tabatabân fatHalion mo an taba sa karni.Remove the fat from the meat.matabâadj 1fat, luxurious, obese, chubby, corpulentMataba an imo baboy.Your pig is fat.antniwang thincftabatsoyhealthy2exaggerated, fafetched, overstated, distorted, preposterousMataba an iya istorya.His story is exaggerated.magtabâv [c2] 1MAG- exp. become fat. The Topic of this verb is the one who experiences the actionNagtaba na si Marilu.Marilu has become-fat already.2become healthy, become abundantly productive, become robustMagamit kita sin abuno basi magtaba an aton tanom.We-incl will use fertilizer so-that-hopefully our plants will-become-abundantly-productive.syntabatsoyhealthypanpatabân fertilizer, humusNagbakal siya sin panpataba sa tanom.He bought some fertilizer for-the plants.

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