ukay2úkayCebv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN loc; I- benmag-úkayv mix up, stir up, ransackSi Helen an nag-ukay san plinantsa na yamit ni Rosa.Helen is the-one-who mixed-up the ironed clothes of Rosa.cfbati2 synhalo2 miskla masa sakot ukag ukáyonv be stirredUkayon mo an lugaw.The porridge will-be-stirred by-you.ìúkayv stir something for someoneIukay anay ako san akon niluto na ginat-an.First stir my coconut-candy for-me.ukáyanv be ransackedIgwa sin patay na iraga sa gin-ukayan na hunos ni Vilma.There-was a dead rat in-the drawer of Vilma which was-ransacked.pag-úkayn stirringLaksiha an imo pag-ukay.Make your stirring brisk.

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