ibabawibabáwn on top, upper area, upstairs. Refers to the area above something elseAdto siya sa ibabaw san puntod.He is there on-top of-the ant-hill.antsirong area underneathantibabaarea beneathipàibabáwv [c7] place on topIpaibabaw sa mga libro an akon pitaka.Place my wallet on-top of-the books.magpàibabáwv 1MAGPA- act; PA-..-AN goal; IPA- acc. ascend, go up, riseNagpaibabaw an aso.The smoke ascended.2solve, overcome, be responsible. Refers to one who is able to solve or overcome a problemSiya an magapaibabaw san aton problima.He is the-one-who will-solve our problem.

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