpahimutang an may sakit.Strive to make the sick-one rest.kamutángann 1condition, situation, circumstanceKumusta an iyo kamutangan sa Palawan?How is your situation in Palawan?Didi sani na kamutangan magasira sin dugay an samad.Here in-this condition the wound will-close quickly.2property, real estateDamo an inda kamutangan sa Mindanao.They have-plenty of property in Mindanao.

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