haw-asháw-asCebv [c2] MAG-, MAKA- act.makaháw-asv 1come up out of, come through a crisisPaano ka nakahaw-as sa bubon?How did you come-up-out-of the well?2disembarkNakahaw-as na sinda sa sarakyan.They have already disembarked from-the boat.haw-ásonv [c5] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN loc. be lifted out, be removedHaw-ason mo an sulod san baol.Remove the contents of-the garment-trunk.synhuklas paraháw-asn remover, extractor. Refers to one who regularly removes contents of somethingSi Jose an parahaw-as san sulod san karton.The-one removing the contents of-the carton is Jose.

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