puyo1púyòCebv [c6] MAG-, UM-, MANG- act; -ON pat; I- ben.antsaba1 noisemagpúyòv be quiet, be silent, be still, settle downNano kay habo ka magpuyo?Why do you not-want to-be-quiet?puyùónv be quieted, be silencedPuyua daw ina na iyo mga baka sin kariribok.You should quiet those cattle of-yours from being-noisy.ipúyòv quiet something for someoneIpuyo daw ako, Alex, sana na radyo kay kaingog na san pamati ko.Ales, please quiet that radio for me because it-is-so-noisy to my ears.mamúyòv quiet several thingsTadi namuyo, kun wara na idto sawaya sigi lang gihapon an ribok.So you quieted-them, but-if they were not rebuked the noise would just have continued-on.kapúyòn quietness, quiet, silence, tranquilityGusto ko an kapuyo sani na lugar.I like the quietness of-this place.synsilensyo quietukoy3quiet

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