lain2làínCebadj differkalàinánn differenceAno an kalainan san bintahi kag kaayuhan?What is the difference between profit and goodness?manlàín-làínadj different kinds, various, diverse, assortedNakabagat na ako sin manlain-lain na tawo.I have already met different-kinds-of people.maglàínv [c2] 1v [c2]MAG- act; PA-..-ON pat. live apart, break away, secede, splitNaglain na sinda sa iya ugangan.They already have-separated-from his parents-in-law.synbulag separate2v [c8]MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN loc; I- acc. sort, separate, arrange, classify, organizeMagalain ako san pakas.I will-sort the dried-fish.

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