ako1ákòv [c5] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goalmag-ákòv 1confess. This verb requires what is confessed to be expressed by a subordinate clause introduced by na. Nag-ako siya sa husgado na siya an nagpatay.He confessed in court that he-was the murderer.2admitAn akon lolo habo mag-ako na lagas na siya.My grandfather does-not-want to-admit that he is already old.synampo3 admit3accept responsibilitymàákov be admitted, be acceptedNaaako na san katawuhan an kulog.The pain is-being-accepted by-the people.mag-aku-ákov pretend to accept responsibilityNag-aku-ako ka pero dili mo man lang kaya.You pretended-to-accept-responsibility but you just are-unable-to-do it.

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