rVinfix pluralizer. This affix is a syllable consisting of -r- plus a copy of the first vowel of the stem. The syllable is then infixed following the first vowel of the stem.mag- -rV- sakayv plural rideNagsarakay naman kami sa dyutay na baruto.We-all next rode in-a small boat.mag- -rV- tiponv plural gatherNaobserbaran ko na kun nano kalipay kag kasadya an mga batan-on kun nagatiripon.I observed how happy and joyful the teenagers were when they were-gathered-together.-rV- kaupodn plural companionNaglakat ako sa amon natad kaurupod ko an akon mga magurang.I walked in our-excl yard with-my older-siblings as my companions.

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