kabas-ankabas-ánCebn rice paddy. Refers to the plot of ground where rice is grown. The field is first plowed then surrounded with a low dike wall and flooded. Seedlings are transplanted into the paddy and grown there to maturityMay mga linta sana na kabas-anan.There-are leeches in-those rice-paddys.synpilapildikeparakabas-ánn rice paddy workerGutom na an aton mga parakabas-an.Our rice-paddy-workers are-hungry already.magkabas-ánv [c5] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN loc. work in a rice paddy. Means to prepare a rice paddy for planting or to weed a paddyNagakabas-an an akon asawa.My spouse is-working-in-the-rice-paddy.kabas-anónv make rice paddyKabas-anon ko ini na lugar.This place will-be-made-into-a-rice-paddy by-me.cftarok

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